Pennsylvania FKT Routes

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Routes

Pennsylvania’s mountains and trails are popular for running and hiking. Currently, 101 routes and variations are posted as potential FKTs, and of those, 49 do not have a posted women’s time (48.5%).

In 2022, women and men both set 19 FKTs (47.5%), while non-binary individuals claimed 1 (2.5%) and mixed teams 1 (2.5%).

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. 

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Springfield Trail 4.5602Yes52m 25s
Mt. Minsi4.71086Yes48m 23s
Flat Rock Trail Colonel Denning State Park 4.71318Yes1h 24m 16s
Bell Mountain Powerline5.61771No
Lower to Upper Baughman Trail: Out & Back (Uphill First)6.11164Yes1h 4m 5s
Upper Canyon Edge to McCune Trail Lollipop6.2796Yes1h 2m 26s
Darlington Trail - Western Terminus to Eastern Terminus7.7817No
Quebec Run Outer Loop 10.41883Yes1h 54m 38s
Pine Knob - Whitetail Trail 10.62530Yes1h 57m 15s
Green Lane Reservoir Loop11.61158Yes2h 12m 4s
Sugarloaf Trail: Out & Back (Uphill First)11.61722Yes2h 13m 0s
Bear Run Nature Reserve Black Loop 11.81864Yes1h 58m 47s
Wissahickon Green Ribbon Trail: One Way 12.5145Yes1h 56m 12s
Quemahoning Reservoir Trail 14.31821Yes2h 25m 45s
Scott Farm to Doyle Hotel on the AT: One Way 14.52242Yes2h 29m 28s
Ironstone Loop 14.62345Yes2h 38m26s
LHHT Gate to Eight to Gate14.73885Yes4h 56m1s
Five Star Trail Loop16.5549No
Cumberland Valley on the AT: One Way 16.81994Yes2h 29m14s
Abandoned PA Turnpike Tunnels16.82000No
John P. Saylor Trail 17.71805Yes3h 38m 11s
Mountain Streams 17.82290No
Blue Marsh Lake Circumnavigation 19.22431Yes3h 41m 1s
West Creek Recreational Trail19.57No
Raccoon Creek State Park Loop 19.73704Yes4h 7m 0s
Hoodlebug Trail 21.01027Yes4h 51m 55s
Wissahickon Four Corners 21.82943Yes4h 4m 43s
Pinchot Trail 22.01830Yes5h 37m4s
Wissahickon Green Ribbon Trail: Out & Back 23.7561No
Ghost Town Trail: C&I Extension Out & Back 24.5869No
Lake Marburg Circumnavigation 24.7539No
Buzzard Marathon 25.05464Yes4h 8m29s
Terrace Mountain Trail 25.24357Yes5h 50m 39s
North Country Trail: Moraine & McConnell's Mill State Parks One Way 25.74377Yes7h 44m 25s
Lost Turkey Trail 26.34131No
Old Loggers Path 27.04400Yes6h 5m3s
Northwest Lancaster County River Trail 28.0300No
Scott Farm to Doyle Hotel on the AT: Out & Back 29.74889No
West Rim Trail (Lycoming County)29.75024Yes6h 27m 33s
Enola Low Grade Trail 30.0400No
Pennypack Trail (Out & Back)30.8780No
Allegrippis Trails 31.03340Yes7h 21m 39s
Pittsburgh Stairs 31.77562No
Ghost Town Trail: One Way 32.21000Yes5h 24m 14s
Thunder Swamp Trail 32.32736No
Roaring Run Natural Area32.35230No
Gerard Hiking Trail 33.35482Yes8h 15m2s
Bucktail Path 33.55978No
Cumberland Valley on the AT: Out & Back 33.63448Yes8h 5m59s
Lehigh Gap to Delaware Water Gap on the AT 35.54700Yes9h 16m 0s
White Clay Perimeter35.53100No
Schuylkill River Trail: Parkerford - Philadelphia 36.559No
AT Pen Mar to Pine Grove37.35652No
Clarks Valley (325) - Rt 183 on the AT 37.85371Yes8h 46m 0s
D&H Trail 38.91233No
Allegheny Front Trail 40.05500No
Port Clinton to Lehigh Gap on the AT 40.06200Yes9h 0m 1s
40 Miles on Historic U.S. Route 40 40.04391No
York County Heritage Trail & Northern-Central Rail Trail: Pre 2019 Route41.0673No
Redbank Valley Trail 41.32056No
Michaux State Forest AT 42.55836Yes9h 51m 33s
A.T.- Pine Grove Furnace to Duncannon43.06240No
Black Forest Trail 43.39440Yes9h 26m 52s
AT Four State Challenge (PA, MD, WV, VA)45.07182Yes8h 2m 30s
Rachel Carson Trail: One Way 46.57771Yes10h 34m4s
Montour Trail 46.61155No
York County Heritage Trail & Northern-Central Rail Trail: Full Trail47.4892Yes7h 53m 17s
A.T. - St. Anthony's Wilderness Route(Out and Back)51.16660No
North Country Trail: Moraine & McConnell's Mill State Parks Out & Back 51.38754Yes16h 25m 57s
Ridge Rd Out and Back - Mt Holly to Chambersburg to Mt Holly53.15920No
Chuck Keiper Trail54.49840No
Tuscarora State Forest 59.18301No
Loyalsock Trail 60.013000Yes20h 5m 16s
Delaware River Canals Loop 61.1280Yes12h 51m 15s
Length of Lancaster 100k 62.44425No
Pine Creek Rail Trail 62.6974No
Ghost Town Trail: Double 64.71939No
Conestoga Trail 66.06275Yes16h 7m26s
Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail 70.012000Yes1d 23h 29m 1s
Great Allegheny Passage Trail from Ohiopyle to Cumberland72.06711Yes15h 55m 33s
Appalachian Trail: Port Clinton - Delaware Water Gap 73.49475No
Quehanna Trail 73.89892No
Standing Stone Trail 84.015000No
Susquehannock Trail System Loop Southern Gateway 85.014319Yes1d 10h 1m57s
Rachel Carson Trail: Out & Back93.015542No
York County Heritage Trail & Northern-Central Rail Trail: Out & Back95.61494No
Donut Hole Trail 97.019162No
Schuylkill River Trail: Full Trail 114.02540No
Baker Trail 133.0No
Horse-Shoe Trail145.717400Yes2d 1h 23m 46s
Great Allegheny Passage150.01500Yes2d 5h 30m 0s
D&L Trail 157.0No
Mason-Dixon Trail199.019600Yes4d 12h 59m 0s
PA Appalachian Trail 230.031000Yes4d 14h 9m 9s
Tuscarora Trail251.042900No
Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) + C&O Canal Towpath333.04600No
Mid State Trail 346.055000No
Across Pennsylvania from Colliers WV to Camden NJ361.226348No
Appalachian Trail (AT): Northbound2189.0465000Yes51d 16h 30m 0s
Appalachian Trail (AT): Southbound2189.0465000Yes46d 11h 20m 0s
Appalachian Trail (AT): Yo-Yo4378.0930000No

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