Full List of All FKT Routes in the United States

by | Aug 23, 2023 | Routes

We have been working hard to compile all of the posted routes and variations in the United States, and we finally have a full list of routes current as of 12/31/2022. The fastestknowntime.com website features 2,764 routes and variations in the US. Of these, 1,367 have no posted women’s time (49.5%), and just 34 have posted non-binary times (1.27%). In cases where there are mixed gender times and no women’s time, we have considered this a case of no women’s time being posted, as this seems to be how the FKT website is now recording times (mixed gender times are considered only against other mixed gender times). 

In looking at all of the FKTs posted through the end of 2022, we’ve seen some interesting statistics emerge. Across all years, there are 8,722 recorded FKTs – 5,739 by men (65.8%), 2, 532 by women (29%), 23 by non-binary athletes (.2%), and 451 by mixed gender teams (5.2%). This distribution held up during the big FKT year – 2020 –  where participation in FKTs grew from 698 total FKTs in 2019 to 2836 in 2020 – a 308% increase. 

Still cruising on covid concerns, women set 583 FKTs in 2021 (33.3%), non-binary athletes set 8 (.4%), while men set 1071 (61.28%). But as we entered 2022, we noticed that women continued to set FKTs at the same level, claiming 580 (38.6%) while men claimed just 843 (56%). Non-binary athletes posted 15 (1%). Mixed teams accounted for 82 (5.5%). Opportunities abound for all athletes to claim their own FKTs on the many routes that already exist, to say nothing of new ones they may dream up. 

As always, if you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google.   


Route NameStateDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Posted Non-binary FKT?Best Women's Time
Crestwood Stairs Washington0.2115Yes22 in1h 0m 0s
The Beehive (Acadia NP)Maine0.4467Yes26m 6s
Pinnacle Mountain: W Summit Ascent Arkansas0.6764No
Quarry View High Trail: Out & Back Connecticut0.8180No
Shades State Park 12 Hour Indiana0.8170No
The NoseColorado0.81,163 ftYes1h 7m33s
Bald Mountain (Old Forge): AscentNew York0.9394Yes10m 52s
Kill 'Em Quick California1.01053No
Lickskillet Road Mile Ascent (CO)Colorado1.0750 ftYes10m 29s
Lickskillet Road Mile Descent (CO)Colorado1.0750 ftNo
Manitou Incline Ascent (CO)Colorado1.02,000 ftYes20m 7s
Manitou Incline Ascents in One Year (CO)Colorado1.02,000 ftNo
Tollhouse Traverse California1.0600No
Trinidad Head Loop: Laps in 24 Hours California1.0250No
Mt Pisgah: Ascent North Carolina1.2700No
Mt Sanitas Ascent (Boulder, CO)Colorado1.21,300 ftYes18m 44s
Mt Sanitas Descent (Boulder, CO)Colorado1.21,300 ftYes10m 50s
Pinnacle Mountain: W Summit Out & Back Arkansas1.2708No
Hibbard Trail Connecticut1.396Yes10m 30s
Smith Rock: Super Slab, gate to gate Oregon1.3850No
3 Dunes Challenge Indiana1.4400No
Field Forest Trail Connecticut1.4260Yes17m 14s
Mt SentinelMontana1.51870Yes24m 10s
Pinch-In Hiking Trail: Ascent North Carolina1.51745No
Neahkahnie Mountain Oregon1.5930Yes17m 30s
Bald Mountain And Artist's BluffNew Hampshire1.5564No
Prospect Mountain Trail: AscentNew York1.61504Yes27m 27s
Cable Line Trail Washington1.62080Yes30m 34s
Vroman's Nose Loop Trail: Single New York1.6420Yes15m 24s
Right On Joshua Tree California1.65189No
Scovill Loop Trails Connecticut1.6175Yes24m 26s
Whitestone Cliffs Trail Connecticut1.6486Yes23m 42s
Mt Morrison Ascent (CO)Colorado1.71,900 ftYes29m 16s
Central Park - Lower Loop (open to close)New York1.748No
Mt Garfield Ascent (CO)Colorado1.71,893 ftYes27m 23s
Mt Monadnock White Dot Trail: Ascent New Hampshire1.81660No
Ubehebe Crater (Death Valley NP): Laps in 24 HoursCalifornia1.8475No
Ubehebe Crater (Death Valley NP): One LapCalifornia1.8475Yes15m 58s
Bald Mountain (Old Forge): Up & BackNew York1.8394Yes18m 48s
Mount Beacon - Parking lot to Fire TowerNew York1.81434No
Aries Butte - via Led by Sheep Utah1.91500No
Casino Trail - laps in 12 hoursNew York2.01000No
Glacier Point Yosemite: Ledge Trail Ascent California2.03200No
Green Mtn Ascent (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.02328 ftYes35m 20s
Green Mtn Descent (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.0Yes16m 56s
King's Pinnacle: Ascent North Carolina2.0900No
Kraft Mountain Red Rocks NCA Nevada2.0946Yes28m 57s
TrackRock Climb Georgia2.01020No
Champlain MtnMaine2.11007No
Mt Greylock Thunderbolt Trail: Ascent Massachussetts2.12217Yes29m 8s
Angel's Landing: Ascent Utah2.21518Yes31m 29s
Labyrinth Mountain Washington2.22608Yes1h 25m 4s
Old Furnace Trail Connecticut2.2268Yes23m 11s
Mount Olomana Hawaii2.21500No
Mount Si: Old Ascent Washington2.33350Yes54m 2s
Mammoth Lakes Crystal Crag California2.31252No
Cadillac Mountain: North Ridge AscentMaine2.31100No
Camel's Hump: AscentVermont2.32230Yes49m 36s
Chelan Butte Washington2.32559Yes52m 4s
Mt Pisgah: Up & Back North Carolina2.3700Yes29m 12s
Old Womans MountainAlaska2.31340No
Tahquitz Rock California2.42805No
Elden Lookout TrailArizona2.42206Yes40m 8s
First Flatiron (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.41900Yes41m 6s
Mt Baldhead Stairs Vertical K Michigan2.43381No
Mt Peale Utah2.4No
Second Flatiron (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.41,316 ftNo
Mt Sanitas Roundtrip (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.41,300 ftYes31m 16s
Bear Peak Ascent (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.5Yes41m 56s
Finch Brook Trail: One Loop Connecticut2.5250Yes21m 38s
Horsetooth MtnColorado2.51,500 ftNo
New Peak Red Rock NCA Nevada2.51201No
Peavy's "Peak": 6 Repeats Texas2.5499Yes18m 17s
Trans-MarylandMaryland2.5300Yes24m 21s
Camelback MountainArizona2.61378Yes19m 46s
Fryman Canyon Loop California2.6436No
Mt Tukuhnikivatz Utah2.6No
Pine Knob Loop Connecticut2.6850Yes27m 53s
Epic Blarney Loop Utah2.6444Yes39m 29s
Brasstown Bald: Ascent via Jack's Knob Georgia2.71808No
Mt Major Via Main TrailNew Hampshire2.71000No
Tenaya Peak NW Buttress California2.72272No
Third Flatiron (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.71,500 ftYes48m 31s
The Alpine Slide New Jersey2.81063Yes34m 17s
Prospect Mountain Trail: StandardNew York2.81473Yes41m 22s
Chinese Peak Idaho2.91719Yes27m 30s
Johnson Park New Jersey2.911Yes23m 13s
Mt Cannon New Hampshire2.92088No
Mt Sanitas 1 Lap (MtSanitas - East Ridge - Valley) (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.91,300 ftYes34m 6s
Mt Sanitas 24 hours of laps (Boulder, CO)Colorado2.91,300 ftNo
Myrtle Peak: Ascent Idaho2.91785Yes58m 9s
Celo Knob North Carolina3.02966No
Scotts Gap Loop's 24 hoursKentucky3.0778No
Table Rock Mtn: Red Trail AscentSouth Carolina3.01933Yes46m 35s
Laurel Mountain: NE Gully Ascent California3.14200Yes3h 12m 28s
Looking Glass AscentNorth Carolina3.11509No
The Slab (Flatirons, Boulder, CO)Colorado3.11,300 ftNo
Vroman's Nose Loop Trail: Double New York3.1840Yes36m 25s
Hancock Brook Trail Connecticut3.2459Yes24m 59s
Kashevaroff MountainAlaska3.21929No
Lyon Mountain: AscentNew York3.31783Yes47m 41s
Mt Tamalpais: Ascent California3.32500Yes37m 3s
Mt Washington: Ascent from Pinkham Notch via Lions HeadNew Hampshire3.34254Yes1h 38m43s
Lake Lansing Trail: One Lap Michigan3.441No
Badger Mtn Loop Washington3.4860Yes27m 25s
Barometer Mtn Alaska3.4Yes1h 22m24s
Eagle Mountain Minnesota3.4650No
Newport Cliff Walk: One Way Rhode Island3.428No
Towers Rd, Horsetooth Mtn Park (CO)Colorado3.41,683 ftYes34m 34s
East Portal PointUtah3.55700Yes1h 9m56s
Sleeping Bear Dune Climb (10 Laps) Michigan3.54137No
Bandera Peak Washington3.53000YesYes58m 19s
Flatirons Linkups Trifecta (Boulder, CO)Colorado3.52,500 ftNo
Mt Chocorua New Hampshire3.52360Yes55m 4s
Royal Arches California3.52255No
Stowe Pinnacle Vermont3.51525NoYes
Sunset Peak California3.61233No
Jobs Peak from Carson ValleyCalifornia3.65940Yes4h 58m 43s
Mt Monadnock White Dot Trail: Up & DownNew Hampshire3.61740No
Mt Morrison Out & Back (CO)Colorado3.61,900 ftYes51m 33s
Mt Tammany New Jersey3.61230Yes38m 24s
Nayantaquit Trail Connecticut3.6653Yes52m 7s
Pyramid Peak (CO)Colorado3.64,480 ftNo
Undermountain Trail Connecticut3.61099No
Yosemite Falls Trail: Ascent California3.62700Yes55m 22s
Knife Edge Ascent to North Sandia PeakNew Mexico3.73490No
Mt Bierstadt (CO)Colorado3.72,550 ftYes53m 46s
Mt Belford & Mt Oxford Belford Ascent Only (CO)Colorado3.74,525 ftYes1h 14m 55s
Smith Rock: Round River, gate to gate Oregon3.71006No
Vertical Kilometer Whiteface Mtn New York3.81000No
Lily Mountain (CO)Colorado3.8951 ftYes56m 11s
Beech Trail New York3.8434Yes34m 38s
Mt Washington: Ascent from Pinkham Notch via Tuckerman RavineNew Hampshire3.84150No
University MountainMontana3.93182Yes54m 53s
Baldy Mountain Washington3.91972No
Dune Climb to beach and back Michigan3.9722No
Mt Audubon Ascent from Mitchell Lake (CO)Colorado3.92,700 ftNo
Wheeler Peak: Williams Lake Ascent New Mexico4.02726No
6 Ravine Challenge Shades State Park Indiana4.0700Yes1h 9m 3s
Green Mtn TH to TH (Boulder, CO)Colorado4.02260 ftYes55m 15s
Hargus Lake Loop Ohio4.0321No
King's Pinnacle: Up & DownNorth Carolina4.0900No
Marys Peak: North Ridge AscentOregon4.02250Yes1h 17m18s
Mount Teneriffe Washington4.03800Yes1h 21m7s
Mt Borah: Ascent Idaho4.05300Yes1h 40m32s
Mt Shasta: Ascent California4.06295Yes2h 13m0s
Mt Tallac: Up & Down on SkisCalifornia4.03241No
Queen Victoria SpireArizona4.01900No
South Boulder Peak Ascent (CO)Colorado4.02,900 ftYes56m 15s
The Jay Mountains: AscentNew York4.02745Yes1h 11m41s
Welch & Dickey Loop New Hampshire4.01800Yes49m 38s
Elmore MountainVermont4.01213YesYes1h 1m23s
Bickle Knob Observation Tower West Virginia4.11857Yes1h 5m 17s
Mount Si: AscentWashington4.13300Yes1h 25m36s
Mt. Monadnock Marlboro Trail New Hampshire4.11800No
Custer Peak: Ascent OnlySouth Dakota4.21050No
Mt Hale: From Zealand Rd New Hampshire4.22260Yes1h 46m12s
Sunny Valley Trail: One Way Connecticut4.2350Yes37m 13s
Wheeler Peak: AscentNevada4.22800Yes1h 24m45s
7:30 Mine TrailColorado4.31,335 ftYes58m 36s
Castle Point: Ascent New York4.31800No
Kendrick PeakArizona4.32700No
Mount Sherman - Iowa Gulch TH(CO)Colorado4.32000Yes
Mt Rogers: Ascent from Massie Gap Virginia4.31527Yes1h 3m41s
Palisades Giant StairsNew Jersey4.4900No
Bergen Peak AscentColorado4.42,076 ftNo
Big Schloss-George Washington National ForestVirginia4.41000No
Mt Shavano Ascent (CO)Colorado4.44,500 ftNo
Mt Storm King Washington4.42500Yes1h 18m 49s
Mt Tecumseh New Hampshire4.42186Yes57m 15s
Mt. Scott Oregon4.41500No
Mt Nebo: Ascent Utah4.42636Yes1h 14m33s
Yonah Mountain: Laps in One Year Georgia4.51350No
Mount Sherman - Fourmile Creek TH (CO)Colorado4.51950No
Rainbow Mountain Red Rock Canyon NCA: Any Route Nevada4.52800No
Round Mountain Trail (Loveland, CO)Colorado4.52,749 ftYes1h 9m 23s
Smith Rock: Birds in a Rut, gate to gate Oregon4.51993No
Springfield Trail Pennsylvania4.5602Yes52m 25s
Turtlehead Peak Red Rock Canyon NCANevada4.52040Yes58m 50s
Humphreys Peak AscentArizona4.53270Yes1h 14m17s
Sierra Buttes: Up & Down California4.61533Yes1h 3m13s
Bear Peak Up & Down (Boulder, CO)Colorado4.6No
Glacier Point Yosemite: Four Mile Trail Ascent California4.63200Yes55m 50s
Laramie Peak: AscentWyoming4.62651Yes1h 18m8s
Mt Hale Fireman's Trail New Hampshire4.62200No
Mt Thielsen: AscentOregon4.63650Yes1h 33m52s
Golden Wall-Castle Bridge Loop Utah4.61149Yes58m 16s
Cloudland Canyon West Rim Loop Georgia4.7540Yes50m 56s
Japanese Gulch Loop Washington4.7800Yes49m 58s
Mt. MinsiPennsylvania4.71086Yes48m 23s
Lahaina Pali trailHawaii4.71287No
Flat Rock Trail Colonel Denning State Park Pennsylvania4.71318Yes1h 24m 16s
John B Scott Trail Alabama4.7710
Lost Mine Trail (Big Bend NP)Texas4.71135Yes57m 10s
Mt Elbert Ascent from Halfmoon (CO)Colorado4.74,346 ftYes1h 16m7s
Ruby Dome Nevada4.74865No
Wilson Peak - AscentColorado4.83,700 ftNo
Fortune's Cove Preserve Virginia4.81706Yes1h 20m 50s
Hogsback Hillclimb Oregon4.81800No
La Plata Peak NW Ridge Ascent (CO)Colorado4.84,230 ftYes1h 31m57s
Mailbox Peak: Old Gate, Gate to Summit Washington4.83900Yes1h 2m13s
Majors Mountain (Barstow CA)California4.8600No
Mt McLoughlin: AscentOregon4.83900Yes1h 29m37s
Three Sisters Alaska4.8Yes2h 15m12s
Vertical Kilometer Mt Mansfield Vermont4.83500Yes1h 11m 8s
Mailbox Peak: Old Trail, Gate to Gate Washington4.83900Yes1h 56m40s
Butler Peak California4.91400No
Black Mountain California4.92900Yes1h 10m9s
Camel's Hump: Burrow's Up & Down Vermont4.92230Yes1h 39m22s
Emory Peak: AscentTexas4.92439No
Abrams FallsTennessee5.0625No
Angel's Landing: Round TripUtah5.01525Yes55m 49s
Cannon Cliff / Whitney Gilman Ridge (Tech Climb) New Hampshire5.0600No
Finch Brook Trail: Two Loops Connecticut5.0500Yes46m 16s
Flatirons Linkups Quinfecta (Boulder, CO)Colorado5.04430 ftNo
Little Missouri State Park Outer Loop: One Loop North Dakota5.0900No
Matanuska Peak Alaska5.05573No
Mt Le Conte: Ascent via Alum Cave TH Tennessee5.02500Yes1h 5m59s
Ptarmigan Peak (CO)Colorado5.03,500 ftYes1h 18m54s
Spooky - Peekaboo Canyon Loop Utah5.0600No
Sweetwater Creek State Park White Trail Georgia5.0500Yes1h 1m 0s
Wildcat Hollow Trail: Short Loop Ohio5.0433No
Grizzly Peak Oregon5.02762No
Mt Yale (CO)Colorado5.14,816 ftYes4h 43m13s
Mt Yale East Ridge Ascent (CO)Colorado5.14,816 ftNo
Baboquivari PeakArizona5.13200No
Equinox Mountain Vermont5.12700Yes1h 28m26s
Mt Dana & Mt Gibbs: Dana Only (Yosemite NP)California5.13021Yes1h 44m 30s
Stone Mtn Circumnavigation Georgia5.1256Yes39m 12s
Sugarloaf Mtn Maine5.12400Yes1h 10m24s
TunxisTrails: South, One Way Connecticut5.11178Yes51m 8s
Chatham Marconi Wireless Route Massachussetts5.2125No
First Manassas TrailVirginia5.2430Yes1h 11m12s
Ragged Mountain Connecticut5.21000Yes58m 5s
