Washington FKTs

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Washington is a wonderland of rugged mountain peaks, dark green forests and high desert terrain. Three national parks and millions of acress of forest offer a seemingless endless array of FKT routes.  One hundred six of the posted 230 routes (46.1%) and variations do not have women’s posted times as of late (though many do exist as Strava records). If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. 

In 2022, women set 66 new FKTs (46.8% of the total), men snagged 65, and ten were set by mixed teams, which meant that the women flipped the statistics in this state! We hope to keep the momentum and watch more women claim FKTS on these amazing trails.

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Crestwood Stairs 0.2115Yes22 in1h 0m 0s
Cable Line Trail 1.62,080Yes30m 34s
Labyrinth Mountain 2.22608Yes1h 25m 4s
Mount Si: Old Ascent 2.33350Yes54m 2s
Chelan Butte 2.32559Yes52m 4s
Badger Mtn Loop 3.4860Yes27m 25s
Bandera Peak 3.53,000Yes58m 19s
Baldy Mountain 3.91972No
Mount Teneriffe 43800Yes1h 21m7s
Mount Si: Ascent4.13,300Yes1h 25m36s
Mt Storm King 4.42500Yes1h 18m 49s
Japanese Gulch Loop 4.7800Yes49m 58s
Mailbox Peak: Old Gate, Gate to Summit 4.83,900Yes1h 2m13s
Mailbox Peak: Old Trail, Gate to Gate 4.83,900Yes1h 56m40s
Mount Si: Old Car to Car 5.33,300No
McClellan Butte: Ascent 5.43,737Yes1h 58m12s
Lake Union Loop6177Yes39m 31s
Maryhill Stonehenge 6.1Yes90 in59m 57s
Oyster Dome 6.12,000Yes1h 7m14s
Mt Adams: South Climb Ascent 6.36,670Yes2h 23m47s
Dog Mountain 6.32782Yes1h 9m29s
Mount Constitution and Little Summit 7.11,881No
Lucky Jim Bluff 7.23,146No
Mount Si: Car to Car 7.43,300No
Mailbox Peak: Up Old Trail, Down New Trail, Gate to Gate7.63,900Yes1h 52m11s
Shriner Peak Mt Rainier Nat'l Park 8.53,434Yes2h 3m 58s
Granite Mountain 8.63,800Yes1h 51m53s
Badger Mountain Skyline 8.61,588Yes1h 15m3s
Mt St Helens: Monitor Ridge Ascent8.74790Yes1h 36m35s
Ozette Triangle Trail8.8618Yes1h 46m34s
Mt. Stone 95,300Yes5h 10m1s
Twin Sisters Traverse 95,100No
Mt St Helens: Round Trip TH, Summit, TH 9.34803Yes2h 39m39s
Big Craggy - West Craggy Loop 9.55,800Yes8h 42m 21s
Mailbox Peak: New Trail, Gate to Gate 9.63,900Yes1h 57m33s
Amabilis Mtn 102,037Yes1h 23m10s
McClellan Butte: Up & Down 103,737Yes2h 46m47s
Sammamish River Trail: One Way 10.277Yes1h 32m 31s
Larch Mountain: Ascent 10.33,507No
Mt St Helens: Worm Flows Ascent10.45600No
Eldorado Peak 10.57,000Yes4h 31m44s
Kaleetan Peak: Up & Down 10.94,100Yes3h 6m17s
Kaleetan Peak: Ascent 10.94,100Yes3h 6m17s
Abernathy Peak 11.35,300Yes6h 41m24s
Black Peak: Ascent 11.55,000
Black Peak: Up & Down11.55,000
Mt. Stuart11.77,700Yes8h 14m38s
Goat Lake Loop Trail (Snowgrass Flats)12.12,742Yes3h 42m 13s
