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Pacific Northwest FKT Routes

This list of FKT routes is subject to change. Please refer to the website for the most up to date information on routes and posted FKTs.

RouteVariationStylelength (mi)Location
Smith RockSuper SlabAny2.0north of Bend, Oregon
Smith RockRound RiverAny3.7north of Bend, Oregon
Baldy MtnCar-to-carAny3.9north of Yakima, Washington
Mt WashingtonAscent from Big LakeAny4.2northwest of Bend, Oregon
Grizzly PeakCar-to-carAny5.0east of Detroit Lake, Oregon
Mt St HelensWorm Flows AscentAny5.1St Helens, Washington
Krag Peak TraverseAscentAny5.5northeast of Baker City, Oregon
Mt DefianceAscentAny5.5Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Smith RockBirds in a RutAny5.7north of Bend, Oregon
Black PeakAscentAny6.1east of N Cascades Nat'l Park, Washington
Three Fingered JackAscent from Santiam PassAny6.2northwest of Bend, Oregon
Mt BachelorStandard RouteAny6.4west of Bend, Oregon
Tolt Pipeline Trailone wayAny7.0Woodinville, Washington
Bandera PeakCar-to-carAny8.0west of Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Twin Sisters TraverseStandard routeAny9.0east of Bellingham, Washington
Mary's PeakNorth Ridge-East Ridge LoopAny10.2Corvallis area, Oregon
Krag Peak TraverseLoopAny10.8northeast of Baker City, Oregon
Timothy Lake LoopStandard RouteAny11.4south of Government Camp, Oregon
Dragontail PeakUp & downAny12.3west of Leavenworth, Washington
Broken TopCar-to-carAny12.3west of Bend, Oregon
Whistler Canyon/Wildhorse TrailWhistler Canyon TH to Mt HullAny12.8south of Oroville, Washington
Ruth MtnUp & downAny13.0NE of Mt Baker, Washington
Robinson MtnStandard routeAny13.2north of Methow Valley, Washington
Oval PeakOval, up & downAny13.3west of Methow Valley, Washington
Oneota Gorge Falls LoopStandard RouteAny14.0east of portland, Oregon
Mt Shuksan, Sulphide GlacierOut & backAny14.2east of Mt Baker, Washington
Bacon PeakUp & downAny14.2SE of Mt Baker, Washington
Little Tahoma PeakUp & downAny14.2Mt Rainier Nat'l Park, Washington
Angels rest to Horsetail fallsStandard routeAny14.5Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Hadley PeakUp & downAny14.8north of Mt Baker, Washington
Paddy-go-easy/Sherpani/Granite TraverseStandard routeAny15.0west of Leavenworth, Washington
Mt BakerEaston GlacierAny15.5east of Bellingham, Washington
Brown Mtn LoopStandard routeAny15.9west of Medford, Oregon
Snowfield peakUp & downAny16.2North Cascades Nat'l Park, Washington
Mt Thomson West RidgeStandard routeAny16.8Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Gray PeakUp & downAny17.0west of Methow Valley, Washington
Cascades Trifecta (Rainier, Adams, Hood)Standard routeAny17.1Oregon & Washington
Palisades/Deep Creek LoopStandard RouteAny17.3north of Crystal Mtn Resort, Washington
Middle SisterUp & downAny17.5west of Bend, Oregon
WyEast Sandy Glacier TraverseStandard routeAny18.0east of Portland, Oregon
Alps of OregonMatterhorn onlyAny18.2near Joseph, Oregon
Hurwal TraverseStandard routeAny18.7near Joseph, Oregon
Gardner-North GardnerAbernathy-Gardner-North GardnerAny19.0west of Winthrop, Washington
Mt TerrorStandard routeAny20.0North Cascades Nat'l Park, Washington
Mailbox-Granite LinkupPoint to pointAny20.0west of Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Oval PeakOval, Star, CourtneyAny20.4west of Methow Valley, Washington
Jack MountainStandard routeAny21.0North Cascades Nat'l Park, Washington
Ragged RidgeStandard routeAny21.2west of Methow Valley, Washington
Springwater CorridorOne wayAny21.3Portland, Oregon
Mt DeceptionCar-to-carAny21.4west of Quilcene, Washington
Broken Top South SisterStandard routeAny21.5west of Bend, Oregon
Painted TraverseStandard routeAny22.0Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington
Steens Mtn CrossingStandard routeUnsupported22.3Harney County, deep SE Oregon
Pine Lakes LoopStandard routeAny22.5northeast of Baker City, Oregon