Romanian Rib Red Rock Canyon NCA Nevada5.21634No
Sleeping Giant State Park Connecticut5.21860Yes1h 11m 26s
Bull Hill Full Loop New York5.31400Yes53m 10s
Key Biscayne 5.25miFlorida5.359Yes41m 30s
Mount Si: Old Car to Car Washington5.33300No
Broad Fork Twin Peak Utah5.35600Yes2h 32m 42s
Cone Peak: Stone Ridge Ascent California5.35200YesYes2h 33m14s
Lillinonah Trail Connecticut5.31207Yes55m 55s
Mt Mitchell: Ascent North Carolina5.33636Yes1h 30m22s
Timber Top California5.32503No
South Sister: AscentOregon5.44727Yes1h 54m22s
Bison Trail aka Dog Run Hollow Oklahoma5.4430Yes1h 12m 56s
Cascade & Porter Mtns New York5.42400Yes1h 14m 41s
Hunter Mountain Loop (Becker Hollow TH)New York5.42110Yes1h 18m 43s
Mescalito Red Rock Canyon: Direct TH-TH Nevada5.41779No
Powell Point: Ascent Utah5.42056Yes
Diamond Peak Idaho5.43973No
McClellan Butte: Ascent Washington5.43737Yes1h 58m12s
Merrill Creek Loop New Jersey5.5290Yes48m 59s
Broken Top: AscentOregon5.53580Yes2h 11m 17s
Castle Dome (Castle Crags SP)California5.52356No
Chickasaw Recreation Area Big Loop Tennessee5.5750No
Kennesaw Mountain Park: Red Route Georgia5.51052Yes1h 1m 18s
Mt Hoffmann California5.51939Yes1h 24m26s
Sourland Mountain Loop New Jersey5.5625Yes51m 39s
Sunapee Resort Loop New Hampshire5.51600No
Turkey Run State Park 5 Mile Challenge Indiana5.5600Yes3h 56m 48s

Section 16 Loop (CO)
Colorado5.61,255 ftYesYes44m 52s
Forest Park Loop Challenge Missouri5.6159No
Bell Mountain PowerlinePennsylvania5.61771No
Highwood BaldyMontana5.63026No
Hurricane Mountain New York5.61900Yes1h 4m 31s
Mount Scott Roadway Oklahoma5.61000No
Star Peak Nevada5.63750Yes2h 25m41s
Myrtle Peak: Up & DownIdaho5.71785Yes1h 41m11s
Toonerville Rail Trail Vermont5.7141No
Blackett's RidgeArizona5.71500Yes58m 2s
Mt Kineo State Park Loop Maine5.71596No
The FlatironArizona5.73009Yes1h 41m47s
Garden of the Gods (CO)Colorado5.7260 mYes52m 27s
Ross PeakMontana5.82400No
Chadron State Park Loop Nebraska5.8650Yes55m 33s
Mount Kearsarge NorthNew Hampshire5.82542No
Mt Defiance: AscentOregon5.85000Yes1h 42m8s
Reservoir Trail Middlesex Fells Massachussetts5.8560Yes1h 0m 4s
West Portal Point Utah5.91473Yes1h 3m55s
Cooper Kill Trail: One Way New York5.91000Yes1h 0m 47s
Crowders Mtn: Crowders Only, TH to TH North Carolina5.9751No
Milford Trail Michigan5.9400Yes
Table Rock Mtn: Red Trail Up & BackSouth Carolina5.91972No
Eagle Creek Tunnel FallsOregon5.91100YesYes2h 0m 45s
Escudilla MountainArizona6.01411Yes1h 6m28s
Lyon Mountain: StandardNew York6.01783Yes1h 21m45s
Allatoona Creek Park: Driftwood Georgia6.0230No
Brasstown Bald: Ascent via Arkaquah Georgia6.03616Yes1h 26m59s
Buck Mountain from Lake GeorgeNew York6.01959Yes1h 15m 27s
Hidden Canyon Loop Red Rocks Canyon NCA Nevada6.02425No
Hyndman Peak: Ascent Idaho6.05000No
Limekiln LoopMontana6.01600Yes1h 12m51s
Maunakea: Ascent from Visitor Center Hawaii6.04800Yes3h 20m 6s
Naugatuck Trail: One Way w/Beacon CapConnecticut6.0608Yes51m 4s
Tour de Abyss (CO)Colorado6.02,900 ftYes3h 19m30s
Trinity University to Blue Star Brewery Texas6.0112No
Zoar Trail Connecticut6.01370Yes1h 0m56s
Lake Union LoopWashington6.0177Yes39m 31s
Cascade LakeNew York6.1377Yes57m 18s
Itasca Trail: One Way Minnesota6.1200No
Lower to Upper Baughman Trail: Out & Back (Uphill First)Pennsylvania6.11164Yes1h 4m 5s
Maryhill Stonehenge Washington6.1Yes90 in59m 57s
Mission Peak California6.12088Yes56m 27s
Mount Diablo: Mitchell Canyon Ascent California6.14000Yes1h 11m49s
Mt Sterling Baxter Creek Trail: Ascent North Carolina6.14156Yes1h 25m 33s
Oyster Dome Washington6.12000Yes1h 7m14s
Slide MountainNew York6.11782Yes1h 10m28s
St John Crossing (Virgin Islands)US Virgin Island6.11565Yes1h 13m 12s
Trail of PayneFlorida6.1247No
Battell TrailVermont6.12462No1h 31m44s
Central Park Loop Challenge New York6.2298Yes10 in11h 53m 18s
Ding - Dang Canyons Utah6.2700Yes1h 6m3s
Gass Peak Nevada6.22218No
Upper Canyon Edge to McCune Trail LollipopPennsylvania6.2796Yes1h 2m 26s
Vineyard Mountain Eagle Scout Trail System Georgia6.21500Yes1h 17m 20s
Mt Flora (CO)Colorado6.21,680 ftYes1h 7m27s
Mt Rogers: Ascent from Laurel Valley RdVirginia6.22100No
Beaverdam South Loop North Carolina6.3676No
Cosmic Wall Mt Hubris California6.33180No
Dog Mountain Washington6.32782Yes1h 9m29s
Dry BrookRidge/German Hollow/Arkville 10KNew York6.31700No
Emma Carlin Green Loop Wisconsin6.3439No
Franklin Mountain: AscentTexas6.32683Yes1h 30m 14s
Huron Peak (CO)Colorado6.33,500 ftNo
Macedonia Brook Trail: One Loop Connecticut6.31800Yes1h 13m 43s
Mt Adams: South Climb Ascent Washington6.36670Yes2h 23m47s
Mt Rosa (CO)Colorado6.34,000 ftNo
Salmon River Trail Connecticut6.31050Yes57m 50s
Three Fingered Jack: Ascent from Santiam PassOregon6.33940Yes1h 54m 23s
TunxisTrails: Orange Yellow Figure 8 Connecticut6.3746Yes56m 18s
Ragged Mountain Trail Virginia6.31076No
Caribou MountainMaine6.42009No
Manatee Springs LoopFlorida6.47No
Castle Peak (CO)Colorado6.44,600 ftNo
Mount BachelorOregon6.42664No
Mt Hale: Via Fireman's Trail New Hampshire6.42200No
BearPen and Vly New York6.52190Yes1h 40m0s
Mount Agamenticus 3 Peaks Maine6.51200Yes1h 11m 23s
Mount Olympus Utah6.54100Yes1h 47m29s
Mt Baldy: Bear Canyon Ascent California6.55806Yes2h 2m6s
Y Mountain Trail Utah6.53175No
Teewinot Mountain, East FaceWyoming6.55930Yes3h 9m 8s
Bendix Woods Mtn Bike Trail Indiana6.6219No
Cathedral Peak - Eichorn Pinnacle Loop California6.62745No
Greyrock Mtn (CO)Colorado6.62,300 ftNo
Higby 3 PeaksConnecticut6.61370No
Jones Peak California6.62450No
Mt Hood: Southside car to carOregon6.65364Yes3h 23m49s
Mt Hood: Southside car to car on skisOregon6.65364No
Regicides Trail: One Way Connecticut6.61114Yes1h 8m 24s
Wachusett Mtn: Standard Loop Massachussetts6.61660Yes1h 39m58s
Yosemite Falls Trail: TH to TH California6.63051Yes1h 36m 34s
Castle/Medicine Root Lollipop South Dakota6.7195Yes1h 3m 50s
Everett Covered Bridge Double Loop Ohio6.7850Yes1h 23m 22s
Mt Wilson: AscentCalifornia6.74662Yes1h 6m25s
Old Speck Mtn Maine6.72638Yes1h 51m14s
Peak 1 (CO)Colorado6.73,600 ftYes2h 7m32s
Wilder Ranch Coastal Obstacle Course California6.7250No
Crystal Valley Trail (CO)Colorado6.742 ftNo
Fulton Chain Trifecta New York6.81650Yes1h 36m 32s
Golden Canyon - Zabriskie Point - Gower Gulch Loop California6.81100No
Black Elk Peak: Car to Car South Dakota6.81472Yes1h 0m12s
Newport Cliff Walk: Out & Back Rhode Island6.856Yes1h 28m58s
Quandary Peak (CO)Colorado6.83,397 ftYes1h 37m15s
Cottonwood Trail North Dakota6.91200No
James Peak AscentColorado6.93,900 ftNo
Mt Marcy: Ascent New York6.93110Yes1h 27m6s
Mt Osceola & East Osceola New Hampshire6.93140YesYes2h 2m 48s
Mt Waumbek New Hampshire6.92700Yes1h 27m0s
Shingobee Connection Trail: One Way Minnesota6.9380No
Black Elk Peak: Loop South Dakota7.01453No
Longs Peak Ascent of standard (CO)Colorado7.05,140 ftNo
Mescalito Red Rock Canyon: Cat In The Hat TH Nevada7.01779No
Observation Point Zion National Park Utah7.02300No
Cockaponset Trail: One Way Connecticut7.1328Yes1h 14m 25s
Devil's Playground LoopArizona7.1450Yes1h 5m58s
Lincoln, Democrat & Bross (CO)Colorado7.13,390 ftYes1h 50m 50s
Mount Constitution and Little Summit Washington7.11881No
Ramona FallsOregon7.11066Yes1h 41m 20s
Skyline Trail Middlesex Fells Massachussetts7.11066Yes1h 5m 13s
Twin Sisters West Summit (CO)Colorado7.12,400 ftYes1h 27m 30s
Cat Thomas LoopNew York7.11621Yes1h 29m40s
Mount GlennArizona7.23002No
Black Forest Regional Park Loop (CO)Colorado7.2920 ftYes1h 0m 25s
Mt Antero Up & Down (CO)Colorado7.24,413 ftNo3h 40m58s
Mt Washington: RT from Pinkham Notch via Lions HeadNew Hampshire7.24600Yes2h 23m19s
Mt Washington: RT on Skis from Pinkham Notch via Lions HeadNew Hampshire7.24300No
Mt. EmersonCalifornia7.24000No
Red Basin Clam Beds LoopArizona7.2200No
Wheeler Peak: Bull of the Woods Ascent New Mexico7.23702Yes1h 56m1s
North Shore Channel Trail: One Way Illinois7.252No
Haley Farm/Bluff Point Loop Connecticut7.2232Yes55m 24s
Lucky Jim Bluff Washington7.23146No
Geode Lake Trail: One Lap Iowa7.2605No
Medicine Bow Peak LoopWyoming7.31703No
Jenny Lane Peterskill LoopNew York7.31300No
Canada Goose Hiking Trail North Dakota7.4400No
Corkscrew Peak (Death Valley NP CA)California7.43200Yes1h 50m 4s
Frenchman Mtn Nevada7.42162Yes52m 35s
Mount Si: Car to Car Washington7.43300No
Mt Katahdin: Abol Trail, Car to Car Maine7.43840Yes2h 28m13s
Mt Sneffels (CO)Colorado7.43,173 ftYes3h 0m40s
Rainbow Mountain Red Rock Canyon NCA: Solar Slab Nevada7.42800No
Roaring Brook Trail: One WayNew York7.41600Yes1h 32m30s
Toro Park "1800" Trail California7.41613Yes1h 25m34s
Old Rag Mtn: Standard Virginia7.42585Yes1h 27m58s
North Table Mountain Loop (CO)Colorado7.51,013 ftYes54m 35s
Fairyland Loop Bryce Canyon NP Utah7.51726Yes1h 6m 57s
Big Slide Mountain New York7.53300Yes1h 40m33s
Emigrant PeakMontana7.54800Yes2h 21m38s
Notch Peak Utah7.63465No
Feather Falls Loop California7.61650Yes1h 33m 19s
Sand Lakes Quiet Area Pathway Michigan7.6495Yes
Baptist Draw - Chute Canyon Loop Utah7.62300No
Clingman's Dome Appalachian Trail: AscentTennessee7.61500Yes1h 54m 41s
Mailbox Peak: Up Old Trail, Down New Trail, Gate to GateWashington7.63900Yes1h 52m11s
Medicine Lake Loop Minnesota7.6482Yes1h 13m29s
Rainbow Cirque Red Rocks NCA Nevada7.64500No
Table Mountain: West Face Round TripWyoming7.64054No
Atlantic & Pacific Peaks Loop (CO)Colorado7.63,532 ftNo
North Shore Bike Path: One Way Illinois7.7148No
Blanca Peak (CO)Colorado7.76,400 ftYes2h 26m14s
Ice Age Trail: Lapham Peak SegmentWisconsin7.7500No
Oak Leaf Trail Lake Loop Wisconsin7.7150Yes1h 15m 10s
Sam Houston Jones State Park LoopLouisiana7.7403No
Sterling Forest LoopNew York7.71500No
Stevens Trail California7.71146Yes1h 17m39s
Wilkinson Memorial Trail: One Way New York7.72600Yes2h 2m 59s
Darlington Trail - Western Terminus to Eastern TerminusPennsylvania7.7817No
Oak Leaf Trail Oak Creek Line Wisconsin7.7150Yes1h 28m 0s
Pointy Knob Loop West Virginia7.7689No
Calico Ridge Traverse Nevada7.83000Yes4h 5m 56s
Cascade Valley Forge the Gorge Ohio7.8597Yes2h 1m 25s
Walkabout Trail Orange Loop Rhode Island7.8477Yes1h 17m 43s
Castle Point: Up & DownNew York7.81800No
Hankinson Hills Loop North Dakota7.8430No
La Luz Trail New Mexico7.83344Yes1h 42m47s
Mt Borah: Car to CarIdaho7.85348Yes1h 40m32s
Sam Houston North Wilderness Loop Texas7.8297No
Table Rock Mtn: Ascent from Wolf Pit North Carolina7.82136No
Franconia Ridge Loop New Hampshire7.83420Yes1h 50m35s
Milwaukee River Greenway Wisconsin7.8272Yes1h 20m 28s
Clive Greenbelt Iowa7.8264No
Devil’s Garden Arches NP Utah7.9900Yes1h 9m0s
Sugarloaf Northern Peaks + Summit LoopMaryland7.91923Yes2h 21m 10s
He Devil & She Devil Idaho7.94467No
Peavine Peak Nevada7.92761Yes1h 17m45s
Guana Tolomato Mantanzas Trail LoopFlorida8.053No
Chief Joseph Mountain from Hurricane CreekOregon8.04500Yes5h 36m 54s
Delaware Lowest to Highest Delaware8.0670No
Four Peaks Mother LodeArizona8.0No
Grays & Torreys Kelso Lollipop from Stevens Gulch (CO)Colorado8.0No
Grays & Torreys Standard Lollipop from Bakerville (CO)Colorado8.04,400 ftYes1h 26m55s
James PeakColorado8.02,949 ftNo
Kiwanis Trail Michigan8.0108Yes
La Plata Peak - Traverse Southwest Ridge to Northwest Ridge (CO)Colorado8.03,648 ftNo
Long Island Circumnavigation Maine8.0500Yes3h 57m 27s
Mount Hope A (CO)Colorado8.04,200 ftNo
Mountain Lakes Loop Trail Oregon8.01763Yes1h 55m 11s
Sauganash / Valley Line Trail / Skokie Valley Trail Illinois8.080Yes1h 11m 3s
South Boulder Peak (CO)Colorado8.02,900 ftNo
Wildcat Rock TrailNorth Carolina8.02100No
The Jay Mountains: StandardNew York8.12745Yes2h 14m54s
Big Bull Creek "Loop"Kansas8.1423Yes1h 6m 58s
Skyline Trail - Beavers Bend Oklahoma8.12121No
Springfield Reservoir Circumnavigation Vermont8.1620No
Mt Dana & Mt Gibbs (Yosemite NP)California8.24387Yes3h 58m 43s
Franklin Mountains Ridgeline Traverse Texas8.24262NoYes
Guana Timucuan & South Point Loop Trail Florida8.245Yes1h 10m 46s
Highland Forest M Loop New York8.21270Yes1h 15m 59s
Iron Trail: Blue Blaze Out & BackConnecticut8.21530Yes1h 20m2s
Little Wild Horse - Bell Canyons Utah8.2750Yes1h 15m 4s
Mt Katahdin: Helon Trail, Car to Car Maine8.24518No
Mt Monadnock Pumpelly Trail New Hampshire8.21936Yes1h 37m 55s
Mulholland Drive: One WayCalifornia8.2680No
Alta-Brighton Loop Utah8.32535Yes1h 33m 15s
Guadalupe Peak: TH to TH Texas8.33182Yes1h 37m39s
Mount Diablo: Morgan Territory Rd California8.34583Yes1h 51m53s
Notchtop Mountain, Spiral Route (CO)Colorado8.34,125 ftNo
Peak 8 (CO)Colorado8.43,317 mNo
Custer Peak: Up & Down South Dakota8.41050Yes1h 20m23s
Grand Portage Trail: One Way Minnesota8.41119No
San Jacinto Peak: Snow Creek AscentCalifornia8.410992No
Sunny Valley Trail: Out & Back Connecticut8.41500Yes1h 16m 39s
Syncline Loop Utah8.44238Yes1h 36m57s
First Landing SP- Long Creek & Cape Henry LoopVirginia8.5302No
Green Mountain Up and OverOregon8.52100No
Little Wildhorse Lakes Loop Oregon8.52753Yes3h 17m 2s
Mt Washington: Ascent from Big LakeOregon8.53255No
Mt Wilson Red Rock Canyon NCA: Oak CreekNevada8.53770No
Norway Trail: One Way Minnesota8.5800No
Pomperaug Trail: Out & Back Connecticut8.51997Yes1h 31m 47s
Scenic State Park Loop Minnesota8.5470No
Shriner Peak Mt Rainier Nat'l Park Washington8.53434Yes2h 3m 58s
Granite Mountain Washington8.63800Yes1h 51m53s
Lone Pine Peak (Full Northeast + North Ridge 5.6)California8.67300No
Pleasant Creek Loop: One Lap Iowa8.6690No
Summerlin Peak Mt Woody Gottlieb Peak Nevada8.63698No
Badger Mountain Skyline Washington8.61588Yes1h 15m3s
Chain of Lakes Bike Path: One Way Illinois8.6231Yes1h 18m 13s
Fort Ransom State Park Loop North Dakota8.7800No
Iron Spring TrailMontana8.7600No
Mt St Helens: Monitor Ridge AscentWashington8.74790Yes1h 36m35s
