Oregon’s FKT Routes

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From high mountain peaks to long desert trails, coastal wonderlands and deep green tunnels of evergreen, Oregon offers an abundance of FKT routes to explore. As our home terrain, we know and love these trails, and we are eager to share our knowledge and encouragement to those who may want to chase records here. Sixty five of our posted 148 routes (43.9%) and variations do not have women’s posted times as of late (though many do exist as Strava records).

In 2022, women set 28 new FKTs (34.2% of the total), men snagged 49, and five were set by mixed teams.


January 2024 Update

Oregon now has 159 posted routes, and just 68 of those don’t have women’s posted times (42.8%). In 2023, women set 21 of the 59 FKTs (35.6%), mixed teams set 2 (3.4%) and men set 36 (61%).

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. Please refer to fastestknowntime.com for the most up to the date list of FKTs and the status of women’s times on said routes.

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Smith Rock: Super Slab, gate to gate 1.3850No
Neahkahnie Mountain 1.5930Yes17m 30s
Spencer's Butte2.81560
Smith Rock: Round River, gate to gate 3.71006No
Devil's Peak - Ascent3.83179Yes
Marys Peak: North Ridge Ascent4.02250Yes1h 7m38s
Mt. Scott 4.41500No
Smith Rock: Birds in a Rut, gate to gate 4.51993No
Mt Thielsen: Ascent4.63650Yes1h 33m52s
Hogsback Hillclimb 4.81800No
Mt McLoughlin: Ascent4.83900Yes1h 29m37s
Grizzly Peak 5.02762No
South Sister: Ascent5.44727Yes1h 54m22s
Broken Top: Ascent5.53580Yes2h 11m 17s
Mt Defiance: Ascent5.85000Yes1h 38m48s
Eagle Creek Tunnel Falls5.91100Yes2h 0m 45s
Three Fingered Jack: Ascent from Santiam Pass6.33940Yes1h 54m 23s
Mount Bachelor6.42664No
Mt Hood: Southside car to car6.65364Yes3h 16m46s
Mt Hood: Southside car to car on skis6.65364No
Ramona Falls7.11066Yes1h 40m4s
Devil's Peak - Round Trip7.63179Yes
Chief Joseph Mountain from Hurricane Creek8.04500Yes5h 36m 54s
Mountain Lakes Loop Trail 8.01763Yes1h 55m 11s
Green Mountain Up and Over8.52100No
Little Wildhorse Lakes Loop 8.52753Yes3h 17m 2s
Mt Washington: Ascent from Big Lake8.53255No
Ridgeline Trail w/ Spencer Butte9.02257No
Warner Peak 9.12213Yes2h 30m 18s
Mt Thielsen: Up & Down 9.33711Yes2h 36m29s
Neahkahnie Mountain - Necarney Creek TH to Neahkahnie Mountain South TH Out & Back10.02995No
SmURPL: Open10.03500Yes2h 45m 44s
SmURPL: SELL10.03500No
Forest Park Nasties: North Nasty10.61002Yes1h 28m 6s
Krag Peak Traverse 10.84888No
Kings Mt - Elk Mt Loop 10.83700Yes2h 24m3s
Kings Mt - Elk Mt Loop: Double Loop10.83700Yes6h 44m 44s
Mt Washington: Up & Down from PCT11.33290Yes5h 18m 16s
Timothy Lake Loop 11.41569No
Gearhart Mountain 11.52772No
South Sister: Roundtrip11.54698Yes3h 5m43s
Surveyor's Ridge Trail: One Way11.51600Yes1h 59m 39s
Mt Defiance: Round Trip11.65000Yes2h 46m4s
Mt Washington: Ascent from PCT11.83258Yes2h 6m25s
Broken Top: Up & Back12.34170No
Marys Peak: North Ridge - East Ridge Loop12.53530Yes2h 2m35s
Badger Creek Trail #47912.73400Yes3h 56m14s
Three Fingered Jack: Up & Down from Santiam Pass12.73075Yes3h 40m43s
Drift Creek Wilderness R2R2R (OR)13.13100No
Oneonta Gorge Falls Loop 14.03240Yes3h 1m 51s
Angel's Rest Trail to Horsetail Falls 14.5No
Old Fart Trails 15.02600Yes3h 50m52s
Brown Mountain Loop 15.91700No
Row River Trail: One Way16.010Yes2h 36m6s
Salmon River - Green Canyon Loop16.84698Yes3h 52m 1s
Cascades Trifecta 17.121040No
Middle Sister 17.55404No
WyEast Mt Hood Sandy Glacier Traverse Loop18.05250No
Hurwal Traverse 18.7
Three Sisters 18.79400Yes8h 29m5s
Bullet with a Butterfly Wing 19.11593Yes3h 34m 8s
Strawberry Lollipop 19.44241Yes4h 37m7s
Eagle Cap 19.64200Yes5h 25m5s
Wilson River Traverse: One Way19.73488Yes3h 0m 22s
Alps of Oregon: Matterhorn & Sacajawea 20.36745Yes5h 45m 10s
Crater Rim Trail 20.73179Yes3h 19m12s
Banks-Vernonia State Trail 20.8433Yes2h 58m 0s
Springwater Corridor 21.3256No
Broken Top-South Sister 21.58150Yes7h 12m 28s
Three Fingered Jack: Loop Around21.53940Yes3h 7m 12s
PCT-Herman Creek Loop 22.05500Yes3h 57m29s
Steens Mountain Crossing 22.35222Yes11h 15m 0s