Elkhorn Crest TrailPoint to pointAny24.0west of Baker City, Oregon
I-90 Corridor BacksideStandard RouteAny25.2Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Whistler Canyon/Wildhorse TrailUp & backAny25.6south of Oroville, Washington
Tatoosh TraverseStandard RouteAny26.1south Mt Rainier, Washington
Diamond Lake DoubleStandard routeAny26.3north of Crater Lake Park, Oregon
Mt Ashland to Pilot RockPoint to pointUnupported26.3Ashland, Oregon
Gardner-North GardnerAbernathy-Gardner-North GardnerAny26.9west of Winthrop, Washington
Rainy Pass Cascade PassOne wayAny27.0west of Methow Valley, Washington
Enchantment EnchaimentStandard routeAny27.4west of Leavenworth, Washington
Cusick MtnUp & downAny27.4near Joseph, Oregon
Bremerton Ferry to Bainbridge FerryStandard routeAny27.5Kitsap Penninsula, Washington
PCT: Harts Pass-N TerminusPoint to pointAny27.6Washington & Canada
Vashon Island TraverseOut & backAny27.6Vashon Island, Washington
Clark and Luahna Peak DoubleStandard routeAny28.0south of Glacier Peak, Washington
Strawberry Mtn TraverseStandard routeAny28.0SE of John Day, Oregon
Hatchery Creek-Icicle Ck-ChiwaukumPoint to pointAny29.0north of Leavenworth, Washington
Diamond peakSummit-circumnavAny29.0north of Crater Lake Park, Oregon
Chinook NRT-Section 1Standard routeAny29.5northeast of Vancouver, Washington
Shuksan/Baker DoubleStandard routeAny30.0east of Bellingham, Washington
Windy Peak LollipopStandard routeAny30.0Canadian border, Washington
Guardian Peaks Trifecta (Hood, Adams, St Helens)Standard routeAny30.8Washington & Oregon
Alpine Lakes Crest TraverseStandard routeAny30.9Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Chikamin LollipopStandard routeAny30.9Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
PilTripleStandard routeAny31.5east of Everett, Washington
Mt Adams TraverseStandard routeAny32.0Mt Adams, Washington
Goat Rocks Peaks TourStandard RouteAny32.5between Mt Rainier and Mt Adams, Washington
Whatcom PeakNorth ridgeAny37.0North Cascades Nat'l Park, Washington
Mt Pilchuck Sea to SummitUp & downAny37.0Everett, Washington
Heart of Darkness LoopStandard RouteAny38.0between Prineville and John Day, Oregon
Goode Mtn NE ButtressStandard RouteAny38.3west of Winthrop, Washington
Whatcom PeakEasy ridgeAny39.0North Cascades Nat'l Park, Washington
Mt OlympusCar-to-carAny40.0Olympic National Park, Washington
Wilson River TraverseOut & backUnsupported40.2west of Portland, Oregon
Burke Gilman TrailOut & backAny40.4King County, Washington
Mt HinmanMiddle Fork SnoqualmieAny40.6north of Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Mt HinmanNecklace ValleyAny40.6??north of Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
All of SquakStandard RouteAny41.5east of Renton, Washington
Wy'East 4 Point TraversePoint to pointAny42.9east of Portland, Oregon
Buckskin Ridge LoopStandard routeAny43.0north of Methow Valley, Washington
Mt St Helenssummit-circumnav-summitUnsupported43.2St Helens, Washington
Luna PeakCar-to-carAny43.5North Cascades Nat'l Park, Washington
Sterling Ditch Mine TrailOut & backAny45.4west of Ashland, Oregon
Elkhorn Crest Trailout & backAny45.8west of Baker City, Oregon
Crown Zellerbach Trailout & backAny46.0west of Portland, Oregon
Leavenworth to Stevens PassStandard RouteAny46.2Leavenworth, Washington
Deschutes River Railbed Trailout & backAny46.2east of The Dalles, Oregon
Middle Fork-Cooper LakeStandard RouteAny46.5north of Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Mt FuryRound TripAny47.0North Cascades National Park, Washington
Lake Washington LoopStandard RouteUnsupported48.0Seattle, Washington
Mt Hood summit & traverseStandard RouteAny48.0east of Portland, Oregon
Badlands ChallengeStandard RouteAny50.0east of Bend, Oregon
Hells Canyon Rim to RimOpen courseAny50.0Oregon & Idaho
Portland TrifectaStandard RouteAny50.0Portland, Oregon
Wy'Cool Routes50 miUnsupported50.0east of portland, Oregon
Mt Hood Infinity LoopStandard RouteAny53.0east of Portland, Oregon