El Moro Canyon Loop California8.71288No
Montaña de Oro Whale Loop California8.81302Yes1h 6m 14s
Ozette Triangle TrailWashington8.8618Yes1h 46m34s
Old Rag Mountain: New THVirginia8.82700Yes2h 6m 33s
Blue Heron Trail Massachussetts8.8253Yes1h 14m39s
Every Trail in Cromwell Valley ParkMaryland8.81437Yes2h 5m 33s
Eye of Heaven Arch Utah8.82259No
Mt Hancock Loop New Hampshire8.82640Yes2h 0m16s
Sugarland Run Stream Valley TrailVirginia8.9254Yes1h 37m 53s
Chiricahua National Monument Big LoopArizona8.91985Yes2h 38m 6s
Granite Peak Trail Trinity Alps Wilderness California8.94275Yes
Mt. Conness: West Ridge - North Ridge California8.94116No
Paint Creek Trail: One Way Michigan8.9129Yes
Androscoggin Riverlands State Park: One Way Maine9.01100Yes1h 40m 7s
Arcadia Mt Tom Trail Rhode Island9.0800Yes1h 20m 42s
Bighorn Peak: AscentWyoming9.04800No
Byers Peak (CO)Colorado9.02,900 ftNo
DTE Energy Foundation Trail: Green Lake & Big Kame Michigan9.0500Yes
Moat Mountain Traverse: One Way New Hampshire9.03180Yes2h 2m4s
Mount Silverheels (CO)Colorado9.03,500 ftNo
Mt Mansfield Vermont9.03000No
Mt Shavano Up & Down (CO)Colorado9.04,500 ftYes3h 11m14s
Mt. Stone Washington9.05300Yes5h 10m1s
North Maroon, Maroon Bells & Pyramid (CO)Colorado9.04,574 ftNo
Pfeifferhorn Utah9.03800Yes2h 14m21s
Ruby Creek Traverse (CO)Colorado9.05,223 ftNo
Sandia Knife's Edge of the Shield – Chimney Canyon VariationNew Mexico9.04131No
Twin Sisters Traverse Washington9.05100No
Wheeler Peak: Up & DownNevada9.02800Yes2h 21m58s
Mount Perry California9.02500Yes1h 55m39s
San Gorgonio Mountain: Ascent via Vivian Creek California9.05418Yes2h 43m 56s
Mt CabotNew Hampshire9.12828Yes2h 4m 24s
West Mountain Utah9.12814Yes2h 32m36s
Warner Peak Oregon9.12213Yes2h 30m 18s
Baldface Circle Trail Maine9.13600Yes2h 12m 53s
Flume Liberty Loop New Hampshire9.13700Yes2h 9m26s
Glacier Point Yosemite: Up Ledge Down Four MileCalifornia9.13540No
Pitchoff Mountain New York9.14319Yes2h 18m53s
South Kinsman Mtn New Hampshire9.13178No
Timm's Hill National Trail: Uphill Wisconsin9.11200No
Whiteface & Esther New York9.13589Yes2h 2m27s
Union Transportation Trail New Jersey9.2380No
East Spanish PeakColorado9.23,202 ftYes3h 4m 41s
EPCAL Alternative Transportation Path New York9.2125No
Handies PkColorado9.25,000 ftYes2h 20m18s
Mason Tract Pathway: One Way Michigan9.2311No
Mt Katahdin: Hunt Trail, Car to Car Maine9.24242No
Mt Wilson Red Rock Canyon NCA: First Creek Canyon Nevada9.23770No
Saddle PeakMontana9.23747Yes2h 11m27s
Yosemite Falls Trail: Valley Escape (TH to Tioga Rd) California9.24892Yes2h 25m43s
Green Bay Trail: One Way Illinois9.334Yes1h 36m1s
Mt Tallac: Up & Down California9.33241Yes1h 59m 49s
Miles Knob Loop Maine9.32720Yes1h 59m16s
Mt Carrigain New Hampshire9.33100Yes2h 26m50s
Mt Elbert Round Trip from Halfmoon (CO)Colorado9.34,469 ftYes2h 16m58s
Mt Nebo: Car to Car Utah9.33273Yes2h 4m39s
Mt St Helens: Round Trip TH, Summit, TH Washington9.34803Yes2h 39m39s
Mt Thielsen: Up & Down Oregon9.33711Yes2h 36m29s
Nordic Trail Blue Loop Kettle Moraine State Forest Wisconsin9.3606No
Lookout Road (Golden, CO)Colorado9.31,284 ftYes1h 5m8s
Mount KimballArizona9.44240No
Virgin River Narrows (Zion NP): Big Spring & BackUtah9.4637No
Mill Creek to Point Lookout LoopNorth Carolina9.4982No
Bergen Peak Up & DownColorado9.42,076 ftYes1h 34m55s
Kinport Peak Idaho9.42838No
Triple Rainbow Loop Nevada9.43700No
Lake Hefner Loop Oklahoma9.530No
Photographers PointWyoming9.51120No
3x Green Mtn. - High Watch Preserve New Hampshire9.53755Yes2h 9m 3s
Big Craggy - West Craggy Loop Washington9.55800Yes8h 42m 21s
Breakheart Trail Rhode Island9.5840Yes1h 41m 37s
Crowders Mtn: Crowders & Pinnacle, TH to TH North Carolina9.51900Yes2h 20m21s
Emory Peak: Out & Back Texas9.52500Yes2h 23m14s
San Jacinto Peak: Skyline Trail Ascent California9.57904Yes2h 51m26s
Sherman Branch Nature Preserve North Carolina9.5560Yes2h 1m 46s
Soldier Creek - Trooper Trail Nebraska9.6643Yes1h 41m 15s
Jacob's Branch LoopNorth Carolina9.62493No
San Gorgonio Mountain: Ascent via South Fork California9.64595Yes2h 53m 23s
Skokie Valley Trail: One WayIllinois9.667Yes1h 36m 34s
Anthony's Nose New York9.62500Yes2h 2m22s
Billy Goat - C&O LoopMaryland9.61582Yes1h 52m34s
Cat Mountain Trail New York9.6974Yes1h 39m 28s
Custis Trail Virginia9.6696Yes1h 25m21s
Harquahala MountainArizona9.63414Yes2h 10m 42s
Hunter Mtn Loop (Hunter Mountain TH) New York9.62218Yes2h 3m24s
Lone Eagle Peak Solo Flight Ascent Only (CO)Colorado9.6No
Mailbox Peak: New Trail, Gate to Gate Washington9.63900Yes1h 57m33s
Pinchin-Linville River-Conley Cove-Rock Jock Loop North Carolina9.62600No
Mattabesett - Lone Pine Loop Connecticut9.61729Yes1h 41m 35s
East Weaver Campground Loop 5 6 California9.71414Yes1h 36m 55s
Mount Falcon Parking to Parmelee Loop (CO)Colorado9.72,685 ftYes1h 33m 26s
Las Trampas Ridge: One WayCalifornia9.72541Yes1h 31m 8s
Paul Henry - Thornapple Trail: One Way Michigan9.7194Yes
Garland Traverse California9.83807No
El Capitan : Nose AscentCalifornia9.84600No
Laramie Peak: Up & DownWyoming9.92814Yes2h 12m2s
Camel's Hump: Bamforth Ridge/Long Trail Ascent Vermont9.91857No
Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge: One Way New York9.94860Yes2h 28m 41s
Humphreys Peak: Car to CarArizona9.93318Yes2h 16m21s
Mountains-to-Sea/Powhatan Loop North Carolina9.91274Yes1h 22m 29s
Jake Mountain Loop Georgia9.91050Yes1h 36m6s
Tray Mountain from Unicoi Gap Georgia9.93000No
Tenaya Matthes Cathedral Traverse: P-P, Tenaya to TuolumneCalifornia9.95115No
Stonetown Circular New Jersey10.02539Yes2h 4m 24s
Amabilis Mtn Washington10.02037Yes1h 23m10s
Bald Mountain A Colorado10.03,080 ftNo
Flatirons Linkups Double Quinfecta (Boulder, CO)Colorado10.08,800 ftNo
Griffith Peak Nevada10.03527Yes1h 52m27s
Herriman Lake Trails Loop Minnesota10.01000No
Little Missouri State Park Outer Loop: Two Loops North Dakota10.01800No
Longs Peak Car to car any route(CO)Colorado10.05,500 ftYes2h 42m33s
Longs Peak Kieners Route (CO)Colorado10.05,500 ftNo
LQ Cove West Ridge Scrambler California10.05500No
McClellan Butte: Up & Down Washington10.03737Yes2h 46m47s
Mount Russell California10.05800No
Mt Baldy: Loop California10.03816Yes2h 3m3s
Mt Whitney: Mountaineer's Route Car to Car California10.06120Yes4h 16m37s
Powers Peak California10.03000Yes2h 40m3s
Rush Creek Regional Trail: One Way Minnesota10.0200Yes1h 36m 53s
SmURPL: OpenOregon10.03500Yes2h 45m 44s
SmURPL: SELLOregon10.03500No
Sullivan Canyon Loop California10.01700Yes1h 20m 1s
Town Lake Loop Challenge: Most Laps in 24 HoursTexas10.0180No
Lady Bird Lake LoopTexas10.0176Yes1h 26m43s
Big Rock Ridge: One Way California10.12600Yes1h 33m11s
10 Seconds FlatColorado10.18,010 ftNo
Fall River Rd (RMNP, CO)Colorado10.23,100 ftYes1h 40m3s
Naugatuck Trail: Out & Back Connecticut10.21682Yes1h 48m 51s
Wachusett Mtn: Infinity Loop Massachussetts10.22407No
Whispering Pines Trail Missouri10.2690No
Sammamish River Trail: One Way Washington10.277Yes1h 32m 31s
Lake Carroll Loop Illinois10.3978No
Cadillac Pathway "Double Loop" Trail Michigan10.3935No
Cutler Coast Loop Maine10.31385No
Larch Mountain: Ascent Washington10.33507No
Mount Zealand New Hampshire10.32536Yes2h 43m 41s
West Side Trail Maine10.3542Yes1h 17m30s
South Mountain Loop via Bursera TrailheadArizona10.32608No
Blue Ridge Horse Trail Missouri10.4700No
Canal Loop TrailKentucky10.4960Yes2h 13m22s
Montgomery Bell Trail Tennessee10.41100No
Mount Rose: Ascent Nevada10.42200Yes56m 16s
Mount Rose: Up & Down Nevada10.42200Yes1h 40m59s
Mt Belford & Mt Oxford car to car (CO)Colorado10.45,666 ftNo
Mt St Helens: Worm Flows AscentWashington10.45600No
Mt Whitney: Trail Ascent California10.46120Yes2h 46m53s
Three Lakes Trail Indiana10.41283Yes1h 45m25s
Quebec Run Outer Loop Pennsylvania10.41883Yes1h 54m 38s
Blackwater Canyon TrailWest Virginia10.51200Yes4h 48m18s
Eldorado Peak Washington10.57000Yes4h 31m44s
Linear Park Perimeter Michigan10.5311No
Murphy Loop Canyonlands Utah10.51731Yes1h 29m 40s
Newport Beach Back Bay Trail California10.5364No
Schunemunk Ridge Loop New York10.53205Yes2h 46m 31s
South Lakes Peaks TraverseCalifornia10.55500No
Warner Parks Red White & Blue: 1 Repeat Tennessee10.51764Yes1h 41m 23s
19E to Hump Mountain (Appalachian Trail)Tennessee10.52697No
Cloud Peak: AscentWyoming10.64860No
Coyote Ridge Loop (CO)Colorado10.61,860 ftYes1h 44m35s
Forest Park Nasties: North NastyOregon10.61002Yes1h 28m 6s
La Plata Peak Ellingwood Ridge TH to TH (CO)Colorado10.65,353 ftYes4h 47m14s
Mt Shavano - Tab:TH-to-TH (CO)Colorado10.65,000 ftNo
Pike Run Trail Missouri10.61500No
Pine Knob - Whitetail Trail Pennsylvania10.62530Yes1h 57m 15s
Lumpy Ridge Loop (CO)Colorado10.6730 mYes1h 40m28s
Saddleback Mountain Maine10.72815Yes3h 46m41s
Box Elder Peak: Up & Down Utah10.74300Yes2h 46m39s
Cape Fear River TrailNorth Carolina10.7531No
Mt Katahdin: Katahdin Cirque Maine10.74734Yes5h 23m31s
Mt Shasta: RT from Bunny Flat on Skis California10.77602No
Pacific Palisades - Tarzana: One Way California10.72221No
Shining Sea Bikeway Massachussetts10.7150No
Volunteer Trail at Long Hunter State ParkTennessee10.7955No
Big Frog Mtn: Out & Back Tennessee10.72119Yes1h 52m13s
Tripyramid Slide Loop New Hampshire10.72927Yes2h 21m 23s
Krag Peak Traverse Oregon10.84888No
Cincinnati Nature Center Perimeter Ohio10.81138Yes1h 34m 18s
Kings Mt - Elk Mt Loop Oregon10.83700Yes2h 24m3s
Kings Mt - Elk Mt Loop: Double LoopOregon10.83700Yes6h 44m 44s
Knoxville Urban Wilderness South Loop Tennessee10.81000Yes1h 36m 12s
Mammoth Crest - Duck Pass California10.82921Yes2h 30m 38s
Mt Le Conte: Round Trip via Alum Cave TH Tennessee10.82900Yes2h 6m32s
Powell Point: Round Trip Utah10.82621Yes
Richard Martin Trail Alabama10.8216Yes1h 37m 47s
Plymouth Mountain & Bill Couch Mountain (CO)Colorado10.82,112 ftYes1h 42m 8s
Canyons Trail, Curt Gowdy State ParkWyoming10.91017Yes1h 47m 24s
Marston Trail LoopMaine10.93641Yes4h 56m 56s
Baylor Canyon Pass Trail New Mexico10.92300Yes3h 8m 29s
Kaleetan Peak: Ascent Washington10.94100Yes3h 6m17s
Kaleetan Peak: Up & Down Washington10.94100Yes3h 6m17s
Mt Mitchell: Out & BackNorth Carolina10.93678Yes2h 32m37s
Rutland State Park and Barre Falls Loop Massachussetts10.9690Yes1h 36m 33s
Candlelight Peak TraverseCalifornia11.04357No
Cardigan Mtn State Park Loop New Hampshire11.03335Yes2h 23m 45s
Chief Illini Trail: One Way Illinois11.015No
Fat Man's Misery Slot Canyon Loops: West Fork Utah11.02500No
Green Lakes Perimeter New York11.01282Yes1h 37m 41s
Iron Trail: Stone Mountain Out & BackConnecticut11.01860Yes2h 33m36s
Kettle Moraine State Forest John Muir Blue Loop Wisconsin11.0800Yes1h 38m 27s
Lake Lurleen Loop Alabama11.01152Yes1h 50m 29s
Mt Holy Cross - North Ridge Out & Back (CO)Colorado11.05,500 ftYes3h 17m19s
Norwalk River Valley Trail Connecticut11.0450Yes1h 22m 24s
Peaks of Otter Virginia11.04000Yes1h 59m14s
Shaupeneak Ridge - Every Trail New York11.01800Yes2h 22m 54s
Sycamore Rim TrailArizona11.01100No
Whiteface - Passaconaway Loop New Hampshire11.03900Yes2h 29m 25s
Wildcat Canyon Loop Trail California11.01584Yes1h 30m 15s
Hook Mountain Full Loop New York11.12010Yes2h 7m 12s
South Sandia Peak New Mexico11.13678No
Deer Mountain TraverseAlaska11.15330No
Grand Circle Red Rock Canyon NCA Nevada11.11570No
Lone Pine Peak California11.15056No
Saugatuck Trail: One Way Connecticut11.12100Yes1h 53m 50s
Cuyahoga Valley NP: Brandywine Boston Jaite Red Lock Valley Bridal Loop Ohio11.21424Yes4h 10m 5s
El Cajon Mountain California11.23714Yes1h 56m38s
Notch Trail Hudson Highlands New York11.22730Yes2h 33m 2s
Sleepy Hollow Trail Michigan11.2797Yes
Conotton Creek Trail Ohio11.2272No
Mt Washington: Up & Down from PCTOregon11.33290Yes5h 18m 16s
Abernathy Peak Washington11.35300Yes6h 41m24s
Buckhorn Trail North Dakota11.31100No
Camel's Hump: Bamforth Ridge/Long Trail Up & Down Vermont11.34672Yes4h 52m52s
Charons Garden 6 Peaks Oklahoma11.34000No
Coosa Backcountry Loop Trail Georgia11.33494Yes2h 14m 35s
Freel Peak - Jobs Peak Loop California11.33850Yes2h 24m 54s
JFK - LGA New York11.3225No
Mt Isolation New Hampshire11.34950Yes3h 49m29s
Red Rocks - Dakota Ridge Loop (CO)Colorado11.32,350 ftYes1h 51m 4s
Black Mountain Crest Trail: AscentNorth Carolina11.33518Yes3h 19m 0s
American Fork Twin East Utah11.44229No
Bear Creek Spire: NE Ridge, Car to Car California11.43512No
Middle Fork National Recreation Trail California11.42330No
Timothy Lake Loop Oregon11.41569No
Bobcat RidgeColorado11.41,686 ftYes2h 21m46s
Adirondacks: Mt Colden Trap Dike New York11.43273Yes3h 32m 49s
Cannon and Kinsmans Loop New Hampshire11.54865Yes4h 19m 38s
All of Powell ButteOregon11.51000Yes3h 1m18s
Black Peak: Ascent Washington11.55000
Black Peak: Up & DownWashington11.55000
Blodgett Peak LoopColorado11.53,700 ftNo
Box Elder Peak: Loop Utah11.55197Yes3h 10m55s
Gearhart Mountain Oregon11.52772No
Grays & Torreys From Loveland Pass Out & Back (CO)Colorado11.56,300 ftYes3h 50m7s
Sandsage Bison RangeKansas11.5268No
South Sister: RoundtripOregon11.54698Yes3h 5m43s
Surveyor's Ridge Trail: One WayOregon11.51600Yes1h 59m 39s
Bell Mountain Loop Trail Missouri11.61683Yes3h 1m 24s
Blackhead Range New York11.64640Yes3h 21m7s
Breakneck Ridge Hudson Highlands New York11.64740Yes3h 33m 34s
Bridge Mountain Red Rock NCA: NE Arete TH - THNevada11.64100No
Green Lane Reservoir LoopPennsylvania11.61158Yes2h 12m 4s
Jones/Lower Talkington/Lower Paddock Loop North Dakota11.6800Yes1h 49m 0s
Marin Headlands Loop California11.62700Yes1h 20m 39s
Mt Defiance: Round TripOregon11.65000Yes2h 46m4s
Sugarloaf Trail: Out & Back (Uphill First)Pennsylvania11.61722Yes2h 13m 0s
Ypsilon Mountain, Blitzen Ridge (CO)Colorado11.64,941 ftYes5h 25m 14s