Mount Baker: Coleman-Deming12.27288No
Dragontail Peak 12.36238No
Mt Adams: South Climb Round Trip 12.76,670Yes3h 51m50s
Ruth Mountain 134,700No
Mount David 135,627No
Navaho Peak 13.14,223Yes2h 59m54s
Denny Creek - Snow Lake Loop: TH to TH13.14239Yes4h 58m 49s
Robinson Mountain 13.26,500No
Oval Peak: Up & Down 13.34,800Yes7h 9m6s
It's an Edmonds Kind of Day Half Marathon13.3705Yes2h 12m 4s
Tolt Pipeline Trail: Woodinville - Snoqualmie Valley 13.41,621Yes2h 5m 55s
Vashon Island Traverse 13.81,068Yes1h 46m 4s
Cook-Aug-Dog Traverse 145,500Yes4h 5m 26s
Yelm-Tenino Trail 14.1255Yes1h 41m22s
Bacon Peak 14.27,410No
Little Tahoma Peak 14.27803No
Mt Shuksan Sulphide Glacier 14.25800No
Mt Rainier: Round Trip on Foot 14.58700Yes4h 58m41s
Mt Rainier: Round Trip With Skis14.5#VALUE!No
Cathlapotle Trail of 8 Falls (Lewis River)14.81,470Yes3h 23m 21s
Hadley Peak 14.82,818No
Tiger Mountain Trail: One Way 14.82,987Yes2h 15m15s
Ancient Lakes Touch all the Lakes 151,500Yes3h 13m 2s
Crater Mountain 156,300Yes6h 17m8s
Paddy-Go-Easy/Sherpani/Granite Traverse 156,400No
Little Annapurna 15.26,600Yes6h 58m37s
Icicle Ridge Traverse via 4th of July Trail 15.45,053No
Mount Baker: Easton Glacier15.57,618Yes5h 56m54s
Denny Creek - Snow Lake Loop: Full Loop15.64514Yes5h 18m 42s
Alpine Lakes Loop 163,686Yes2h 38m55s
Mt Daniel 16.15,600Yes7h 28m18s
Snowfield Peak 16.28733No
Mt Thomson West Ridge 16.85207No
Goodro Round (Olympic National Park WA)176,500Yes4h 50m 33s
Gray Peak 176,000No
Cascades Trifecta (WA, OR)17.120240No
Palisades/Deep Creek Loop17.33,800No
Dyes Inlet Circumnavigation 17.41214No
High Divide Loop (ONP WA)17.65,300Yes3h 20m 38s
Thrilla 18.31,459Yes3h 5m25s
Enchantments Traverse: Thru Swim/Run Edition18.64,654Yes8h 1m 9s
Enchantment Lakes Traverse 18.85,000Yes3h 38m 39s
Gardner & North Gardner: Abernathy, Gardner, North Gardner 1910157No
Buckhorn Wilderness Loop: Mt Townsend, Hawk Peak, Iron Mtn, Buckhorn Mtn 19.27,300Yes13h 0m 23s
The Brothers 19.48,253Yes11h 29m54s
Mailbox - Granite Linkup 2011,500No
Mount Terror 2010,000No
Burke-Gilman Trail: Golden Gardens Park to Blythe 20.2244Yes2h 20m 4s
Sammamish River Trail: Out & Back 20.4144Yes3h 25m 36s
Inspiration Traverse 2114,062No
Jack Mountain 2111,450No
Larch Mountain: Up & Down 213,507Yes3h 29m10s
Ragged Ridge 21.212,800
Chehalis Western Trail 21.2384Yes3h 14m 24s
Mount Deception 21.46,270No
Cascade Trail: Sedro Woolley - Concrete 22625Yes3h 48m 1s
Painted Traverse 2212,000No
Angel's Staircase 22.74,900Yes4h 37m14s
Olympic Adventure Trail OAT 22.92,704Yes3h 13m 49s
Oval Peak: Star & Courtney Peaks239966No
Cushman Six Peaks 2312,000Yes17h 35m 33s
Tarbell Trail 234,000Yes4h 5m42s
Mt Hinman: Necklace Valley23.27162No