Entiat Mega SlamOpen courseAny53.0South of Lake Chelan, Washington
Rainy Pass Cascade PassOut & backAny54.0west of Methow Valley, Washington
Whidbey Island TraversePoint to pointUnsupported54.2Whidbey Island, Washington
Cascade TrailOut & backAny55.0Sedro Wolley, Washington
McKenzie River TrailOut & backAny55.0west of Sisters, Oregon
Mark O. Hatfield TrailStandard routeAny55.4Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Willapa Hills TrailOne wayAny56.0west of Chehalis, Washington
Illinois River TrailOut & backAny56.8west of Grants Pass, Oregon
Corvallis to SeaPoint to pointUnsupported59.5west of Corvallis, Oregon
Black and Gray DuathalonStandard RouteAny60.0north of Bend, Oregon
Klickitat TrailOut & backAny61.0Columbia River Gorge, Washington
Issaquah Alps100kAny62.0east of Issaquah, Washington
Issaquah Alps50k x2Any62.0east of Issaquah, Washington
Wy'Cool Routes100kAny62.0east of Portland, Oregon
OC&E Rail TrailBly Station-Crosby StationAny62.7Klamath Falls, Oregon
Lake Washington LoopDonutAny64.6Seattle, Washington
Kitsap Peninsula TraverseStandard RouteAny65.8west of Seattle, Washington
Mt Baker CircumnavAny routeAny71.6east of Bellingham, Washington
Aspen Butte DuathalonUp & downAny73.0Klamath Falls, Oregon
Steens Range TraversePoint to pointAny75.0Harney County, deep SE Oregon
Alpine Lakes Grand TourStandard RouteAny81.0Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
North Umpqua TrailTH-to-THAny85.1east of Roseburg, Oregon
Mt Adams to Mt St HelensStandard RouteAny85.6west of St Helens, Washington
Kettle Crest TrailOut & backAny88.0east of Republic, Washington
Hood Canal TraverseStandard RouteAny90.0east of Olympic NP, Washington
Mt Mcloughlin Picnic TriathlonStandard RouteAny96.0Klamath Falls, Oregon
Issaquah Alps Grand Traverse 100 miStandard RouteAny100.0east of Seattle, Washington
Wy'Cool Routes100 miAny100.0east of portland, Oregon
Eagles 33 ChallengeAny routeAny100.0south of Joseph, Oregon
Mt Baker Grand LoopStandard RouteAny101.0east of Bellingham, Washington
Glacier Peak Reverse LollipopStandard RouteAny105.0Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington
Glacier Peak Infinity LoopStandard RouteAny107.0Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington
Glacier Peak CircumnavStandard RouteAny107.0Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington
Corvallis to SeaOut & backAny115.0west of Corvallis, Oregon
Shi-Shi Beach to Oil CItyOut & backAny120.0Olympic National Park, Washington
Goat Rocks CloverStandard routeAny121.0between Mt Rainier and Mt Adams, Washington
Columbia Plateau TrailStandard RouteAny123.0between Spokane and Kennewick, Washington
Fremont Nat'l Recreation TrailStandard RouteAny140.0east of Crater Lake NP, Oregon
Oregon's 5 HighestStandard RouteAny145.3Cascades across northern Oregon
Mt Adams to Mt HoodStandard RouteAny157.4Washington & Oregon
Cougar TraverseStandard RouteAny215.0east of Ross Lake, Washington
John Wayne Pioneer TrailStandard RouteSelf-supported297.0across Washington in east-west direction
Oregon Coast 101Standard RouteAny355.0Oregon coast
Pacific Crest Trail through WashingtonStandard RouteAny431.0Cascade Mountains, Washington
Oregon Desert TrailStandard RouteAny450.0Idaho border to Bend, Oregon
Blue Mountains TrailStandard RouteAny530.0northeastern corner of Oregon
Washington BulgersStandard RouteAny870.0Cascade Mountains, Washington
Pacific Northwest TrailStandard RouteAny1200.0Washington, Idaho, Montana
Desert TrailStandard RouteAny2200.0California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington
Cascade VolcanosStandard RouteAny2600.0California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia
Pacific Crest TrailNorth to SouthAny2600.0California, Oregon, Washington
Pacific Crest TrailWinterAny2600.0California, Oregon, Washington
Great Western LoopStandard RouteAny6900.0Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico

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