Pawtuckaway State Park 3 Peaks New Hampshire11.72382Yes1h 36m 3s
Lake Mountain TraverseUtah11.73689No
Brasstown Bald: Out & Back via Arkaquah Georgia11.74000Yes2h 42m 10s
Mt. StuartWashington11.77700Yes8h 14m38s
Superstition Ridgeline: One WayArizona11.74709Yes3h 43m 23s
White Pine Grand Slam Utah11.74100Yes6h 15m 15s
Monadnock: Double Traverse New Hampshire11.83822Yes3h 34m 8s
Bear Run Nature Reserve Black Loop Pennsylvania11.81864Yes1h 58m 47s
Cadillac Mountain: DoublebackMaine11.82900Yes2h 13m 52s
Cooper Kill Trail: Out & Back New York11.82000Yes2h 34m 59s
Meadow Mountain TrailMaryland11.81050No
Mt Sterling Baxter Creek Trail: Round TripNorth Carolina11.84219Yes3h 35m 23s
Mt Washington: Ascent from PCTOregon11.83258Yes2h 6m25s
Otter Creek Grand SlamMaine11.83540No
Martha's Vineyard North Shore Massachussetts11.90Yes2h 15m 5s
Mt. Conness: Triple Crown California11.96195No
Roxborough Full Tour (CO)Colorado12.0649 mYes2h 20m 38s
Aspetuck Trail Connecticut12.01000Yes1h 50m12s
Caesar Creek Lake - West Loop Ohio12.0840Yes1h 47m 56s
Chute n’ Crack Canyons Loop Utah12.01414Yes2h 40m 48s
Granite Mountain: Dislocation ButtressArizona12.02260No
Granite Mountain: Open CourseArizona12.02260No
Hyndman Peak: Up & Down Idaho12.05000No
Lake Scott State ParkKansas12.0965No
Matterhorn Peak California12.05070No
Mount Porte CrayonWest Virginia12.02339Yes4h 10m 2s
Nauset Beach to Chatham Harbor Loop Massachussetts12.00No
San Luis Obispo Tri-Tip Challenge California12.02500Yes1h 54m 4s
Storm King Round New York12.04500Yes3h 58m10s
Table Rock Mtn: Ascent from Simpson Creek North Carolina12.03254No
Whiteface Massif Traverse: One Way New York12.03377Yes4h 4m 19s
Blackwoods Loop Acadia National Park Maine12.1984Yes3h 20m 6s
Goat Lake Loop Trail (Snowgrass Flats)Washington12.12742Yes3h 42m 13s
Pikes Peak - Strava segment (CO)Colorado12.17,390 ftYes2hr 47m 10s
Pikes Peak in Winter (CO)Colorado12.17,390 ftYes4h 24m16s
Itasca Trail: Out & Back Minnesota12.2396No
Current River Challenge Missouri12.21485No
Broken Hand PeakColorado12.24,734 ftNo
Lakeside Valley Loop Tims Ford State Park Tennessee12.21309No
Mount Baker: Coleman-DemingWashington12.27288No
Tri-State Tri-Mountain Loop: Double BearNew York12.22800Yes2h 34m 52s
Heart Attack Loop New Mexico12.33224Yes3h 56m15s
Briarcliff - Peekskill Trailway: One Way New York12.31285No
Broken Top: Up & BackOregon12.34170No
Dragontail Peak Washington12.36238No
Half Dome Yosemite: Any Route Up & Down California12.36614Yes3h 14m1s
Nashua River Rail Trail: One WayMassachussetts12.3125No
Two Lakes Loop Indiana12.31606Yes2h 15m0s
Wadhams to Avoca Trail Michigan12.395Yes
Yockanookany Trail South: One Way Mississippi12.3776No
Monument FreewayColorado12.34,196 ftNo
Lake Monona Loop Wisconsin12.3324No
Allatoona Creek Park: Mumbo Jumbo Georgia12.4780No
Huckleberry Loop TrailNew York12.42900Yes3h 15m 13s
Longs Peak Grand Slam (CO)Colorado12.47,820 ftNo
Pinnacles National Park Loop California12.43000Yes2h 9m 56s
Thompson Peak Idaho12.44249Yes5h 12m31s
Hamlin-Katahdin-Dudley Maine12.45151No
Tri-State Tri-Mountain Loop: StandardNew York12.53077Yes2h 40m 48s
Greylock AT Traverse Massachussetts12.53400Yes3h 3m51s
Marys Peak: North Ridge - East Ridge LoopOregon12.53530No
Shawnee Ridge Trail Ohio12.52800Yes3h 18m 25s
Wissahickon Green Ribbon Trail: One Way Pennsylvania12.5145Yes1h 56m 12s
Circum Saugatuck Connecticut12.52467Yes2h 15m 9s
Cleveland Metro: S Chagrin & Hawthorn Parkway Ohio12.6932Yes2h 49m 14s
Tumbledown Jackson & Little Jackson Maine12.64982Yes4h 18m 51s
Buffalo Mountain Loop (CO)Colorado12.62,927 ftYes2h 19m 43s
Clouds Rest Yosemite: Up & Down from Tenaya Lake California12.63025No
Franklin Mountain: Up & Down Texas12.62683Yes2h 34m 53s
Macedonia Brook Trail: Two Loops Connecticut12.63600Yes3h 5m 38s
Rainy Lake Trail: One Way Minnesota12.6200
Mount Lemmon: AscentArizona12.66348Yes3h 13m21s
Mount Lemmon: Up & DownArizona12.66348Yes5h 41m9s
Badger Creek Trail #479Oregon12.73400Yes3h 56m14s
Clingman's Dome NolandTennessee12.74700Yes3h 34m 28s
Marble Mountain - Sangre De Cristo Range (CO)Colorado12.74,818 ftNo
Mt Adams: South Climb Round Trip Washington12.76670Yes3h 51m50s
Paugussett Trail: One Way Connecticut12.72225Yes2h 28m 18s
Three Fingered Jack: Up & Down from Santiam PassOregon12.73075Yes3h 40m43s
Bear Mountain Connecticut12.72687Yes2h 25m59s
Mount Lowe Loop California12.73786Yes3h 0m6s
Three Eagle Trail Wisconsin12.8290Yes1h 24m59s
Iron Mountain California12.86800Yes4h 50m20s
Mahaska Community Recreation Trail Iowa12.8416Yes1h 58m 23s
Massive Mania (CO)Colorado12.85,340 ftNo
North Dakota Badlands Rim To Rim to RimNorth Dakota12.81150No
Shasta - Shastina California12.88064No
Nehantic Trail: One Way Connecticut12.91600No
Bear Creek Spire: North Arete, Car to Car California12.95106No
Mauna Loa: Short Summit Car to CarHawaii12.92789No
Table Mountain: North Fork Round TripWyoming12.94100No
Tenaya Matthes Cathedral Traverse: Loop California12.97350No
Artist's Palette Loop California13.01765No
Black MountainMontana13.05500No
Castle Peak Conundrum (CO)Colorado13.04,800 ftNo
Coastal Prairie TrailFlorida13.00No
Legendary Smarts - Cube Traverse: One Way New Hampshire13.02327No
Longview Lake Trail Missouri13.00No
Oak Creek Trail Nebraska13.099Yes
Ruth Mountain Washington13.04700No
Mount David Washington13.05627No
Pocahontas State ParkVirginia13.11047Yes2h 52m8s
Angleworm Lake Trail Minnesota13.11900No
Navaho Peak Washington13.14223Yes2h 59m54s
Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail to Kingdom ComeKentucky13.11300No
Denny Creek - Snow Lake Loop: TH to THWashington13.14239Yes4h 58m 49s
Rocky River Reservation Ohio13.1308Yes2h 21m 58s
Mt Carrigain Loop New Hampshire13.24078Yes2h 49m34s
Regicides Trail: Out & Back Connecticut13.21765Yes2h 40m 17s
Robinson Mountain Washington13.26500No
All of Broadway New York13.3272No
Clingman's Dome Elkmont Tennessee13.34450No
Mt Harvard Only (CO)Colorado13.34,494 ftNo
Mt WrightsonArizona13.33914Yes2h 18m38s
Oval Peak: Up & Down Washington13.34800Yes7h 9m6s
Upper Charles Trail: May 2020 Route Massachussetts13.3148No
It's an Edmonds Kind of Day Half MarathonWashington13.3705Yes2h 12m 4s
Rinconada Little Falls Big Falls California13.33045Yes3h 17m 29s
Tolt Pipeline Trail: Woodinville - Snoqualmie Valley Washington13.41621Yes2h 5m 55s
Mesa Trail (Boulder, CO)Colorado13.42,768 ftYes1h 44m 42s
Mt Sopris (CO)Colorado13.44800No
Mt Wilson: Car to Car California13.44662Yes2h 42m33s
Traveler Mtn Loop Maine13.45495Yes6h 8m 5s
Worcester Range Vermont13.45364Yes5h 11m35s
Arcadia Trail Rhode Island13.5900Yes2h 28m0s
Grand Canyon of the YellowstoneWyoming13.51500No
Millennium TrailKentucky13.52822Yes3h 43m32s
Rich Mountain Road GSMNP Tennessee13.51700Yes2h 6m 39s
Richard Goodwin Trail: One Way Connecticut13.51532Yes2h 24m 56s
Santa Fe Baldy New Mexico13.53517Yes2h 26m6s
Waywayanda State Park Loop New Jersey13.51330No
Josephine Peak via Strawberry Peak California13.53894No
Tour de Bedford Reservation & Viaduct Park Ohio13.61355No
Donnell Range Maine13.64075Yes4h 59m9s
Mount Ascutney: Futures Out & Back Vermont13.65341Yes3h 51m18s
Mt Holy Cross - Halo Ridge North Ridge Loop (CO)Colorado13.65,500 ftYes9h 32m 13s
Villager Peak California13.64921Yes5h 14m9s
Konza Prairie TrailsKansas13.71150No
Longs Peak Grand Slam in Winter (CO)Colorado13.77,728 ftNo
Mt PrincetonColorado13.75,260 ftNo
Western Greenway Massachussetts13.71600Yes2h 40m14s
Five Sisters Loop New York13.84120Yes2h 59m 46s
Dothan Circle City Alabama13.8350No
AT Roller Coaster: VA 7 - US 50: One Way Virginia13.84250Yes3h 50m 9s
Gorilla Hill HalfTexas13.81736No
Half Dome Yosemite: Standard Route Up & Down California13.85397Yes3h 38m36s
Mt Le Conte: Rainbow Falls Trail Up & Back Tennessee13.84000No
Mt. Clark: Ascent from Happy IslesCalifornia13.87961No
Peekamoose & Table New York13.84800Yes3h 25m26s
Shingobee Connection Trail: Out & Back Minnesota13.8760No
Vashon Island Traverse Washington13.81068Yes1h 46m 4s
Wheeler Peak: Car to Car Loop New Mexico13.84237No
Sandia Knife Edge of the ShieldNew Mexico13.84386Yes5h 17m25s
Timpanogos High RouteUtah13.96020No
Cockaponset Trail: Out & Back Connecticut14.02146Yes2h 34m 3s
Oak Leaf Trail Milwaukee River Line Wisconsin14.0240Yes2h 34m 15s
Cook-Aug-Dog Traverse Washington14.05500Yes4h 5m 26s
El Capitan : TH to TH California14.04600Yes3h 31m51s
Gooseberry Canyon Utah14.02600No
Grafton-Dunham Loop New York14.01136Yes3h 29m27s
Grand TraverseWyoming14.012000No
Guanella Pass to Loveland PassColorado14.06,250 ftNo
Mattatuck Trail: Northern Section Connecticut14.01657Yes2h 52m 33s
Migizi Loop Minnesota14.0150No
Morris Bridge Loop Florida14.092Yes2h 1m1s
Mt Marcy: Up & DownNew York14.03720Yes2h 45m6s
Oneonta Gorge Falls Loop Oregon14.03240No
Ralston Creek Trail (CO)Colorado14.0242 ftNo
Reyes Peak California14.03903No
Tawas Bay Pathway + Alabaster Arboretum Michigan14.093Yes
Crafton Hills Traverse California14.02362Yes2h 7m 38s
Mt. Ka'ala Hawaii14.14200Yes4h 35m35s
Yelm-Tenino Trail Washington14.1255Yes1h 41m22s
Ice Age Trail Janesville Segment Wisconsin14.2310Yes3h 43m 20s
Bacon Peak Washington14.27410No
Little Tahoma Peak Washington14.27803No
Mt Audubon Round Trip (CO)Colorado14.23,363 ftYes1h 56m31s
Mt Moosilauke: Double Traverse New Hampshire14.26415Yes5h 27m18s
Mt Shuksan Sulphide Glacier Washington14.25800No
Mt Tamalpais: Sea Summit Sea California14.22974Yes2h 6m23s
Griffith Park LoopCalifornia14.32864Yes2h 54m 38s
Quemahoning Reservoir Trail Pennsylvania14.31821Yes2h 25m 45s
Mt. Vaca Loop California14.32691No
Upper Turquoise Lake (CO)Colorado14.33,012 ftYes3h 5m 35s
All Trails on Mt Falcon (CO)Colorado14.31,054 mNo
Bridge Mountain Red Rock NCA: Up & Down Nevada14.34406Yes5h 0m 47s
Kaiser Peak Loop via Mary's Meadow California14.33494Yes4h 51m 22s
Wittenburg-Cornell-Slide Loop New York14.34685Yes3h 40m 22s
Driftless Horse Trail Governor Dodge SP: One Loop Wisconsin14.42040Yes2h 8m 27s
Indian Creek loopColorado14.42,628 ftYes2h 31m42s
Mount Timpanogos Utah14.45050No
North Shore Channel Trail: Out & Back Illinois14.4100No
Onondaga Trail: Standard Out & Back New York14.53287Yes2h 52m41s
Angel's Rest Trail to Horsetail Falls Oregon14.5No
Grays & Torreys Standard Lollipop from Stevens Gulch (CO)Colorado14.55000Yes1h 58m3s
Grays Torrey's & Edwards (CO)Colorado14.55,700 ftNo
High Lonesome Loop (CO)Colorado14.53,300 ftYes2h 23m55s
Ice Age Trail Devil's Lake Segment Wisconsin14.51939Yes2h 8m 9s
Longs Peak Car to car standard (CO)Colorado14.55,000 ftYes3h 42m25s
Mount Humphreys California14.55000Yes7h 28m 58s
Mt Rainier: Round Trip on Foot Washington14.58700Yes4h 58m41s
Mt Rainier: Round Trip With SkisWashington14.5#VALUE!No
NH 3-Mountain Winter Challenge New Hampshire14.57500Yes7h 32m 0s
Scott Farm to Doyle Hotel on the AT: One Way Pennsylvania14.52242Yes2h 29m 28s
West Hartford Reservoir Route Connecticut14.5810Yes2h 17m 53s
Killington Mt/Catamount LoopNew Hampshire14.53372No
Tom White Linear Park Georgia14.6257No
Devil's River State Trail: One Way Wisconsin14.6196Yes3h 45m 41s
Ironstone Loop Pennsylvania14.62345Yes2h 38m26s
Metacomet - Timberlin Loop Connecticut14.62159Yes3h 23m 46s
Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail Minnesota14.6292Yes3h 7m 37s
White Mountain California14.611806Yes12h 8m0s
Oak Leaf Trail Kinnickinnic Line Wisconsin14.6234No
Wheeler Peak: Wheeler-Kachina Traverse New Mexico14.75869No
Donner CrestCalifornia14.73337No
Tupper Lake Triad New York14.72790Yes1h 48m32s
Tupper Lake Triad: Winter New York14.72790No
LHHT Gate to Eight to GatePennsylvania14.73885Yes4h 56m1s
Coal Creek Trail (CO)Colorado14.7256 ftYes1h 34m47s
Cathlapotle Trail of 8 Falls (Lewis River)Washington14.81470Yes3h 23m 21s
Hadley Peak Washington14.82818No
Roaring Brook Trail: Out & BackNew York14.83200No
Tiger Mountain Trail: One Way Washington14.82987Yes2h 15m15s
Upper Muley Twist Utah14.81578No
New Millennium Loop California14.82382No
Wildcat Hollow Trail: Long Loop Ohio14.91680No
Bethpage Bike Path New York14.9291No
Mount Diablo: 5 Peaks Loop California14.94708Yes2h 48m40s
Oak Leaf Trail Menomonee River Line Wisconsin14.9265No
Blue Hills Skyline Trail Massachussetts15.03845Yes8h 14m 44s
Ancient Lakes Touch all the Lakes Washington15.01500Yes3h 13m 2s
Antero, Tabeguache & Shavano Roundtrip from Baldwin Gulch (CO)Colorado15.07766No
Barton Creek Greenbelt Texas15.0726No
Blaze MountainMontana15.04200No
Bull Valley - Willis Creek Loop Utah15.01300No
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Delaware15.0155Yes1h 39m 35s
Crater Mountain Washington15.06300Yes6h 17m8s
Flatirons Linkups Roach's Top 10 (Boulder, CO)Colorado15.07,600 ftNo
Granite Tors TrailAlaska15.02900No
Jekyll Island Perimeter Georgia15.069No
Kauai Weeping Wall Hawaii15.03000Yes5h 8m33s
Malibu Creek State Park Loop California15.02850No
Maunakea: RT from Visitor Center Hawaii15.04800Yes3h 20m 6s
Monoosnoc Ridge Trail Massachussetts15.02572Yes2h 22m 15s
Mount Toby Loop Massachussetts15.02930Yes2h 49m20s
Mount TomMassachussetts15.03600YesYes2h 57m27s
Mt Harvard & Mt Columbia (CO)Colorado15.06,100 ftNo
Mt Williamson: Standard AscentCalifornia15.011150Yes5h 49m31s
Old Fart Trails Oregon15.02600Yes3h 50m52s
Paddy-Go-Easy/Sherpani/Granite Traverse Washington15.06400No
Scout Trail Oak Openings Park Ohio15.0233Yes2h 20m 15s
Shark Valley Everglades National Park Loop Florida15.0112No
West Papio TrailNebraska15.0328Yes3h 26m 59s
Wilkinson Memorial Trail: Out & Back New York15.05072No
Columbia Trail: One Way New Jersey15.1273No
Clingman's Dome Appalachian Trail: Up & DownTennessee15.21500Yes3h 50m 28s
Little Annapurna Washington15.26600Yes6h 58m37s
