Sand Dunes, Lakes and Forests: Michigan’s FKT Routes

by | May 12, 2023 | Routes

Michigan’s many lakes, acres of forest and coastline offer many FKT options. The famed North Country Trail also runs through the state, offering long distance options. With just 68 posted routes and variations, opportunities for new routes also exist. Thirty nine of the posted routes (57.4%) do not have women’s recorded times as of late (though many do exist as Strava records). 

In 2022, women set 6 new FKTs (25% of the total), men snagged 18, and none were set by mixed teams. We would love to see more women claim space on the trails in Michigan in the years to come.

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google.

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Mt Baldhead Stairs Vertical K 2.43381No
Lake Lansing Trail: One Lap 3.441No
Sleeping Bear Dune Climb (10 Laps) 3.54137No
Dune Climb to beach and back 3.9722No
Milford Trail 5.9400Yes56m 6s
Sand Lakes Quiet Area Pathway 7.6495Yes1h 47m 9s
Kiwanis Trail 8.0108Yes1h 6m40s
Paint Creek Trail: One Way 8.9129Yes1h 11m43s
DTE Energy Foundation Trail: Green Lake & Big Kame 9.0500Yes1h 52m 3s
Mason Tract Pathway: One Way 9.2311No
Paul Henry - Thornapple Trail: One Way 9.7194Yes1h 3m 19s
Cadillac Pathway "Double Loop" Trail 10.3935No
Linear Park Perimeter 10.5311No
Sleepy Hollow Trail 11.2797Yes1h 20m 16s
Wadhams to Avoca Trail 12.395Yes2h 7m34s
Tawas Bay Pathway + Alabaster Arboretum 14.093Yes2h 5m 14s
Highland A-B-C-D 16.01300Yes3h 7m9s
Big M Loop 16.51504No
Ann Arbor Trail Linkup (A2TL) 16.51500Yes3h 53m 10s
Mason Tract Pathway: Out & Back 17.6574No
Paint Creek Trail: Out & Back 17.8259Yes3h 4m 58s
Potawatomi Trail: One Loop 17.82350Yes2h 21m 52s
Huron River Gallup 18.0364Yes2h 40m 13s
Jordan River Pathway 18.22000No
Paul Henry - Thornapple Trail: Out & Back 19.4388No
Manistee River Trail Loop 19.81389Yes3h 3m 55s
DTE Energy Foundation Trail: All Four Loops 20.51226Yes4h 17m 17s
Falling Waters Trail: Out & Back 21.0100Yes3h 57m 19s
Mike Levine Lakelands Trail: One Way 21.0275Yes3h 3m 27s
Lakeshore Trail 21.7500Yes
Hart-Montague Trail 22.7361Yes3h 41m12s
Porcupine Mountains Loop 26.23780Yes5h 25m 37s
Minong Ridge Trail 27.63677No
Feldtmann Loop 29.73983No
Clinton River Trail 31.3497No
Fox River Pathway 32.1936No
Beaver Island Perimeter 33.3620No
Lake Lansing Trail: Ten Laps33.5410No
Kal-Haven Trail: One Way 34.5500No
Waterloo-Pinckney Trail: One Way 35.04850Yes6h 18m 43s
Polly Ann Trail: One Way 36.7646Yes5h 6m20s
Bay de Noc / Grand Island Trail: Standard 40.01061No
Greenstone Ridge Trail 40.65138No
Pictured Rocks Lakeshore Trail: One Way 41.82165Yes7h 20m 16s
Mike Levine Lakelands Trail: Out & Back 42.0498Yes7h 39m 35s
Torch Lake 42.31108No
Border to Border Trail (Washtenaw County)43.01433No
Potawatomi Trail: Three Loops 53.47050No
North Country Trail Mackinaw City - Petoskey 54.63533Yes12h 56m 54s
Bay de Noc / Grand Island Trail: Lake to Lake54.91858No
North Central State Trail 62.81188Yes9h 49m 20s
Falling Waters Trail: Triple Out & Back 63.0300No
Kal-Haven Trail: Out & Back 69.01000Yes16h 4m 49s
Waterloo-Pinckney Trail: Out & Back 70.09180No
Polly Ann Trail: Out & Back 73.41292No
High Country Pathway 75.97600No
UP Ultra Double 83.5No
Pictured Rocks Lakeshore Trail: Out & Back 83.64330No
White Pine Trail 95.21018No
Bay de Noc / Grand Island Trail: Lake to Lake to Lake 109.07713No
Dam-to-Dam (North Country Trail)130.012300No
Potawatomi Trail: Two Loops 109.83716Yes7h 16m 23s
Potawatomi Trail: Five Loops 200.05305No
Potawatomi Trail: Six Loops 220.03876No
Great Lake to Lake Trail 277.75823No
North Country Trail Michigan UP Section 543.035393No
Lake Michigan Circumnavigation1104.08936No
North Country Trail4600.0No

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