Easy Pass 244,000Yes5h 21m44s
Jack-Snowall-French Creeks 24.54,200Yes7h 1m 51s
Mount Margaret Loop 24.86,755Yes5h 42m 52s
Tubal Cain River Run & B-17 Crash Site 24.83,954Yes4h 32m 30s
I-90 Corridor "Backside" 25.28376No
Sawtooth Ridge Slam 25.611305Yes11h 48m 13s
Whistler Canyon / Wildhorse Trail: Out & Back 25.64,075No
Mount Aix to Nelson Ridge Lollipop 269,655No
Tatoosh Traverse 26.112974No
Beach from Seattle to Everett 26.2115Yes4h 59m 25s
Foss Lakes - Iron Cap Loop 26.58,000
Seven Pass Loop26.54,500Yes7h 57m46s
Whistler Canyon / Wildhorse Trail: Whistler Canyon TH to Mt Hull 26.84190No
Gardner & North Gardner 26.98,500No
Enchantment Enchainment 27.418,400No
Bremerton Ferry to Bainbridge Ferry 27.51494No
Pacific Crest Trail: Harts Pass - Northern Terminus 27.75,160No
Clark and Luahna Peak Double 288,600No
Hatchery Creek - Icicle Creek - Chiwaukum 298,300No
Tiger Mountain Trail: Out & Back 29.47044Yes6h 35m 59s
White Pass to Pilot Ridge Loop 29.47228Yes9h 0m 23s
Chinook National Recreation Trail - Section 129.55,537No
Around Mt Adams: Circumnavigation29.66250
Pacific Crest Trail: Harts Pass to Rainy Pass 29.84629Yes5h 41m 40s
La Bohn Traverse: One Way 306150Yes11h 19m51s
Klickitat Trail : One Way301,506Yes5h 44m56s
Klickitat Trail : Out & Back301649No
Shuksan-Baker Grand Double 3014,000No
Windy Peak Lollipop 307,000No
Rainy Pass - Cascade Pass: One Way30.54464No
Loowit Trail 30.57,100Yes5h 30m47s
Guardian Peaks Trifecta (OR WA)30.817,689No
Alpine Lakes Crest Traverse 30.913744No
Chikamin Lollipop 30.911,447No
Chinook Pass Loop 316,000Yes5h 49m32s
Glacier Peak 3110,700Yes9h 6m31s
Mt Rainier Northern Loop Trail 318,231Yes6h 47m 41s
Snoqualmie Valley Trail 31.1167Yes4h 16m 17s
PilTriple: 22/Heather/Pilchuck 31.57,074No
Issaquah Alps Grand Traverse 31.88,570No
Issy Alps: 50k3213,175Yes8h 40m 30s
Mount Adams Traverse 329,100No
Goat Rocks Peak Tour32.512,000No
Upper Dungeness 5 Peaks 33.311,982Yes13h 6m 25s
Copper Ridge Loop 33.58,800Yes7h 49m32s
Dosewallips River Trail - East Fork Quinault River Trail 33.56,200Yes8h 26m 41s
Owyhigh Lakes Loop 349588Yes8h 22m41s
Ptarmigan Traverse 3511,000
Mt St Helens: Summit, Circumnavigation36.911493Yes13h 36m51s
Whatcom Peak 3712,000No
Goode Mountain via Northeast Buttress38.310,700No
Devil's Dome/Jack Mountain loop 39.610,000Yes10h 46m 0s
Mount Pilchuck Sea-to-Summit 40.36,759Yes13h 43m 53s
Burke-Gilman Trail: Out & Back 40.3416Yes7h 37m40s
Mt Hinman: Middle Fork Snoqualmie (Multi Sport)40.66,794No
Around Mt Adams: Reverse Lollipop41.212815Yes22h 16m28s
All of Squak 41.512,782No
Mt Rainier Northern Loop - Spray Park Figure 8 42.813,650Yes17h 0m 49s
Buckskin Ridge Loop 4310,000No
Desolation Peak 439,000Yes14h 1m13s
Mt Olympus 43.39271No
Rattlesnake Lake to Lake Washington43.610,955No