Ocean Beach (SF)California15.263Yes2h 8m 30s
Many Glacier - Logan Pass via Swiftcurrent Pass Trail and High Line TrailMontana15.25147No
Fat Man's Misery Slot Canyon Loops: East Fork Utah15.35564No
Missoula Mountain TrifectaMontana15.35233Yes3h 10m 39s
Silver Peak Circumference California15.34500Yes4h 26m 27s
Boulder Mail Trail: One Way Utah15.42513Yes4h 8m12s
Clingman's Dome Deep Creek: AscentTennessee15.44800Yes3h 15m 37s
Hyalite PeakMontana15.43478No
North Shore Bike Path: Out & Back Illinois15.4300No
Sunapee Figure-8 New Hampshire15.44328Yes4h 58m35s
Icicle Ridge Traverse via 4th of July Trail Washington15.45053No
Mugu Peak Loop California15.52539Yes2h 2m33s
Weaver Bally Road Loops 1 2 3 California15.51886Yes2h 42m 5s
Adirondack Dix Range Traverse New York15.55420Yes3h 50m 11s
Hidden Lakes Loop Wisconsin15.5880Yes3h 29m53s
Mills Creek - Turkey Pen Virginia15.52400Yes2h 32m 39s
Mount Baker: Easton GlacierWashington15.57618Yes5h 56m54s
Tinker KnobCalifornia15.54300Yes5h 11m7s
Topatopa Bluff California15.54619Yes4h 53m 22s
Uncompahgre & Wetterhorn Uncompahgre Only (CO)Colorado15.55,000 ftNo
West Cuesta Mistbuster Loop California15.52900Yes3h 13m 7s
Middle and South TetonsWyoming15.67048Yes5h 16m27s
Ben Lomond Utah15.63500Yes2h 25m35s
Denny Creek - Snow Lake Loop: Full LoopWashington15.64514Yes5h 18m 42s
Sink the BattleshipWyoming15.64561No
Woody Gap to Blood Mtn on the AT Georgia15.63850Yes3h 48m36s
Dirty Bismark (CO)Colorado15.7950 ftYes1h 46m8s
Mount Umunhum California15.72848No
Pole Mountain via Sea to Sky Trail Jenner Headlands California15.73820Yes2h 41m 2s
Siltstone & Scott's Gap TrailsKentucky15.73155Yes2h 43m 5s
Brown Mountain LoopCalifornia15.82215Yes2h 49m18s
Kinsman Ridge Trail New Hampshire15.86360Yes5h 57m40s
Art Smith Trail California15.93592Yes2h 34m28s
Boy Scout Trail Joshua Tree NP California15.91847Yes2h 25m 17s
Brown Mountain Loop Oregon15.91700No
Fourth of July Lake LoopCalifornia15.93293No
Monadnock: Triple Traverse New Hampshire15.96400Yes4h 21m 19s
Santiago Peak: Ascent California15.93975No
Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail: One Way Minnesota15.9195Yes2h 31m 47s
Needles Grand Tour Utah15.92696Yes4h 14m16s
Carrollton Greenbelt Georgia16.0531No
Alpine Lakes Loop Washington16.03686Yes2h 38m55s
Arlington Loop: One Loop Virginia16.0350Yes1h 54m6s
Around the Top Ridge Traverse California16.05500No
Colvin Blake Nippletop Dial Bear Den Loop New York16.07000Yes6h 2m 46s
Highland A-B-C-D Michigan16.01300Yes
Indiana Dunes High Traverse: One Way Indiana16.01200Yes3h 23m 30s
Ives Trail: One Way Connecticut16.02889Yes3h 36m2s
Keys View Loop California16.04000No
Lehigh Valley Trail: One WayNew York16.0450No
Long Cane Horse Trail: Inner LoopSouth Carolina16.01100Yes2h 38m5s
Lost Lake TrailAlaska16.0No
Maroon Bells & Pyramid (CO)Colorado16.09,800 ftNo
Narragansett Trail: CT SectionRhode Island16.01450No
PATH NY/NJ - All StationsNew York16.0330No
Quinebaug Trail: Out & Back Connecticut16.01386Yes4h 13m3s
Row River Trail: One WayOregon16.010Yes2h 36m6s
Shasta Bally California16.05300No
Tenmile Traverse Standard (CO)Colorado16.07,800 ftYes5h 25m56s
Virgin River Narrows (Zion NP): Top DownUtah16.01200No
Canyon Creek Lakes Trail Trinity Alps Wilderness California16.03314Yes3h 34m 40s
Pequot Trail Connecticut16.11919Yes4h 25m 4s
Lamoille Valley Rail Trail: St Johnsbury - Danville Vermont16.159Yes2h 8m 53s
Lava Beds National Monument Traverse California16.1400Yes3h 16m 23s
Mt Daniel Washington16.15600Yes7h 28m18s
Mt Washington Mt Mansfield Mt Greylock Challenge Massachussetts16.18606Yes12h 29m 0s
Snowfield Peak Washington16.28733No
Teton Up and OverWyoming16.23482Yes8h 38m32s
Charles River Link Trail: One Way Massachussetts16.3342No
Mt Shasta: Duathlon Ascent from Town California16.310480No
Bugline Trail: One Way Wisconsin16.3479Yes2h 22m 41s
Acadia Traverse Maine16.36350Yes7h 26m26s
Mt. Starr King California16.36565No
National Trail: One WayArizona16.32389Yes2h 51m25s
Adirondacks: Panther Santanoni Couchsachraga New York16.34580Yes4h 30m 0s
Mission Trails Five Peak Challenge California16.44416Yes2h 49m 14s
A Walk in the Park (CO)Colorado16.49,300 ftYes12h 0m10s
Capitol Peak (CO)Colorado16.45,800 ftYes5h 37m23s
Cimarron National Grassland LoopKansas16.4407No
Dismal Swamp Canal Trail Out & Back Virginia16.441No
Longs Peak Grand Slam - Radical Slam (CO)Colorado16.48,797 ftNo
Mulholland Drive: Out & Back California16.42029Yes2h 29m47s
Long Trail: Bolton - Mansfield Vermont16.46266Yes4h 28m 1s
Five Star Trail LoopPennsylvania16.5549No
Big M Loop Michigan16.51504No
Ann Arbor Trail Linkup (A2TL) Michigan16.51500Yes
Bigelow Range Traverse: One Way Maine16.56850Yes5h 4m 15s
East Coast Greenway - Cheney Rail Trail - Hop River Trail Connecticut16.5820Yes2h 8m 7s
Mount Baldy LoopArizona16.52631Yes2h 43m58s
Sierra Buttes: From 49 Up & Down California16.54513No
Strawberry Peak Loop California16.52700No
Twins Zealand Hale Loop New Hampshire16.55644Yes3h 57m 39s
Upper Paddock/Talkington Loop North Dakota16.51500No
Cape Henlopen Trails Loop Delaware16.6130Yes2h 5m 9s
South Rim - Emory Peak Loop Texas16.63652No
Crowders Mtn: Mtn Ridgeline Out & Back North Carolina16.62529Yes4h 23m29s
Kohala Hawaii16.65600No
North Peak-Conness Double TraverseCalifornia16.610960No
Blanca Peak Little Bear (CO)Colorado16.77119 ftNo
Caliente Mountain Ridge California16.72752No
Healy Ridge Denali NP Alaska16.76903No
Penguin Ridge Traverse Alaska16.79610Yes7h 22m 22s
South Turkey Creek Trail (Lake Meredith)Texas16.81520Yes3h 54m 4s
Cumberland Valley on the AT: One Way Pennsylvania16.81994Yes2h 29m14s
Gabes Mountain - Maddron Bald - Snake Den Ridge Loop Tennessee16.83064No
Grand Portage Trail: Out & Back Minnesota16.81389No
Mad River Notch Loop New Hampshire16.85600Yes4h 9m26s
Mt Thomson West Ridge Washington16.85207No
Mt. Elden/Dry Lake Hills 12Arizona16.83400No
Salmon River - Green Canyon LoopOregon16.84698Yes3h 52m 1s
Abandoned PA Turnpike TunnelsPennsylvania16.82000No
North Central DuPage Regional Trail Illinois16.8376No
Stairs of Silverlake California16.94040No
Blue Mountain Trail New Jersey16.91800No
4 Highest Peaks in Texas Texas17.07526Yes10h 20m 1s
Goodro Round (Olympic National Park WA)Washington17.06500Yes4h 50m 33s
Gray Peak Washington17.06000No
Mummy Mania Point to Point (CO)Colorado17.07,000 ftYes6h 32m32s
Natchaug Trail: One Way Connecticut17.02250Yes2h 59m48s
Norway Trail: Out & Back Minnesota17.01600No
San Jacinto via White Maiden's Walkway & Tahquitz Ridge California17.06500No
Sandia Loop: 365-Pino-Embudito New Mexico17.04000No
The Worcester Seven Hill RoundMassachussetts17.01700No
Uncompahgre & Wetterhorn (CO)Colorado17.06,000 ftYes6h 37m 43s
Kennesaw Mountain Park: Full Loop Georgia17.12196Yes2h 35m 10s
Cascades Trifecta Oregon17.121040No
Cheyenne Canyon 6 Peaks Skyline (CO)Colorado17.1Yes3h 1m 28s
Fish n’ Owl Canyon Loop Utah17.11921Yes3h 50m 20s
Ice Age Trail Columbia County Wisconsin17.2164No
Quinnipiac Trail: Single Old Q Connecticut17.24000Yes3h 28m 37s
Shining Rock Wilderness Ridge North Carolina17.24675Yes6h 57m 42s
Chain of Lakes Bike Path: Out & Back Illinois17.2400No
Oak Leaf Trail South Shore Line: One Way Wisconsin17.2442No
Bucks Big Loop California17.33107Yes4h 16m3s
Block Island Circumnavigation Rhode Island17.3209No
Montaña de Oro 3 Peaks California17.32924Yes2h 25m 11s
Owl's Head New Hampshire17.33058Yes4h 33m44s
Boulder Skyline Traverse (CO)Colorado17.35,600 ftYes3h 10m 20s
Logan Trail Ohio17.33071Yes4h 19m14s
Mt Langley California17.34465No
Palisades/Deep Creek LoopWashington17.33800No
Topanga State Park Loop California17.33400Yes2h 36m 53s
3M Canyon Loop: Music Muddy Mud Utah17.35738No
Palo Duro Canyon Rim 2 Rim 2 RimTexas17.42803Yes5h 21m 42s
Dyes Inlet Circumnavigation Washington17.41214No
Wind Caves Loop Utah17.43420Yes3h 50m47s
Paul Revere's Midnight Ride Massachussetts17.4733Yes2h 29m 18s
Southern Lemhi Crest Traverse Idaho17.516500No
Middle Sister Oregon17.55404No
Bear Lake to Grand Lake, RMNP (CO)Colorado17.53,050 ftNo
Lamoille Valley Rail Trail: Morristown - Cambridge Vermont17.5153Yes
Meadow Creek Drainage Circumnavigation Alaska17.58880No
Muliwai Trail Hawaii17.55558No
Pine Ridge Trail Nebraska17.52265No
Rondout Reservoir Circumnavigation New York17.51000No
Sugar Hollow Loop Virginia17.53204Yes3h 30m 33s
Tuscarora Loop West Virginia17.53400No
SFO - Golden Gate Bridge California17.51079No
Bear Canyon - Baldy - 3Ts - Icehouse Canyon Loop California17.67146Yes6h 43m 44s
Cabin John TrailMaryland17.61616Yes4h 53m29s
Charleston Peak Loop Nevada17.64700No
High Divide Loop (ONP WA)Washington17.65300Yes3h 20m 38s
Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail: Out & BackKentucky17.6800Yes2h 31m 45s
Mason Tract Pathway: Out & Back Michigan17.6574No
Menunkatuck Trail: One Way Connecticut17.61371Yes2h 36m 36s
Mt Pisgah: River to Peak AscentNorth Carolina17.65250No
Black Dome Windham High Peak Loop New York17.74531Yes3h 42m 37s
Bull Run / Occoquan Trail: One Way Virginia17.71773Yes2h 47m 39s
Chicot State Park LoopLouisiana17.71079No
Granite Peak Lady of the LakeMontana17.77750
Granite Peak Mystic Lake THMontana17.77750Yes10h 19m14s
John P. Saylor Trail Pennsylvania17.71805Yes3h 38m 11s
Mt Ritter California17.77121No
Three Big Peaks in Hudson Highlands New York17.76634Yes6h 27m 24s
Mountain Streams Pennsylvania17.82290No
Mt Katahdin: Thoreau Traverse Maine17.88399No
Paint Creek Trail: Out & Back Michigan17.8259Yes
Potawatomi Trail: One Loop Michigan17.82350Yes
Crosstown Trail: One Way California17.91886Yes2h 4m43s
Wabash Cannonball Trail: South Fork One Way Ohio17.959No
Four Lakes Loop Trinity Alps Wilderness California18.05745Yes4h 36m 22s
Pequonnock River Trail: One Way Connecticut18.0715Yes2h 20m 2s
Androscoggin Riverlands State Park: Out & Back Maine18.01949Yes3h 25m 42s
Arnold Rim Trail California18.03000Yes3h 56m27s
Bay to Ridge Trail: AscentCalifornia18.02841Yes3h 15m 20s
Bighorn Peak: Car to CarWyoming18.04800No
Boulder Crest Traverse Idaho18.09500No
Camp Murphy Loop Florida18.0284No
Chicago Lakefront Trail: One Way Illinois18.0100Yes2h 20m 24s
Crescent Trail: One Way New York18.01400Yes2h 34m50s
Huron River Gallup Michigan18.0364Yes
Kuna Crest Traverse (Yosemite NP) California18.06000No
Lassen to Brokeoff Ridge Traverse California18.07400No
Martinez Mountain California18.06700No
Moat Mountain Traverse: Out & Back New Hampshire18.06361No
Mount Vernon Trail: One Way Virginia18.0500Yes2h 15m 36s
Pin-Chin-Sky (aka Skyway) Loop Alabama18.03300Yes3h 26m 43s
Presidential Traverse: Northbound New Hampshire18.07738Yes8h 27m 0s
Presidential Traverse: Southbound New Hampshire18.08500YesYes4h 33m 39s
Saugatuck & Aspetuck Trails: One Way Connecticut18.03100Yes4h 4m 4s
Stone Mountain PATH Trail Georgia18.01150No
Wilson Group Grand Slam (CO)Colorado18.08,000 ftNo
WyEast Mt Hood Sandy Glacier Traverse LoopOregon18.05250No
Chattooga River Trail to Fork Mountain to Foothills Trail LoopNorth Carolina18.02749No
Four Birds Trail: One Way New Jersey18.22680No
Jordan River Pathway Michigan18.22000No
Timm's Hill National Trail: Out & BackWisconsin18.21768No
Allen MtnNew York18.32700No
Bolton Backcountry Round Vermont18.34610Yes4h 35m 1s
Alice-Toxaway Loop Idaho18.32760Yes2h 58m 31s
Adirondacks: Gray Skylight & Marcy: Standard New York18.35007Yes4h 32m 44s
Adirondacks: Gray Skylight & Marcy: Winter New York18.35007Yes5h 4m 25s
Little Rock Creek High Five TraverseMontana18.38600No
Thrilla Washington18.31459Yes3h 5m25s
Franklin Trail California18.46066Yes7h 48m28s
West Virginia High PointsWest Virginia18.42900Yes10h 17m 6s
Belknap Range: Single Traverse New Hampshire18.55121Yes4h 1m44s
Stuart PeakMontana18.54250Yes2h 42m35s
Enchantments Traverse: Thru Swim/Run EditionWashington18.64654Yes8h 1m 9s
Duck River Trail Alabama18.61020Yes2h 57m33s
Green Bay Trail: Out & Back Illinois18.670No
Haleakala: Ascent from KaupoHawaii18.69964Yes5h 37m18s
Mt Eddy via Sisson-Callahan NRT California18.65523Yes3h 46m 12s
North Fork Trail (CO)Colorado18.62,446 ftYes2h 36m 20s
Acadia National Park Loop Road Maine18.71584No
Horsetooth Reservoir CircumnavigationColorado18.72,100 ftYes3h 30m 16s
Hurwal Traverse Oregon18.7
Six Lake Loop, RMNP (CO)Colorado18.73,366 ftYes4h 23m3s
Sugar River Recreational Rail Trail New Hampshire18.7300Yes4h 52m 20s
Three Pass LoopArizona18.73814Yes3h 5m8s
Three Sisters Oregon18.79400Yes8h 29m5s
Enchantment Lakes Traverse Washington18.85000YesYes3h 38m 39s
Hillsboro & Sawyers Peaks New Mexico18.93914Yes5h 47m 59s
Pioneer Trifecta Idaho18.99757No
Pleasant Mountain Maine18.97402Yes4h 27m28s
Quinnipiac Trail: Single New Q Connecticut18.94000Yes3h 40m14s
Tenmile Range Traverse (CO)Colorado18.99,341 ftNo
Hartman Rocks (Gunnison, CO)Colorado18.9780 mNo
Agua Tibia Loop California19.03700No
Battle Road Trail Massachussetts19.0700Yes2h 40m16s
Camden Hills Maine19.04300Yes3h 54m30s
Crestone Centennial Circuit Peak & Needle Only (CO)Colorado19.07800 ftNo
Gardner & North Gardner: Abernathy, Gardner, North Gardner Washington19.010157No
Mt Holy Cross Duathlon (CO)Colorado19.07,900 ftNo
Tour de ParksIowa19.0525No
Victory - Cheeseboro Loop California19.0500Yes1h 41m 37s
Yosemite R2R2R California19.06870No
Bullet with a Butterfly Wing Oregon19.11593Yes3h 34m 8s
Buckhorn Wilderness Loop: Mount Townsend Hawk Peak Iron Mountain Buckhorn Mountain Washington19.27300Yes13h 0m 23s
Chino Hills State Park California19.22479Yes3h 12m 54s
Blue Marsh Lake Circumnavigation Pennsylvania19.22431Yes3h 41m 1s
Cannon Valley Trail Minnesota19.2213No
Carter Moriah Range Traverse: Standard New Hampshire19.26800Yes4h 52m 46s
Las Trampas Ridge: Out & Back California19.25200Yes3h 7m 50s
