The Longest FKTs – Do They Have Women’s Times?

by | Mar 5, 2023 | Research

The allure of long trails is undeniable – the ultimate test of one’s ability to endure while covering distances unimaginable to most. But were were curious. Have women established many FKT times on these long challenges? How do women stack up over all when they do? Here’s what we found:

Of the 55 long FKTs (routes over 600 miles long, counting variations), 37 don’t have any women’s times (67 percent). Four are held by women outright (seven percent), including the grand daddy of all hiking loops – the Triple Crown (PCT, Continental Divide and Appalachian trails) by Heather Anderson. Two are held by mixed gender teams (three percent). 17 routes (31%) have no FKT holder whatsoever.

If you find a route with no posted women’s time that you want to go after, you will still need to research Strava (though it is unlikely you will find any records for long trails such as these there) and use Google to see if there are any known times out there. Just because there is no posted women’s time does not mean that one does not exist! 

For those of you who enjoy the challenge of the long trails, there are certainly some opportunities to establish some women’s FKTs. Go get after it!

Route NameCountryDistance in MilesOverall FKT HolderVariationTimePosted women's FKT?Women's Time
Triple Crown Thru Hiking USAUSA7,944Heather AndersonStandard251d 20h 10m 0sYes251d 20h 10m 0s
Great Western LoopUSA6,900Jeff GarmireStandard208d 15h0m 0sNo
North Country TrailUSA4,600Ryan Bunting + Dana BurkettStandard186d 9h 38m21s
TranscanadaCanada4,446Dave ProctorStandard67d 10h27m 0sNo
East Coast GreenwayUSA3,000Shan RiggsStandard77d 7h0m 0sNo
Continental Divide TrailUSA2,975Jeff GarmireStandard79d 23h 57m0sNo
Pacific Crest TrailUSA2,592Timothy OlsonSouth to North51d 16h 55m 0sYes60d 17h 12m 0s
Pacific Crest TrailUSA2,592Scott WilliamsonNorth to South64d 11h 19m 0sNo
Pacific Crest TrailUSA2,592Scott WilliamsonYo-yo191d 1h 20m 0sYes195d 0h 0m 0s
Pacific Crest TrailUSA2,592Justin Lichter + Shawn ForryWinter132d 0h 0m0sNo
Run Around PolandPoland2,484Artur KujawinskiStandard69d 3h30m 0sNo
Appalachian TrailUSA2,189Karel SabbeNorthbound41d 7h39m 0sYes51d 16h 30m 0s
Appalachian TrailUSA2,189Karl MeltzerSouthbound45d 22h38m 0sYes46d 11h 20m 0s
Te AraroaNew Zealand1,863George HendersonStandard49d 14h27m 0sYes57d 12h16m 0s
River Danube Sea to SourceGermany1,840No
Norge på langs (nordryggen)Norway1,685No
Baja Divide Mexico1,670No
NPL - North Cape to LindesnesNorway1,615Simen HolvikStandard25d 15h 20m 0sNo
Via Alpina, Red Trail Slovenia Italy Austria Germany Liechtenstein Switzerland France Monaco1,550Karel Sabbe30d 8h 40m0sNo
GR5 intégralNetherlands Belgium Luxembourg France1,366Mickaël BerthonStandard29d 22h39m 0sNo
Trans-Sweden Sweden1,336Roxen RoxvretStandard23d 17h50m 0sNo
GR34 France1,307Jérémy DesdouetsStandard27d 11h35m 0sNo
Mormon Pioneer Trail (IL, IA, NE, WY, UT)USA1,297No
Around the CzechiaCzech Republic1,254No
E1 - GermanyGermany1,169No
Lake Michigan Circumnavigation (MI, WI, IN, IL)USA1,104No
Florida Trail (FL)USA1,100Sean BlantonStandard22d 7h28m 0sYes31d 4h38m 0s
Florida Trail (FL)USA1,100Amy AnsbaughVia WesternCorridor45d 17h37m 0sYes45d 17h37m 0s
Rocky Mountains Slam (CO, WY, MT)USA1,030Eric GilbertsonStandard60d 9h 20m 0sYes
Great Smoky Mountains National Park 900 (NC, TN)USA900Nancy East + Chris FordStandard29d 10h 12m0sNo
Idaho Centennial Trail (ID)USA887No
Munros RoundUnited Kingdom883Donnie CampbellOpen course, self powered31d 23h 2m 0sNo
Wales Coast Path United Kingdom870Rhys JenkinsStandard20d 10h36m 0sYes24d 0h 0m 0s
Icelandic Ring RoadIceland864No
Trans-Texas (TX)USA850Don MuchowAny route27d 8h36m 0sNo
JOGLE / LEJOGUnited Kingdom826Dan LawsonLEJOG9d 21h14m 2sYes12d 0h30m 14s
JOGLE / LEJOGUnited Kingdom826Sharon GayterJOGLE12d 11h6m 7sYes12d 11h6m 7s
JOGLE / LEJOGUnited Kingdom826Rhys JenkinsJOGLE + 3Summits23d 7h19m 0sNo
Ice Age Trail (WI)USA823Coree WolteringStandard21d 13h35m 0sYes21d 18h7m 0s
Arizona Trail (AZ)USA817Joe "Stringbean" McConaughyStandard13d 3h 21m 0sYes17d 11h3m 0s
GR3: Along the Loire France808No
Great Divide Trail (AB & BC)Canada745No
Great Divide Trail (AB & BC)Canada745No
International Appalachian Trail - Maine, NB, QCUSA, Canada745No
Shikoku Pilgrimage Japan683Léonie van den HaakStandard14d 10h 29m 0sYes14d 10h 29m 0s
South West Coast PathUnited Kingdom630Dave PhillipsWholeroute - one way10d 8h 24m44sYes18d 14h 42m42s
South West Coast PathUnited Kingdom630Andy ImmsJurassic Coast - one way1d 7h 13m 56sNo
Ireland WayIreland628Ludwig ÖstStandard24d 8h20m 15sNo
Via Francigena ItalianaItaly625No
GTA - Grande Traversata delle Alpi Italy621No
Trans-Tennessee (TN)USA621No
Bibbulmun Track (WA)Australia616Shane JohnstoneStandard11d 7h 8m 0sYes10d 17h 57m 0s
Monarch's WayUnited Kingdom615Vic Izzy OwensStandard13d 13h38m 0sYes13d 13h38m 0s
From Lowest To HighestGermany614Annie VoigtStandard26d 3h26m 57sYes26d 3h26m 57s

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