Pine Lakes Loop22.55177No
Three Fingered Jack: Summit & Circumnavigation22.64810No
Sterling Mine Ditch Trail: One Way22.71234Yes3h 30m 44s
Crown-Zellerbach Trail: One Way23.01827Yes3h 1m 42s
Surveyor's Ridge Trail: Out & Back23.03159Yes6h 16m27s
Deschutes River Railbed Trail: One Way23.1367Yes3h 21m 13s
Columbia River Gorge Triple D 23.310509Yes7h 29m 0s
Elkhorn Crest Trail: One Way24.02700No
Gates of the Columbia Linkup24.58305No
Mount Ashland & PCT to Pilot Rock 26.37667Yes8h 21m 43s
Diamond Lake Double, Thielsen & Bailey 26.37145No
Cusick Mountain 27.46138No
Wildwood Trail: One Way27.42897Yes3h 50m29s
McKenzie River Trail: One Way27.52607Yes3h 23m 59s
Wallowa River Loop27.54843Yes6h 16m26s
Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Traverse 28.05500No
Illinois River Trail: One Way28.66490Yes9h 16m 23s
Diamond Peak 29.06300No
Crater Lake Rim High Route 29.27205Yes7h 31m 2s
The Headless Horsemen: Horse to Horse to Horse to Horse 30.53360Yes7h 12m 29s
Mt McLoughlin Circumnavigation30.83586Yes8h 39m 12s
Guardian Peaks Trifecta 30.817689No
Broken Top Bottle Shop to Broken Top Mountain 31.07500Yes9h 6m 0s
Crater Lake Rim Drive: Not Winter 32.03675Yes4h 53m 20s
Crater Lake Rim Drive: Winter32.03675No
OC&E Rail Trail: Woods LineSpur32.1397Yes6h 37m0s
Row River Trail: Out & Back32.3702Yes4h 7m35s
Wallowa Lake Tour 33.67452Yes11h 17m 38s
Wy' Cool: 50km34.68860Yes11h 18m 37s
Broken Top Loop 36.71000Yes4h 30m4s
Five Peaks Traverse 36.915650Yes15h 19m47s
South Sister Summit and Circumnavigation 37.39232Yes10h 31m 26s
Mt McLoughlin Circumnavigation: + Summit 37.46801Yes11h 48m 29s
Heart of Darkness Loop 38.07200No
Jack Ash - Sterling Mine Ditch Loop 38.04000Yes
Rogue River Trail 38.23678Yes6h 37m13s
Wilson River Traverse: Out & Back39.97431Yes8h 12m 20s
Timberline Trail 40.010000Yes7h 2m 48s
Banks-Vernonia State Trail: Out & Back 41.6866Yes6h 12m 0s
Wy'east Mt Hood 4 Point Traverse42.915663No
Sterling Mine Ditch Trail: Out & Back45.02468No
Banks-Vernonia-Crown-Zellerbach (BVCZ) Trail (OR)45.32128No
Crown-Zellerbach Trail: Out & Back46.03654No
Deschutes River Railbed Trail: Out & Back46.2734No
Three Sisters Loop 46.77000Yes9h 3m45s
Elkhorn Crest Trail: One Way48.05400No
Mt Hood Circum & Summit 48.015000No
PCT: Bridge of the Gods - Timberline Lodge: Northbound48.013330Yes13h 13m 40s
PCT: Bridge of the Gods - Timberline Lodge: Out & Back48.013330Yes13h 13m 40s
PCT: Bridge of the Gods - Timberline Lodge: Southbound48.013330Yes16h 2m 45s
Kalmiopsis Wilderness: Leach Memorial Loop 48.414800Yes18h 11m 10s
Portland Trifecta 50.013000No
Badlands Challenge 50.11500Yes12h 36m59s
Hell's Canyon R2R2R 51.418283No
Mt Hood Infinity Loop 53.019000No
Wy' Cool: 50mi53.010876Yes19h 47m 27s
Wildwood Trail: Out & Back54.86236Yes10h 7m55s
McKenzie River Trail: Out & Back55.03539Yes9h 27m57s
Mark O. Hatfield Trail 55.413500No
Illinois River Trail: One Way57.217911No
Corvallis-to-Sea-Trail 59.54980Yes9h 34m 51s
Black and Gray Duathlon 60.07500No
Wy' Cool: 100km61.614075Yes19h 31m 47s
OC&E Rail Trail: Bly Station to Crosby Station61.7561No
Aspen Butte Duathlon from Klamath Falls 73.06493No
Steens Range Traverse 75.020000No
Forest Park Nasties: Tour de Nasty75.613579Yes13h 58m 5s
Sisters Trifinity Loop 76.525315Yes1d 13h 27m 12s
North Umpqua Trail 85.1No
Mt McLoughlin Picnic Triathlon97.09600No
Eagle's 33 Challenge 100.060000No
Mt Hood Circumnavigation from Cascade Locks102.022277No
Forest Park Nasties: 9 Laps of North Nasty103.526100Yes1d 1h 40m 0s
Wy' Cool: 100m 108.026105No
Corvallis-to-Sea-Trail: Out & Back119.09960No
Fremont National Recreation Trail 139.516753No
Oregon's 5 Highest 145.035280No
Mt Adams to Mt Hood 157.440000No
Cascade Volcanoes over 10,000' (WA, OR, CA)169.772014No
Oregon Coast 101 355.0No
Oregon Coast Trail as Described400.0
Oregon Coast Trail 407.9Yes7d 21h 2m 0s
Pacific Crest Trail through OR 453.0Yes7d 19h 23m 0s
Blue Mountains Trail530.080000No
Oregon Desert Trail 750.0No
Oregon Triple Crown1600.0
Desert Trail (CA, NV, OR, WA)2000.0No
Tour de Volcanoes 2580.0No
Cascade Volcanoes (CA, OR, WA, BC)No

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