Lone Eagle Peak Solo Flight Out & Back (CO)Colorado19.24,500 ftNo
Rio Grande Pyramid (CO)Colorado19.24,401 ftNo
Skokie Valley Trail: Out & BackIllinois19.2120No
Honey HumpVermont19.35394No
Keystone Trail Nebraska19.3496No
Chattahoochee River Walk - Fall Line Trace Georgia19.4511Yes3h 18m 45s
The Brothers Washington19.48253Yes11h 29m54s
Strawberry Lollipop Oregon19.44241Yes4h 37m7s
Katahdin Loop Road Maine19.41800No
Kingdom Heritage Trail Vermont19.43880Yes5h 57m 39s
Paul Henry - Thornapple Trail: Out & Back Michigan19.4388No
3 Canyon Infinity Loop: Grove Creek Battle Creek and Dry Canyons Utah19.47034No
Atlantic PeakWyoming19.53909No
Mummy Mania Bill Briggs Loop (CO)Colorado19.58,225 ftNo
T-Bone Trail Iowa19.5134No
The Parklands of Floyds Fork: One WayKentucky19.5761Yes2h 31m41s
West Creek Recreational TrailPennsylvania19.57No
Oak Leaf Trail Root River Line Wisconsin19.6577No
Catskill 9 New York19.66570No
Eagle Cap Oregon19.64200Yes5h 25m5s
Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge: Out & Back New York19.710023Yes6h 52m 51s
Torrey C. Brown Rail TrailMaryland19.730Yes3h 1m 11s
Wilson River Traverse: One WayOregon19.73488Yes3h 0m 22s
Raccoon Creek State Park Loop Pennsylvania19.73704Yes4h 7m 0s
Gateway State Trail Minnesota19.8390Yes2h 11m 7s
Manistee River Trail Loop Michigan19.81389Yes
Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail: One Way New York19.81608Yes2h 51m 33s
Ohlone Wilderness Trail: Del Valle - Sunol California19.85798Yes6h 11m 31s
Kanawha Trace West Virginia19.84750
Slippery Brook - Baldface Loop New Hampshire19.83000No
Delaware Water Gap - Buttermilk Falls: One Way New Jersey19.93081Yes3h 55m 24s
McGown Peak Circumnavigation Idaho19.93507No
Sundance PassMontana19.93500Yes3h 58m52s
Achenbach Trail North Dakota20.02181Yes8h 30m48s
Atlanta BeltLine LoopGeorgia20.0No
Crestone 14er Group (CO)Colorado20.012,700 ftNo
Crystal Range: Pyramid Peak & Mt Price Loop California20.04800Yes9h 29m 47s
Gunsight PassMontana20.04400No
Horsetrough Spring via Black Star Canyon Road California20.03000Yes3h 13m 47s
Little Death Hollow - Wolverine Canyon Loop Utah20.0810No
Mailbox - Granite Linkup Washington20.011500No
Moose Mountain Traverse: Double Traverse New Hampshire20.04500Yes6h 44m 57s
Mount Terror Washington20.010000No
Mt Morrison Duathlon Out & Back (CO)Colorado20.03,448 ftYes2h 32m47s
Rose Peak from Del ValleCalifornia20.05858Yes4h 41m42s
Rush Creek Regional Trail: Out & Back Minnesota20.0400No
Sanitarado - Eldoitas (Boulder, CO)Colorado20.08,249 ftYes7h 10m 24s
Sassafras Mountain Georgia20.04435Yes4h 37m39s
Sedona Triple CrownArizona20.04000No
Zoar Valley Trail Ohio20.0582Yes3h 27m24s
Sidewinder Trail (CO)Colorado20.12,726 ftYes3h 16m 33s
Stone Bridge & Long Prairie Trails Illinois20.2448No
Burke-Gilman Trail: Golden Gardens Park to Blythe Washington20.2244Yes2h 20m 4s
Dallas Cedar Hill Spine Line Texas20.22500No
Alps of Oregon: Matterhorn & Sacajawea Oregon20.36745Yes5h 45m 10s
MD/WV Triple Crown (Loudoun Heights Maryland Heights Weverton Cliffs)West Virginia20.33894Yes5h 59m 45s
Sammamish River Trail: Out & Back Washington20.4144Yes3h 25m 36s
Earl Cardot Eastside Overland Trail New York20.41960Yes4h 36m 35s
Upheaval LoopUtah20.43754No
West Maroon Trail (CO)Colorado20.45,396 mNo
DTE Energy Foundation Trail: All Four Loops Michigan20.51226Yes
Grand Canyon Crossings: R2RArizona20.57410Yes3h 11m 57s
Grandjean Sawtooth Lake Loop Idaho20.54022Yes6h 22m 7s
Santa Rosa Mountain California20.53600No
Sulphur Mountain Road California20.52572Yes2h 33m 20s
Torreys to Bierstadt (CO)Colorado20.58,566 ftNo
Wassataquoik-Katahdin LoopMaine20.75476No
Monroe Skyline Gap-to-Gap-to-Gap Vermont20.75800Yes6h 1m 24s
Phoenix Phearsome PhourArizona20.75500Yes4h 21m 58s
Vermont 4000ers: Just The Peaks Vermont20.710702Yes10h 23m14s
Whitehall Upton Loop Massachussetts20.71738Yes3h 14m5s
Yosemite Valley Loop California20.71470Yes3h 18m22s
Crater Rim Trail Oregon20.73179Yes3h 19m12s
Banks-Vernonia State Trail Oregon20.8433Yes2h 58m 0s
Monadnock: Quad Traverse New Hampshire20.87488NoYes
San Mateo Peak & Blue Mountain New Mexico20.86329Yes7h 57m 31s
South Taconic TrailMassachussetts20.85154No
Crest Trail T25 New Mexico20.93754No
Kalalau Trail Hawaii20.95948Yes4h 47m30s
LAX - BUR California20.9974No
Norwottuck Rail Trail Massachussetts20.9281Yes2h 46m 4s
Rivanna Trail: One Loop Virginia20.91222Yes2h 47m56s
Debar Meadows to Debar MountainNew York21.02558Yes5h 58m 19s
Antero, Tabeguache & Shavano Blank Cabin TH(CO)Colorado21.09406No
Cirque of the Towers TraverseWyoming21.04625No
Falling Waters Trail: Out & Back Michigan21.0100Yes
Fort Henry Loop Tennessee21.02093No
Glacier Gorge TraverseColorado21.010,600 ftYes11h 21m 48s
Hoodlebug Trail Pennsylvania21.01027Yes4h 51m 55s
Ilse's Triple CrownMaine21.08350No
Inspiration Traverse Washington21.014062No
Jack Mountain Washington21.011450No
Larch Mountain: Up & Down Washington21.03507Yes3h 29m10s
Mike Levine Lakelands Trail: One Way Michigan21.0275Yes
Minnesota Lowest to Highest: One Way Minnesota21.02200No
Rabbit Peak California21.08300Yes6h 33m28s
Snowbank Lake Loops: Snowbank Only Minnesota21.03000No
South Yuba River National Recreation Trail California21.03000Yes4h 49m 51s
Temple PeakWyoming21.04373No
Neusiok TrailNorth Carolina21.1360No
South Grand Hogback Traverse (CO)Colorado21.17,149 ftNo
Watermelon Loop in the Sandias New Mexico21.14600Yes3h 35m 54s
Ragged Ridge Washington21.212800
Chehalis Western Trail Washington21.2384Yes3h 14m 24s
Chicago O'Hare - Midway Illinois21.2187No
The Full CrowderNorth Carolina21.34950No
Cone Peak: Stone Ridge & Vicente Flat California21.36154Yes14h 47m 54s
Plott Balsam Range Traverse North Carolina21.37694No
Springwater Corridor Oregon21.3256No
Mount Deception Washington21.46270No
Road's End (Kings Canyon NP) - Onion Valley, E to W California21.42687No
Road's End (Kings Canyon NP) - Onion Valley, W to E California21.46647No
Wapack Trail: Standard New Hampshire21.45000No
Broken Top-South Sister Oregon21.58150Yes7h 12m 28s
Pacific Palisades - Tarzana: Out & Back California21.53619Yes4h 34m 20s
Three Fingered Jack: Loop AroundOregon21.53940Yes3h 7m 12s
Clouds Rest Yosemite: Up & Down from Happy IslesCalifornia21.66393Yes4h 28m3s
La Sal 12er Traverse Utah21.69210No
Back 40 Loop Arkansas21.71950Yes5h 3m6s
Chief Illini Trail: Out & Back Illinois21.73000Yes6h 24m58s
Glastenbury/West Ridge Loop Vermont21.74450Yes5h 19m 10s
Lakeshore Trail Michigan21.7500Yes
North Branch Trail: One Way Illinois21.7232Yes4h 15m55s
Wissahickon Four Corners Pennsylvania21.82943Yes4h 4m 43s
Adirondack Great Range Traverse: Standard New York21.810062Yes6h 9m 6s
Adirondack Great Range Traverse: Standard, Winter New York21.810062Yes11h 50m 26s
Big Rock Ridge: Out & Back California21.85332Yes3h 13m11s
Mt Whitney: Trail Car to Car California21.86605Yes4h 54m24s
Suffern - Bear Mountain Trail: One Way New York21.85290Yes5h 55m 10s
Wallkill Valley Rail Trail: One Way New York21.8271Yes3h 5m 23s
White River State Trail: One Way Wisconsin21.9289No
Squam Range New Hampshire21.96736Yes5h 26m7s
American Tobacco Trail: One Way North Carolina22.0595Yes2h 54m 46s
Burr Oak Backpack Trail Ohio22.02000No
Cascade Trail: Sedro Woolley - Concrete Washington22.0625Yes3h 48m 1s
Devil's Path: One Way New York22.08300Yes5h 29m34s
Devil's Path: Winter New York22.08300No
Finger Lakes Trail - Letchworth Branch: One Way New York22.03146Yes4h 54m 19s
Flatirons Linkups 33Spring Classics (Boulder, CO)Colorado22.013,000 ftNo
Glacial Lakes State TrailMinnesota22.0207No
GUMO - McKittrick Canyon to Guadalupe PeakTexas22.07440No
Lake Geneva Shore Path Wisconsin22.0300Yes2h 36m 32s
Linville Gorge: Wilderness Loop North Carolina22.04487Yes5h 58m 48s
Logan Pass Seven Summits ScrambleMontana22.012000No
Marvin Braude Bike Trail California22.0133No
Narragansett Trail: Full TrailRhode Island22.02020No
Ouachita - Boardstand - Old Military Road Trails Loop Oklahoma22.02700No
Painted Traverse Washington22.012000No
PCT-Herman Creek Loop Oregon22.05500Yes3h 57m29s
Pinchot Trail Pennsylvania22.01830Yes5h 37m4s
Ramapo Dunderberg New York22.05500Yes6h 1m24s
Reno to Rose Nevada22.06900Yes5h 59m44s
Rhode Island Lowest to Highest Rhode Island22.02000No
Sage Creek Wilderness Area Loop (Badlands NP)South Dakota22.01300Yes5h 27m 40s
Sanitarado (Boulder, CO)Colorado22.08489 ftYes6h 49m55s
Spiller Canyon Horseshoe California22.010000No
Sugar River State Trail: One Way Wisconsin22.0175Yes3h 29m 38s
Switchgrass Mountain Bike TrailKansas22.01814No
The 400 State TrailWisconsin22.089Yes3h 50m 9s
Western Maryland Rail Trail: Old TrailMaryland22.040No
Wham Ridge (CO)Colorado22.07,600 ftNo
The Wedge in San Rafael SwellUtah22.11490No
Juniper Mesa LoopArizona22.22531No
Saugatuck Trail: Out & Back Connecticut22.24200Yes4h 5m46s
Tuolumne Alpine Grand Slam California22.210307No
Tully Trail Massachussetts22.32477Yes3h 50m34s
Wauponsee Glacial Trail: One Way Illinois22.3400No
Willow Lake 3 Passes Loop (CO)Colorado22.35,825 ftYes5h 59m 35s
Steens Mountain Crossing Oregon22.35222Yes11h 15m 0s
Smithville Lake: Smoke & Davey - Cabin Fever Missouri22.41368No
Interloken Trail New York22.41442Yes3h 50m53s
White Cap Mtn Maine22.45475Yes8h 32m6s
8 Petals of Mt Rose Nevada22.56558No
Cimmarrona - CDT- Williams Creek Loop (CO)Colorado22.55,000 ftNo
Escarpment Trail: One Way New York22.55800Yes4h 44m56s
Franconia Notch - Crawford Notch New Hampshire22.58200No
Holland Peak LoopMontana22.510000No
Northshore Trail Grapevine Lake: Out & Back Texas22.51500Yes3h 55m 35s
Pine Lakes LoopOregon22.55177No
Whiteface Massif Traverse: Out & Back New York22.58225No
Tour de St JohnUS Virgin Island22.63636No
Three Fingered Jack: Summit & CircumnavigationOregon22.64810No
Catskills Fire Towers New York22.67500Yes7h 15m 0s
French Louie Loop New York22.62144Yes4h 51m17s
Old River Trail: One WayArkansas22.62671No
Park to Playa Trail California22.61529Yes2h 54m4s
Mt. RearguardMontana22.75200No
Angel's Staircase Washington22.74900Yes4h 37m14s
Black Mountain Crest Trail: Out & Back North Carolina22.78058No
Hart-Montague Trail Michigan22.7361Yes
Summit Trail (S Warner Wilderness): One WayCalifornia22.73636Yes5h 46m 8s
Whites Creek Trail Missouri22.72500No
Sterling Mine Ditch Trail: One WayOregon22.71234Yes3h 30m 44s
Upper Big Cottonwood Canyon TraverseUtah22.86243No
Wiouwash State Trail Southern Segment Wisconsin22.8161Yes4h 50m 59s
Seven Lakes Loop Idaho22.86240No
Chisos Escalada Texas22.85049No
Standing Indian Loop North Carolina22.84470Yes4h 54m 49s
Trinity Trail: One Way Texas22.81060Yes4h 59m 7s
Olympic Adventure Trail OAT Washington22.92704Yes3h 13m 49s
Mt Shasta: Sisson Historic Climbers Route California22.910466Yes9h 57m23s
Southern New England Trunkline Trail Massachussetts22.9525Yes10/23/2021
Big Marvine Loop (CO)Colorado23.03,724 mYes6h 37m 16s
Clyde MinaretCalifornia23.04600No
Colonial Parkway Virginia23.0712No
Crown-Zellerbach Trail: One WayOregon23.01827Yes3h 1m 42s
Cushman Six Peaks Washington23.012000Yes17h 35m 33s
Franconia Notch Loop New Hampshire23.09047Yes9h 4m49s
Green Lake Circumnavigation Wisconsin23.0978No
Lost Creek Wilderness Loops - Small Loop (CO)Colorado23.05,761 ftYes4h 44m 2s
Mohican Mountain Bike Trail Ohio23.02800Yes3h 54m 13s
Northern Sangres Traverse (CO)Colorado23.09,114 ftNo
Oval Peak: Star & Courtney PeaksWashington23.09966No
Rito Alto Four Pass Loop (CO)Colorado23.06,000 ftYes5h 46m 20s
Suomi Hills Redline Minnesota23.02700No
Surveyor's Ridge Trail: Out & BackOregon23.03159Yes6h 16m27s
Tarbell Trail Washington23.04000Yes4h 5m42s
Traprock 5.8 Challenge Connecticut23.04560No
Worcester East-West Trail Massachussetts23.0555Yes2h 59m 34s
Deschutes River Railbed Trail: One WayOregon23.1367Yes3h 46m 11s
Superstition Ridgeline: Out & BackArizona23.18944No
Palo Duro Canyon R2LH2R2RTexas23.23383Yes4h 21m 0s
Mt Hinman: Necklace ValleyWashington23.27162No
Valley of 10000 Smokes Road - Katmai NPAlaska23.22800No
Central HardwoodsKentucky23.31378Yes3h 43m38s
Columbia River Gorge Triple D Oregon23.310509Yes7h 49m 46s
Great French Louie LoopNew York23.34150No
Mt Le Conte: Vertical Mile Tennessee23.35636Yes5h 21m 6s
Buckskin & Paria Canyons: Wire Pass to White House TH Utah23.4253Yes3h 29m 15s
Cloud Peak: TH to THWyoming23.44860Yes7h 46m52s
The Priest & Three Ridges: Standard Virginia23.47300Yes5h 2m18s
Boise River Greenbelt Idaho23.5348Yes4h 38m 21s
Pachaug Trail: Standard Connecticut23.52500Yes4h 33m39s
Woodbridge Greenway Loop Connecticut23.52590Yes4h 10m 40s
Lake Vernon Loop California23.65157Yes6h 29m39s
Tour of Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina23.6170No
Kilauea Sea-to-Summit Hawaii23.73700Yes3h 49m 42s
Wissahickon Green Ribbon Trail: Out & Back Pennsylvania23.7561No
Mount Greylock Round Massachussetts23.85937No
Desolation 7 Summits - SummerCalifornia23.99840Yes9h 23m 2s
Desolation 7 Summits - WinterCalifornia23.99840No
Salt Creek Greenway Trail Illinois23.9413No
Telescope Peak: Telescope & Wildrose from Charcoal KilnCalifornia23.97070Yes8h 18m54s
Barrier Islands SwimrunSouth Carolina24.0100No
Chautauqua Rails to Trails New York24.0410No
Crazy Mountain LoopMontana24.05600No
Easy Pass Washington24.04000Yes5h 21m44s
Elkhorn Crest Trail: One WayOregon24.02700No
Maunakea: Ascent from Hamakua CoastHawaii24.013752No
RanBar TraverseNew Hampshire24.08000No
Verdugo Mountains Traverse California24.04560Yes3h 27m 20s
Green Mountains Presidential Traverse - Vermont Presi Vermont24.17265No
South Chickamauga Creek GreenwayTennessee24.1817Yes3h 22m 59s
Evan's Notch LoopMaine24.28125Yes8h 25m37s
Mount Ascutney: Triple Loop Vermont24.28400No
HURL: Hyalite Ultimate Ridge LinkupMontana24.313000No