Suiattle Crest Loop 43.912612No
Kettle Crest Trail: One Way 4410,000Yes9h 48m7s
Olympic National Park Grand Loop 4413,000Yes10h 46m 29s
Luna Peak 44.610719No
Press Traverse 458,500Yes10h 17m 30s
Constance Pass Loop (Olympic National Park WA)45.812,800Yes11h 7m 40s
Leavenworth to Stevens Pass via Icicle Ridge Chain & Doelle Lakes 46.217,635No
Middle Fork - Cooper Lake 46.59,055No
Stehekin Pastry Run478,251Yes14h 30m 33s
Mt St Helens: Summit, Circumnavigation, Summit 47.314432Yes20h 17m17s
Lake Washington Loop: Standard 481,883Yes6h 25m 0s
Mt Adams Infinity Loop 49.518,266No
North Cascades Traverse 5012000Yes17h 30m 59s
Entiat Mega-Slam 5331,000No
Rainy Pass - Cascade Pass: Out & Back 53.27749No
Whidbey Island Traverse 54.22,895Yes11h 10m 2s
Willapa Hills Trail 561,289No
Grave's Creek 5915,000No
Shi Shi Beach to Oil City Road: One Way 59.84882Yes18h 53m 43s
La Bohn Traverse: Out & Back 6012367Yes1d 11h19m 53s
Purple Rainbow 6015,000No
Lake Washington Loop: Infinity Loop60.92372No
Issy Alps: 100k6226000No
Issy Alps: 50k x 26426348No
Boundary Trail #1 64.411388Yes15h 59m17s
Lake Washington Loop: Donut - Loop + Mercer Island 64.62385No
Hurricane-Hayden 100k Loop 65.418652Yes1d 12h 8m0s
Kitsap Peninsula Traverse 65.74569No
Steven's Pass to Snoqualmie Pass 7015,250Yes17h 4m 16s
Mount Baker Circumnavigation 71.622000No
Alpine Lakes Grand Tour 81.222000No
Glacier Peak Circumnavigation 8528500No
Mt Rainier: Sea to Summit (Multi-Sport)8517700No
Mt Rainier: Sea to Summit (Foot)8517700No
Mt Adams to Mt St Helens 85.6No
Kettle Crest Trail: Out & Back 8819997No
Hood Canal Traverse905,000No
Wonderland Trail 9324,000Yes18h 41m54s
Issy Alps: 100M10030302Yes1d 9h14m 57s
Issaquah Alps Traverse 100-mile 10027,500No
Mount Baker Grand Loop 10111,200No
Glacier Peak Reverse Lollipop 10529,000No
Glacier Peak Infinity Loop10732,926No
Shi Shi Beach to Oil City Road: Out & Back 119.69000No
Goat Rocks Clover12132,000No
Columbia Plateau Trail 122.82208No
North Cascades High Route12459,000Yes6d 19h 38m28s
Olympic Discovery Trail1356,400Yes1d 17h 0m 29s
Rainier Infinity Loop 143.744039Yes4d 4h 20m0s
Mt Adams to Mt Hood (WA, OR)157.4No
Wonderland Trail: Double 18648000No
Olympic Peninsula Traverse on the Pacific Northwest Trail 18626,000Yes6d 5h 52m30s
Cougar Traverse 214.849721No
Wonderland Trail: Triple 27972000No
John Wayne Pioneer Trail 296.8Yes8d 11h 0m 0s
Pacific Crest Trail through WA 431.491098Yes10d 3h 47m 18s
Washington Bulgers 869411,000No
Pacific Northwest Trail (WA, ID, MT)1,200No
Desert Trail (CA, NV, OR, WA)2,000No
Tour de Volcanoes (Cascades / CA OR WA)2,580No
Cascade Volcanoes (CA, OR, WA, BC)No
Mt Fury No
Silver Star Mtn No

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