Québec, Canada: FKTs in la belle province

by | Jun 17, 2023 | Routes

Québec is the largest Canadian province by land area and boasts Canada’s vastest forested wilderness, as well as thousands of freshwater lakes. Sparsely populated but with over 10,000 km (6,000+ miles) of trail that traverse the Appalachians, Chic Chocs and Laurentians, link together the Green Mountains, or flow through the Montérégian Hills, you just might find you’ve got every summit to yourself. Few women hold FKTs on this rugged, but breathtaking terrain. They’re yours for the taking.

Of the 54 posted routes and variations, 40 do not yet have a women’s posted time (74.1%). In 2022, women set 9 of the 39 total FKTS (23.1%), while men set 28 (71.8%) and mixed teams claimed 2 (5.1%). There are many opportunities for women to claim space on these trails in the FKT community.

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. 

Route NameDistance in KilometersElevation Gain (metres)Posted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Mont Pinacle (QC, Canada)3.1675No
Mount Orford (QC, Canada)4.31416No
Boucle du Mont Harfang6.91731No
Haut Lieu Rigaud (QC, Canada)8.4648Yes1h 11m50s
Traversée des Monts Stoke (QC, Canada)12.03471No
Alléluia (QC, Canada)12.72511No
Sentier des Poetes (QC, Canada)13.02970No
Sentiers des Embruns13.01572No
Mont des Morios13.33300No
Le Tour du Mont Saint-Bruno (QC, Canada)13.5294No
Montreal - YUL (QC, Canada)14.0148No
La Traversée du Parc Orford (QC, Canada)14.14200Yes2h 55m 45s
Mestachibo Trail (QC, Canada)14.34734Yes3h 48m 26s
La traverse du sentier des trotteurs (Canada, QC)14.32115No
Sentier du Hibou Nord15.4837No
Sentier des Contreforts16.74050No
Sentiers Des Pointes et Les Florent (QC, Canada)17.13No
Parc linéaire de la rivière Saint-Charles (QC, Canada)19.8750Yes2h 21m 26s
La traversée de l'Inter-Centre (QC, Canada)23.14266No
La traversée des Monts Sutton (QC, Canada)23.67800Yes10h 15m17s
Sentier des Anciens23.93627No
Sommets de la Zec des Martres24.26600
Sentier du Fjord du Saguenay (QC, Canada)25.35568Yes6h 29m 23s
Great Trail in Gatineau Park (QC, Canada)26.32880Yes4h 33m 40s
La traversée des Monts Groulx (QC, Canada)26.76000No
Parc linéaire de la rivière Saint-Charles - Double Traverse29.81500No
La Boucle du Diable (QC, Canada)30.01839Yes6h 2m 29s
Saint-Jean sur Richelieu Tour 50K (QC, CANADA)31.3233No
Le Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix (QC, Canada)31.75787Yes7h 5m 25s
La traversée de la Vallée Bras du Nord (QC, Canada)32.44272No
Corridor Aérobique (QC, Canada)36.01404No
La Grande Boucle Zen'Nature (QC, Canada)37.86300No
Tour de l'Île d'Orléans (QC, Canada)41.5921Yes6h 16m 15s
Laurentien Trail (QC, Canada)47.23000No
Tour de Laval (QC. Canada)47.72054No
La Grande Boucle des Hauts Sommets de Saint-Donat (QC, Canada)48.47800Yes16h 31m 38s
Traversée de la réserve faunique de Matane par le Sentier International des Appalaches-Québec GR A1 (QC, Canada)50.214805No
Quebec Route 199 (QC, Canada)52.31170No
Gare de Rivière-à-Pierre à la Gare du Palais (QC, Canada)58.41020No
Traversé du Sentier National de la Mauricie Est To Ouest62.010500No
Traversé du Sentier National de la Mauricie Ouest è Est62.08100No
La Traversée de Charlevoix (QC, Canada)65.27218No
Gatineau Park Perimeter Loop (QC, Canada)68.89000Yes17h 3m 10s
Traversée du Parc national de la Gaspésie par le Sentier International des Appalaches-Québec GR A1 (QC, Canada)74.418900No
Montreal Circumnavigation (QC, Canada)76.8679Yes11h 37m 4s
La Grande Traversée des Sentiers de l'Estrie (QC, Canada)86.818300No
Circuit de l'Abbaye (QC, Canada)92.35850No
Le P’tit Train du Nord, (QC, Canada)125.01975No
Route de Chisasibi126.51548No
Sentiers entre Vents et Marées (QC, Canada)142.64110No
Les 60 heures de Richard en Gaspésie156.222197No
Trans-Charlevoix Route (QC, Canada)204.625800No
Sentier International des Appalaches-Québec GR A1 (QC, Canada)403.0Yes10d 9h 33m0s
International Appalachian Trail - Maine, NB, QC1200.030000No

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