North Fork Mountain Trail: Downhill (S-N) West Virginia24.33222Yes4h 6m 57s
North Fork Mountain Trail: Uphill (N-S)West Virginia24.36024Yes5h 2m 14s
Lincoln Prairie Grass Trail Illinois24.3358No
Bishop "Sky Marathon"California24.34000No
Holly Shelter Game Land North Carolina24.4266No
Charlestown State Park Seven Trail Run Indiana24.52200No
Circum Barkhamsted Reservoir Connecticut24.53100No
Fires Creek Rim Trail (Counterclockwise)North Carolina24.57250No
Ghost Town Trail: C&I Extension Out & Back Pennsylvania24.5869No
Jack-Snowall-French Creeks Washington24.54200Yes7h 1m 51s
Lake Mendota Loop Wisconsin24.51100No
Donaho Peak Alaska24.51976No
Ashdown Gorge R2RUtah24.66500No
Briarcliff - Peekskill Trailway: Out & Back New York24.62570No
Cochise Stronghold LoopArizona24.63091Yes5h 2m 24s
Dollysods CircumnavigationWest Virginia24.63214No
Nashua River Rail Trail: Out & BackMassachussetts24.6250No
Snowbank Lake Loops: Snowbank - DisappoinmentMinnesota24.61354Yes8h 5m 13s
Yockanookany Trail South: Out & BackMississippi24.61400No
Fred J. Cusimano Westside Overland Trail New York24.62312Yes6h 26m 15s
Mount Hooper LoopCalifornia24.76175No
Mount Shinn California24.75No
Green Circle Trail Wisconsin24.7384Yes4h 21m 32s
Lake Marburg Circumnavigation Pennsylvania24.7539No
Mount Margaret Loop Washington24.86755Yes5h 42m 52s
Tubal Cain River Run & B-17 Crash Site Washington24.83954Yes4h 32m 30s
High Trestle Trail Iowa24.8426No
Cape Cod National Seashore Traverse Massachussetts24.8100Yes5h 12m 26s
Guadalupe Peak: Laps in 12 HoursTexas24.99546No
Allegheny Highlands Trail West Virginia25.0800No
Buzzard Marathon Pennsylvania25.05464Yes4h 8m29s
Cut Foot Sioux National Recreation Trail Minnesota25.01000No
Fox River State Trail Wisconsin25.0216No
Gore Range, Alpha to Omega (CO)Colorado25.011,000 feetNo
Taum Sauk Mountain Missouri25.03800No
Camel's Hump: 4 Humped Camel Vermont25.111450Yes9h 29m50s
I-90 Corridor "Backside" Washington25.28376No
Neal Smith Trail Iowa25.2803No
Rainy Lake Trail: Out & Back Minnesota25.2400No
Terrace Mountain Trail Pennsylvania25.24357Yes5h 50m 39s
Mohawk Trail Connecticut25.35820Yes5h 21m48s
Adventure Hiking Trail: Standard Indiana25.54500Yes5h 12m 51s
Isle Au Haut Trace Maine25.52470Yes5h 53m 26s
Pioneer National Recreation Trail California25.51850No
RMNP CDT Loop (CO)Colorado25.54,000 ftYes5h 15m13s
Winona State Forest New York25.61600Yes5h 15m 23s
Berryman Trail Missouri25.62236Yes5h 51m4s
Bizz Johnson Trail California25.6354Yes4h 43m 48s
Charles C. Deam Wilderness Loop Indiana25.62500Yes5h 47m 22s
Chiricahua All TrailsArizona25.64000Yes7h 36m32s
Lost Coast Trail: Northern SectionCalifornia25.63337YesYes5h 33m 30s
NJ Palisades Long Path / Shore Trail New Jersey25.62200Yes4h 51m 43s
Rock Island Trail: One Way Illinois25.6350No
Sawtooth Ridge Slam Washington25.611305Yes11h 48m 13s
Ware River Rail Trail Massachussetts25.6360NoYes
Whistler Canyon / Wildhorse Trail: Out & Back Washington25.64075NoYes
North Country Trail: Moraine & McConnell's Mill State Parks One Way Pennsylvania25.74377Yes7h 44m 25s
Cache Dash TraverseWyoming25.710517Yes10h 6m0s
Catskill Scenic Trail New York25.71368No
Nehantic Trail: Out & Back Connecticut25.73200Yes4h 58m 45s
Rocky Top - Thunderhead - Brier Knob Loop Tennessee25.86200Yes5h 23m 30s
Tanawha Marathon (Double Traverse)North Carolina25.83025Yes6h 31m 48s
North Franklin Mountain LoopTexas25.93756No
Paugussett Trail: Out & Back Connecticut25.95010Yes6h 37m50s
Adena Trace Indiana26.02500Yes5h 32m22s
Crest Trail #130 (Sandia Mtns): One WayNew Mexico26.05626Yes4h 17m 13s
East Dupage River Illinois26.0100No
Giant - Dix Traverse New York26.010000Yes11h 13m 18s
Legendary Smarts - Cube Traverse: Out & Back New Hampshire26.04654No
Mount Aix to Nelson Ridge Lollipop Washington26.09655No
Park City Skyline Traverse Utah26.07300Yes8h 16m 19s
Rocky Peak LoopCalifornia26.05000No
San Clemente Loop: Pier - Summit - Pier California26.02468Yes4h 28m 50s
Santa Barbara Pier to Peak to Pier California26.04110No
Angostura Pass Marathon (Santa Barbara CA)California26.05028No
Seven Devils Loop Idaho26.04941No
AMC 3 Huts Loop New Hampshire26.111000No
Tatoosh Traverse Washington26.112974No
Acadia Mountain Marathon Maine26.27000No
Beach from Seattle to Everett Washington26.2115Yes4h 59m 25s
Capitol Reef Four Canyon Loop Utah26.23000Yes7h 8m 42s
Douglas State Trail Minnesota26.2460Yes3h 56m54s
Porcupine Mountains Loop Michigan26.23780Yes
Mount Ashland & PCT to Pilot Rock Oregon26.37667Yes8h 21m 43s
Cape Cod Rail Trail Massachussetts26.3700Yes4h 25m7s
Diamond Lake Double, Thielsen & Bailey Oregon26.37145No
Garden Key Dry Tortugas National Park Florida26.30No
Lost Turkey Trail Pennsylvania26.34131No
Eagle Rock Loop Arkansas26.44029Yes7h 46m21s
Regicides Trail: Out & Back X 2 Connecticut26.43530Yes6h 6m 30s
San Bernardino 9 Peaks Traverse: Point to PointCalifornia26.47780Yes6h 43m 42s
Chicago Park Boulevard System Historic District Illinois26.5130No
Davis Path - Dry River Loop New Hampshire26.57100Yes8h 48m 13s
Foss Lakes - Iron Cap Loop Washington26.58000
Pawnee - Buchanan Loop (CO)Colorado26.56,850 ftYes5h 5m7s
Seven Pass LoopWashington26.54500Yes7h 57m46s
Wabash Heritage Trail Indiana26.5630No
Water Conservation Area 2B Levee Greenway Florida26.5500No
Park City-Gobblers Knob Utah26.66674No
Collins Gulf & Savage Gulf ComboTennessee26.73296Yes8h 26m 8s
Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail Utah26.769Yes2h 59m 23s
Taconic RimNew York26.77271Yes9h 11m11s
Turkey Creek Trail Texas26.8367Yes3h 47m8s
Whistler Canyon / Wildhorse Trail: Whistler Canyon TH to Mt Hull Washington26.84190No
Gardner & North Gardner Washington26.98500No
Mattatuck Trail: Southern Section Connecticut26.94705Yes6h 0m 28s
Swan Song / Gulf Song Loop: Gulf Song New Hampshire26.913541Yes14h 35m 44s
Mt.Mansfield - Camel's Hump Challenge Vermont26.99406Yes9h 49m 31s
Big Savage Mountain TrailMaryland27.0630Yes4h 10m 55s
Douglas County East to West TrailColorado27.01,961 ftNo
Good Water Loop Lake Georgetown: One Loop Texas27.01142No
Iron Horse Regional Trail California27.0400Yes3h 18m 27s
Kings Peak Utah27.05300Yes4h 47m56s
Maroon Bells 4 Passes Loop (CO)Colorado27.07,800 ftYes5h 18m 2s
Monon Trail Indiana27.0230Yes3h 3m52s
NJ Appalachian Trail: Delaware Gap - Culvers Gap New Jersey27.04209No
Ohlone Wilderness Trail California27.07000No
Old Loggers Path Pennsylvania27.04400Yes6h 5m3s
Ozark Trail: North Fork Section Missouri27.02400No
Pachaug - Nehantic Loop Connecticut27.02400Yes6h 53m23s
Pinnell Mountain Trail Alaska27.06000No
Richard Goodwin Trail: Out & Back Connecticut27.03000No
Santiago Peak: Loop California27.05795Yes6h 38m2s
The Beaten Path: One WayMontana27.03180Yes6h 23m16s
Trail Between the Lakes: One Way Texas27.01750No
Upper Charles Trail: Out & BackMassachussetts27.0357Yes4h 23m18s
McGee Creek to Coldwater Creek CampgroundCalifornia27.16813No
Half Dome - Glacier Point Loop California27.18649No
Corbin Park Loop New Hampshire27.23300No
Truchas Peak New Mexico27.26789No
Great High Peaks Traverse New York27.214463Yes10h 44m 24s
O&W Rail Trail New York27.3560No
Trans-RMNP MarathonColorado27.34,670 ftNo
Cusick Mountain Oregon27.46138No
Enchantment Enchainment Washington27.418400No
Lost Coast Trail: Southern Section California27.47431Yes7h 21m38s
Wildwood Trail: One WayOregon27.42897Yes3h 50m29s
Bremerton Ferry to Bainbridge Ferry Washington27.51494No
Bear Mountain State Park 7 Summits New York27.57500Yes9h 30m 0s
Catoctin National Scenic Trail: One WayMaryland27.54750Yes5h 11m 33s
McKenzie River Trail: One WayOregon27.52607Yes3h 23m 59s
Wallowa River LoopOregon27.54843No
AT Roller Coaster: VA 7 - US 50: Out & Back Virginia27.68500No
Minong Ridge Trail Michigan27.63677No
Twin Valley Trail: Standard Ohio27.62440Yes6h 59m 27s
Pacific Crest Trail: Harts Pass - Northern Terminus Washington27.75160No
Big Frog Mtn: LoopTennessee27.84398No
Wild Oak Trail Virginia27.87418Yes4h 56m0s
Clark and Luahna Peak Double Washington28.08600No
Emerald and Sapphire Lakes Trinity Alps Wilderness California28.04300No
Hancock Shaker Village Loop Massachussetts28.06000Yes8h 5m 56s
Nankoweap TrailArizona28.07570No
Northwest Lancaster County River Trail Pennsylvania28.0300No
Ralston Creek Trail Out & Back (CO)Colorado28.01,500 ftNo
Snake River National Recreation Trail (SRNRT) #102 Idaho28.04000No
Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Traverse Oregon28.05500No
Western Maryland Rail Trail: New TrailMaryland28.082Yes3h 40m 46s
Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail New Hampshire28.2522Yes6h 33m 8s
Central Wasatch Cross-Canyon Ramble Utah28.211624No
Crab Orchard Lake Loop Illinois28.2879No
Devils Postpile - Mammoth TH California28.28500No
Mahoosuc TraverseMaine28.311391YesYes7h 16m 0s
Pacific Crest Trail - Angeles NF, Vincent Gap to Three Points California28.36490No
Swan Song / Gulf Song Loop: Swan Song New Hampshire28.319750YesYes19h 35m 25s
Tour du Greylock Massachussetts28.47500No
Zion Downhill Utah28.44662No
Albany Pine Bush Circuit New York28.5942No
Sierra Vista Trail New Mexico28.51644No
Illinois River Trail: One WayOregon28.66490Yes9h 16m 23s
Lower Foothills TraverseIdaho28.75050No
Pemigewasset Loop: Single New Hampshire28.79100Yes6h 31m49s
Pemigewasset Loop: Winter New Hampshire28.79100Yes9h 15m0s
Seneca Creek Greenway TrailMaryland28.72005Yes4h 26m 29s
Uinta Crusher Loop Utah28.811550Yes14h 18m59s
Adirondack Great Range Traverse: Ultra TourNew York28.818914No
Deer Creek LollipopArizona28.87392Yes13h 56m 5s
Driftless Horse Trail Governor Dodge SP: Two Loops Wisconsin28.84080Yes6h 34m 10s
Lake of Egypt Loop Illinois28.81677No
Tuolumne Alpine Grand Slam: On Foot California28.910472No
Chena Dome Trail Alaska29.08300No
Diamond Peak Oregon29.06300No
Hatchery Creek - Icicle Creek - Chiwaukum Washington29.08300No
MacLure High RouteCalifornia29.06500No
San Bernardino 9 Peaks Traverse: Loop California29.08400Yes13h 28m 0s
Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge: Standard New York29.010000YesYes7h 44m 58s
Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge: Winter New York29.010000No
Stone Mountain State Park Every Single TrailNorth Carolina29.06000No
Carter Moriah Range Traverse: PicnicNew Hampshire29.17200No
Minnewaska Grand TourNew York29.14400No
Crater Lake Rim High Route Oregon29.27205Yes7h 31m 2s
Devil's River State Trail: Out & BackWisconsin29.2392No
President Carter Loop New Hampshire29.314078No
Terror Lake to Town Alaska29.310300No
Downs MountainWyoming29.36903
Heritage Trail Iowa29.4300No
Green Rock Trail Missouri29.43904Yes11h 23m45s
Ozaukee Interurban Trail Wisconsin29.4598Yes5h 9m 41s
Tiger Mountain Trail: Out & Back Washington29.47044Yes6h 35m 59s
White Pass to Pilot Ridge Loop Washington29.47228Yes9h 0m 23s
Sea to Summit - Orange County California29.47000No
Trans Nantucket 3 Lighthouse Run Massachussetts29.4404No
Chinook National Recreation Trail - Section 1Washington29.55537No
Cranberry Wilderness LoopWest Virginia29.52953Yes8h 43m 28s
Lake Placid 9er Challenge: Standard New York29.59512Yes10h 5m 51s
Manitou Missing Link Loop (CO)Colorado29.56,200 ftYes7h 10m 36s
Around Mt Adams: CircumnavigationWashington29.66250
Mount Ascutney: All 5 Trails Up & DownVermont29.612769No
Mount Rose: Tahoe-Rose-Tahoe Nevada29.65233No
Seven Devils Loop tagging Dry Diggins LookoutIdaho29.66230Yes7h 4m 50s
Feldtmann Loop Michigan29.73983No
Scott Farm to Doyle Hotel on the AT: Out & Back Pennsylvania29.74889No
Telescope Peak: RT from Shorty's Well California29.711686Yes12h 46m 11s
West Rim Trail (Lycoming County)Pennsylvania29.75024Yes6h 27m 33s
Big Bonanza TrailNevada29.86566No
Pacific Crest Trail: Harts Pass to Rainy Pass Washington29.84629Yes5h 41m 40s
Wild Basin Traverse (CO)Colorado29.815,039 ftNo
Los Angeles County: Schabarum-Skyline Trail California29.84705No
Pine Valley Summit Trail Traverse Utah29.96602No
Big Cypress on the FTFlorida30.08No
Carquinez Bridge to Bridge Loop California30.03100No
Coal Creek Trail Out & Back (CO)Colorado30.0256 ftNo
Cold River Loop New York30.02022Yes6h 29m20s
Enola Low Grade Trail Pennsylvania30.0400No
Full Evolution Crest Traverse California30.030000No
Great Smoky Mountains Peak LoopTennessee30.07300Yes6h 22m 55s
Klickitat Trail : One WayWashington30.01506Yes5h 44m56s
Klickitat Trail : Out & BackWashington30.01649No
La Bohn Traverse: One Way Washington30.06150Yes11h 19m51s
Lake Sunapee Circumnavigation New Hampshire30.04250Yes10h 31m 29s
Mt Williamson: Standard RouteCalifornia30.011150No
Mt Williamson: Williamson & Tyndall California30.011150Yes14h 23m18s
Mt. Clark: NW Arete Up & Down California30.07961No
Prairie Sunset Trail: Out & BackKansas30.0312Yes6h 17m 51s
Shuksan-Baker Grand Double Washington30.014000No
The Mad DashMontana30.05090No
Windy Peak Lollipop Washington30.07000No
Zaleski Backpack Trail Ohio30.05000Yes9h 15m 1s
Columbia Trail: Out & BackNew Jersey30.2500No
Glass Mountains Traverse California30.28380NoYes
Mount Taylor New Mexico30.24728No
National Trail: Out & BackArizona30.24718Yes5h 39m48s
Outer Mountain Loop Texas30.27330Yes9h 1m 58s
Sebago to the Sea TrailMaine30.2980Yes5h 0m45s
Wind River PeakWyoming30.26723Yes8h 21m31s
Upper San Leandro Reservoir LoopCalifornia30.36600No
Wild River Loop: Short New Hampshire30.39078No
Snowbank Lake Loops: Snowbank - Old PinesMinnesota30.44042No
Mt Le Conte: Alum Cave 3X Tennessee30.510911No
Bryce Canyon Traverse: Point to Point Utah30.55549Yes6h 17m39s
Loowit Trail Washington30.57100Yes5h 30m47s
Rainy Pass - Cascade Pass: One WayWashington30.54464No
The Headless Horsemen: Horse to Horse to Horse to Horse Oregon30.53360Yes7h 12m 29s
