Land of Many Lakes: Wisconsin’s FKT Routes

by | May 22, 2023 | Routes

The women of Wisconsin have been busy setting FKTs. Coming in with 63 posted routes and variations, only 29 do not have a recorded women’s time (46%), making it one of the most equitable states for FKT setting. In 2022, 14 of the 45 FKTs were set by women – or 31%, more in line with trends we see in other states. In 2023 so far, only one woman has set an FKT, while four men have (80%). Let’s go, Wisconsin women! There are a lot of out & back variations and two loop options that have yet to be set, leaving plenty of opportunity (more on variations here).

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. 

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Emma Carlin Green Loop 6.3439No
Ice Age Trail: Lapham Peak Segment7.7500No
Oak Leaf Trail Lake Loop 7.7150Yes1h 15m 10s
Oak Leaf Trail Oak Creek Line 7.7150Yes1h 28m 0s
Milwaukee River Greenway 7.8272Yes1h 20m 28s
Timm's Hill National Trail: Uphill 9.11200No
Nordic Trail Blue Loop Kettle Moraine State Forest 9.3606No
Kettle Moraine State Forest John Muir Blue Loop 11.0800Yes1h 38m 27s
Lake Monona Loop 12.3324No
Three Eagle Trail 12.8290Yes1h 24m59s
Oak Leaf Trail Milwaukee River Line 14.0240Yes2h 34m 15s
Ice Age Trail Janesville Segment 14.2310Yes3h 43m 20s
Driftless Horse Trail Governor Dodge SP: One Loop 14.42040Yes2h 8m 27s
Ice Age Trail Devil's Lake Segment 14.51939Yes2h 8m 9s
Devil's River State Trail: One Way 14.6196Yes3h 45m 41s
Oak Leaf Trail Kinnickinnic Line 14.6234No
Oak Leaf Trail Menomonee River Line 14.9265No
Hidden Lakes Loop 15.5880Yes3h 29m53s
Bugline Trail: One Way 16.3479Yes2h 22m 41s
Ice Age Trail Columbia County 17.2164No
Oak Leaf Trail South Shore Line: One Way 17.2442No
Timm's Hill National Trail: Out & Back18.21768No
Oak Leaf Trail Root River Line 19.6577No
White River State Trail: One Way 21.9289No
The 400 State Trail22.089Yes3h 50m 9s
Lake Geneva Shore Path 22.0300Yes2h 36m 32s
Sugar River State Trail: One Way 22.0175Yes3h 29m 38s
Wiouwash State Trail Southern Segment 22.8161Yes4h 50m 59s
Green Lake Circumnavigation 23.0978No
Lake Mendota Loop 24.51100No
Green Circle Trail 24.7384Yes4h 21m 32s
Fox River State Trail 25.0216No
Driftless Horse Trail Governor Dodge SP: Two Loops 28.84080Yes6h 34m 10s
Devil's River State Trail: Out & Back29.2392No
Ozaukee Interurban Trail 29.4598Yes5h 9m 41s
Tomorrow River Trail 30.6389Yes7h 48m 38s
Hiawatha Trail and Bearskin State Trail 32.0825No
Ice Age Trail Kettle Moraine South 32.12673Yes4h 44m 59s
McHenry County Prairie Trail + Fox River Trail (IL)32.1728No
Ice Age Trail Sheboygan County32.32139Yes9h 49m 50s
Tour of Milwaukee 32.3570Yes5h 31m27s
Bugline Trail: Out & Back 32.5958Yes4h 15m0s
Elroy-Sparta State Trail 33.52218Yes6h 11m 32s
Ice Age Trail Kettle Moraine North 33.54400Yes5h 23m 23s
Oak Leaf Trail South Shore Line: Out & Back34.4977No
Ice Age Chequamegon National Forest 35.73894Yes19h 56m 25s
Badger State Trail 40.0700Yes7h 25m44s
Military Ridge State Trail 40.01000Yes5h 18m 19s
Heart of Vilas Trail 40.7748No
White River State Trail: Out & Back 43.8578No
Sugar River State Trail: Out & Back 44.0377No
Ice Age Trail Washington County 44.42269No
Ice Age Trail Waukesha County 44.62848Yes8h 17m 44s
Cheese Country Recreation Trail 47.0893Yes8h 22m 58s
Glacial Drumlin State Trail 54.2853Yes8h 59m 39s
Ice Age Trail Dane County 64.04000No
Ice Age Trail Lincoln County65.42684No
Lake Winnebago Circumnavigation 72.81221No
Mountain-Bay Trail 83.0No
North Country Trail Wisconsin Section 209.016190Yes3d 9h 43m7s
Ice Age Trail 823.3Yes21d 18h7m 0s
Lake Michigan Circumnavigation (MI WI IN IL)1104.08936No
North Country Trail 4600.0No

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