Bay Area Two Bridges California30.61261Yes3h 50m 8s
Mini Mineral King Loop California30.69475No
Tomorrow River Trail Wisconsin30.6389Yes7h 48m 38s
Southern Winds CrossingWyoming30.73066No
Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley: Downhill California30.75331Yes6h 21m 0s
Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley: Uphill California30.710445Yes7h 21m 28s
Catskills Devil Path - the "other" 9 New York30.711535No
Mt McLoughlin CircumnavigationOregon30.83586Yes8h 39m 12s
Appalachian Trail: Roan Mountain Highlands Tennessee30.87880No
Denali Alaska30.813110No
Guardian Peaks Trifecta Oregon30.817689No
Pacific Crest Trail: Devil's Slide TH to Hwy 10 California30.84123No
Pennypack Trail (Out & Back)Pennsylvania30.8780No
Powwow Trail Minnesota30.92641No
Alpine Lakes Crest Traverse Washington30.913744No
Boroughs Loop: Pleasant St Bypass Massachussetts30.92182No
Boulder Mail Trail: Out & Back Utah30.96785No
Hilo to Volcano 50K Hawaii30.93802No
South Mountain Park, National - Alta Trail Loop (AZ)Arizona30.95331Yes5h 35m 47s
Chikamin Lollipop Washington30.911447No
Allegrippis Trails Pennsylvania31.03340Yes7h 21m 39s
Art Loeb Trail: Northbound North Carolina31.09200Yes6h 48m10s
Art Loeb Trail: Southbound North Carolina31.09200Yes10h 35m 52s
Ashokan Reservoir Circumnavigation New York31.01000No
Broken Top Bottle Shop to Broken Top Mountain Oregon31.07500Yes9h 6m 0s
Chinook Pass Loop Washington31.06000Yes5h 49m32s
Cove to Grove Traverse California31.06200No
Des Plaines River Trail: Lake County Illinois31.0697Yes3h 41m 34s
Fort Morgan to Florida 50kAlabama31.0115No
Glacier Peak Washington31.010700Yes9h 6m31s
High Bridge Trail Virginia31.01013No
Long Island Greenbelt Trail New York31.01120Yes6h 59m 4s
Medoc Mountain State Park Every Single TrailNorth Carolina31.01600No
Mt Rainier Northern Loop Trail Washington31.08231Yes6h 47m 41s
Pachaug Trail: DuathlonConnecticut31.02800Yes5h 16m0s
Patapsco Valley State Park Traverse: One WayMaryland31.03000Yes7h 28m 47s
Puerto Rico : Sea to SkiPuerto Rico31.04500No
Sugarcreek Green Trail Ohio31.01200No
Umunhum and El Sombroso California31.05938No
Utah Triple Crown Utah31.07700Yes10h 54m1s
MS Gulf Coast Bridge to Bridge Mississippi31.1282No
Grand Isle Loop Vermont31.11506Yes4h 16m26s
Snoqualmie Valley Trail Washington31.1167Yes4h 16m 17s
Illinois Prairie Path: Forest Park - Aurora Illinois31.2448No
Rim Trail (T105)New Mexico31.25000No
Bob Marshall Traverse: Standard New York31.315400Yes13h 7m 11s
Bob Marshall Traverse: WinterNew York31.315400Yes15h 39m 33s
Clinton River Trail Michigan31.3497No
Crosstown Trail: Out & Back California31.43839No
Little Blue Trace Trail Missouri31.4299No
Pole Mountain via Sea to Sky Trail Jenner Headlands: 2 Laps California31.47640Yes5h 35m 48s
Montauk Lighthouse - Sag Harbor Wharf New York31.5855Yes4h 3m 24s
PilTriple: 22/Heather/Pilchuck Washington31.57074No
Virgin River Rim Trail: One Way Utah31.54255Yes7h 36m 4s
Homestead Trail Nebraska31.6298Yes8h 44m 1s
Bolinas Ridge to Bridge California31.64959Yes5h 1m 36s
Ozark Highlands Trail: Sylamore Section Arkansas31.65415No
Avenue of the Giants: One Way California31.61200Yes5h 10m50s
Cottonwood Marble Loop (Death Valley CA)California31.74550YesYes5h 12m 51s
Edge of Appalachia Buckeye Trail Section Ohio31.74600No
Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail: Out & Back Minnesota31.7928No
Pittsburgh Stairs Pennsylvania31.77562No
Wichita - Valley Center Floodway: One WayKansas31.7453Yes7h 1m 31s
Issaquah Alps Grand Traverse Washington31.88570No
San Diego Pier to Pier California31.91365Yes4h 30m 46s
All of Manhattan's Bridges!New York32.02000No
Arlington Loop: Two Loops Virginia32.0700Yes5h 12m8s
Boroughs Loop: West St Bypass (Older) Massachussetts32.02800Yes7h 5m51s
Brasstown Bald: Soup to Nuts Georgia32.08700No
Buddha Temple (Southeast Face 5.6)Arizona32.016000No
Chugach Front Linkup Alaska32.021000
City of Buffalo Perimeter New York32.0540Yes5h 5m 27s
Crater Lake Rim Drive: Not Winter Oregon32.03675Yes4h 53m 20s
Crater Lake Rim Drive: WinterOregon32.03675No
East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail: One Way California32.06000YesYes4h 50m 13s
Great Basin NP Traverse Nevada32.013000No
Indiana Dunes High Traverse: Out & Back Indiana32.02400No
Issy Alps: 50kWashington32.013175Yes8h 40m 30s
Ives Trail: Out & Back Connecticut32.06739Yes8h 23m46s
Long 7 Sisters 22 Massachussetts32.01840YesYes5h 42m21s
Long Cane Horse Trail: Figure 8South Carolina32.02000Yes6h 50m56s
Mount Adams Traverse Washington32.09100No
Pilot Mountain State Park Every Single TrailNorth Carolina32.04300No
Round HumpArizona32.03750Yes7h 55m52s
Ruby Jack Trail Missouri32.0557Yes7h 42m26s
San Dieguito River Trail California32.01510Yes5h 26m 39s
White Mountains Range TraverseCalifornia32.013000No
Hiawatha Trail and Bearskin State Trail Wisconsin32.0825No
Fox River Pathway Michigan32.1936No
Ice Age Trail Kettle Moraine South Wisconsin32.12673Yes4h 44m 59s
McHenry County Prairie Trail + Fox River TrailWisconsin32.1728No
OC&E Rail Trail: Woods LineSpurOregon32.1397Yes6h 37m0s
Crestone Centennial Circuit (CO)Colorado32.219,200 ftNo
Ghost Town Trail: One Way Pennsylvania32.21000Yes5h 24m 14s
Taos Traverse New Mexico32.210872No
Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail (American River Bike Trail) California32.31063No
Skyline Loop - Waterville ValleyNew Hampshire32.310633No
Ice Age Trail Sheboygan CountyWisconsin32.32139Yes9h 49m 50s
Row River Trail: Out & BackOregon32.3702Yes4h 7m35s
Thunder Swamp Trail Pennsylvania32.32736No
Tour of Milwaukee Wisconsin32.3570Yes5h 31m27s
Roaring Run Natural AreaPennsylvania32.35230No
Rock Creek TrailMaryland32.42605Yes4h 24m 44s
Amelia Island Perimeter Florida32.5171No
Charles River Link Trail: Out & BackMassachussetts32.51700Yes7h 41m 33s
Goat Rocks Peak TourWashington32.512000No
Lehigh Valley Trail: Out & Back New York32.5450Yes4h 44m 50s
Red Rock Quad Red Rocks NCA Nevada32.5No
Tuolumne Ultimate Radical Dome Linkup (TURDL)California32.511000No
Bugline Trail: Out & Back Wisconsin32.5958Yes4h 15m0s
Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup: Standard Utah32.718000Yes18h 27m 25s
Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup: Winter Utah32.718000No
Mission Trails Five Peak Challenge: Double California32.88832No
Manhattan Loop New York32.9423Yes3h 56m4s
Warner Trail: One WayRhode Island33.01906Yes7h 11m31s
Big Sur Loop California33.07700Yes6h 43m55s
Bigelow Range Traverse: Out & Back Maine33.013094No
Chief Ladiga Trail Alabama33.0750No
Chilkoot Trail Alaska33.07000Yes8h 1m36s
Indian Ridge TraverseColorado33.010,550 ftNo
Neuse River Trail: One Way North Carolina33.0500
Nipmuck Trail: West Branch Connecticut33.05036Yes11h 0m 31s
Rock Creek - Mammoth Lakes California33.08000Yes9h 28m 44s
Wild River Loop: Long New Hampshire33.19737No
San Dimas to Glendora Ridge Road California33.16969No
Penn Station to Penn StationNew Jersey33.21125Yes5h 45m 48s
Three Rivers TrailIowa33.2300No
Upper Dungeness 5 Peaks Washington33.311982Yes13h 6m 25s
Gerard Hiking Trail Pennsylvania33.35482Yes8h 15m2s
Beaver Island Perimeter Michigan33.3620No
The Acadia RoundMaine33.49134No
Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne California33.57191Yes7h 1m10s
Bucktail Path Pennsylvania33.55978No
Copper Ridge Loop Washington33.58800Yes7h 49m32s
Dosewallips River Trail - East Fork Quinault River Trail Washington33.56200Yes8h 26m 41s
Elroy-Sparta State Trail Wisconsin33.52218Yes6h 11m 32s
Ice Age Trail Kettle Moraine North Wisconsin33.54400Yes5h 23m 23s
Lake Lansing Trail: Ten LapsMichigan33.5410No
Mt Whitney: Round Trip from Lone Pine California33.510680Yes11h 24m47s
Wallowa Lake Tour Oregon33.67452Yes11h 17m 38s
Cumberland Valley on the AT: Out & Back Pennsylvania33.63448Yes8h 5m59s
Historic Gold Camp RoadColorado33.6792 ftYes4h 54m 42s
Maui Vertical VolcanoHawaii33.78689No
Saber Ridge California33.89042Yes12h 32m16s
Pine Creek Pentangle (CO)Colorado33.813,063 ftNo
Myakka Trail Florida33.9640Yes5h 52m21s
Fremont PeakWyoming34.07533Yes9h 4m7s
Linville Gorge: Hiking Circuit North Carolina34.08000No
Natchaug Trail: Out & Back Connecticut34.03800No
Owyhigh Lakes Loop Washington34.09588Yes8h 22m41s
Sanitarado & Back (Boulder, CO)Colorado34.014,500 ftNo
Teton CircumnavigationWyoming34.08000Yes6h 17m 14s
The Big Creek RimNorth Carolina34.08000No
Yosemite Rim LinkupCalifornia34.09407No
Clingman's Dome Deep Creek: LoopTennessee34.16995Yes9h 10m 22s
Great Western Trail Western Segment: Out & Back Illinois34.1373No
Tutka Backdoor Alaska34.19275Yes9h 11m57s
High Peaks Wilderness Traverse New York34.26300Yes10h 12m 27s
Haleakala Lollipop Hawaii34.37415No
South Bay Skyline Route California34.35000Yes7h 14m 9s
Oak Leaf Trail South Shore Line: Out & BackWisconsin34.4977No
Quinnipiac Trail: Double Old Q Connecticut34.48000Yes8h 54m 30s
Kal-Haven Trail: One Way Michigan34.5500No
Kennesaw Mountain - Stone Mountain Georgia34.53200No
Jane Addams Trail: Out & Back Illinois34.6777No
Wy' Cool: 50kmOregon34.68860Yes11h 18m 37s
Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Segment 7 North Carolina34.74646No
Sioux-Hustler Trail Minnesota34.82879No
Boston - City to Sea to SummitMassachussetts35.02408Yes8h 29m 23s
Candlewood Lake Perimeter Connecticut35.03107No
Catawba Triple Crown: Standard Virginia35.09633Yes9h 45m9s
Cub Creek Trail (CO)Colorado35.05,640 ftNo
Eno River State Park Every Single TrailNorth Carolina35.03500No
Fire IslandNew York35.0480No
LA Freeway (CO)Colorado35.020,000 ftYes23h 3m46s
Lenape Trail: One Way New Jersey35.03766Yes6h 32m22s
Morrow Mountain State Park Every Single TrailNorth Carolina35.04500No
Mount Nebo Scenic Byway Utah35.05918Yes7h 55m 2s
Ptarmigan Traverse Washington35.011000
San Jacinto Peak: Cactus to Clouds California35.010400Yes8h 33m33s
Sonoma County 4 Peaks California35.06985Yes9h 29m 44s
Tuolomne Meadows - Reds Meadow (on the JMT) California35.05345Yes8h 20m 56s
Waterloo-Pinckney Trail: One Way Michigan35.04850Yes
Nipmuck Trail: East Branch Connecticut35.04872Yes8h 3m48s
Boulder Skyline Traverse Double (CO)Colorado35.112,000 ftYes9h 34m 21s
Bull Run / Occoquan Trail: Out & Back Virginia35.43546No
San Gabriel River Trail California35.4184No
TunxisTrails: North, One Way Connecticut35.45802Yes7h 33m 33s
Lehigh Gap to Delaware Water Gap on the AT Pennsylvania35.54700Yes9h 16m 0s
White Clay PerimeterDelaware35.53100No
White Clay PerimeterPennsylvania35.53100No
Assateague Island End to EndMaryland35.676No
Ice Age Chequamegon National Forest Wisconsin35.73894Yes19h 56m 25s
Wabash Cannonball Trail: South Fork Out & Back Ohio35.8100No
Cross-Moosalamoo Trail Vermont35.86503Yes9h 4m54s
Loopin' The River WildNew Hampshire35.911565Yes14h 45m28s
Mohawk Trail / AT Loop Connecticut35.98432Yes8h 41m 57s
Pequonnock River Trail: Out & Back Connecticut35.91430No
Bartram Trail: Georgia OnlyGeorgia36.05900Yes7h 35m33s
Chicago Lakefront Trail: Out & Back Illinois36.0200Yes4h 14m 43s
Crescent Trail: Out & BackNew York36.03313Yes6h 51m20s
Cuyahoga Valley National Park Traverse Ohio36.03000Yes7h 41m 8s
Hudson Valley Triple Crown: Drive Between THs New York36.013000No
McPhee Reservoir CircumnavigationColorado36.03,900 ftNo
Mee & Knowles Canyons (CO)Colorado36.04,000 ftNo
Mount Vernon Trail: Out & Back Virginia36.01000Yes4h 53m22s
Naa Ohn Kara (Gore Range) Grand Tour (CO)Colorado36.023,000 ftNo
Presidential Traverse: Double Traverse New Hampshire36.016238Yes15h 49m 11s
Ruby Crest Trail: One Way Nevada36.09100Yes9h 37m37s
Womble Trail: One Way Arkansas36.04354No
Saugatuck & Aspetuck Trails: Out & Back Connecticut36.26865Yes9h 5m 0s
Grand Gulch: Kane to Collins Utah36.22172No
OK PanhandleOklahoma36.3672No
Mineral King Loop California36.312140No
Taconic Crest TrailMassachussetts36.38553YesYes8h 19m4s
Point Reyes Loop California36.46909Yes8h 59m38s
Bay to Mt Umunhum: Bay to Um, Open Course California36.45400Yes7h 29m8s
Bay to Mt Umunhum: Bay to Um, Standard California36.45500YesNo
Bay to Mt Umunhum: Um to Bay, Open Course California36.41942Yes5h 53m6s
Four Birds Trail: Out & Back New Jersey36.45360No
So Cal Triple Crown: EasyCalifornia36.413648Yes16h 4m9s
The Doughton ProjectNorth Carolina36.48500No
Haleakala: Round Trip from KaupoHawaii36.59964Yes10h 24m0s
Historic Brandywine Trail Delaware36.53180Yes7h 52m 17s
Pine Mountain Trail Georgia36.51100Yes5h 23m 46s
Schuylkill River Trail: Parkerford - Philadelphia Pennsylvania36.559No
Maine's High Peaks Traverse Maine36.613376No
Mt Pisgah: Up & Back via Shut-In North Carolina36.68294No
Polly Ann Trail: One Way Michigan36.7646Yes
Broken Top Loop Oregon36.71000Yes4h 30m4s
South Bay Dumbarton Loop California36.7331Yes5h 33m 5s
Wanaque Traverse New Jersey36.78228Yes12h 20m18s
Franklin Trail: Double California36.812000No
Minnesota Lowest to Highest: Out & Back Minnesota36.83268No
Five Peaks Traverse Oregon36.915650Yes15h 19m47s
Joshua Tree Traverse: One Way California36.93182Yes4h 42m 12s
Mt St Helens: Summit, CircumnavigationWashington36.911493Yes13h 36m51s
Belknap Range: Double Traverse New Hampshire37.010242No
East Coast Greenway: Delaware SegmentDelaware37.01350No
Evolution Loop: Evo Via LamarckCalifornia37.08930Yes9h 25m55s
Haleakala: Ascent from Kanaha BeachHawaii37.010256Yes7h 32m13s
Lake Ouachita Vista Trail Arkansas37.04528No
Raven Rock State Park Every Single TrailNorth Carolina37.04000No
Whatcom Peak Washington37.012000No
Zion Crossing Utah37.06045Yes8h 48m1s
Bay to Ridge Trail: Out & Back California37.13600Yes8h 3m35s
Buffalo River Trail: One Way Arkansas37.15650Yes7h 46m19s
MD Appalachian TrailMaryland37.14775No
Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 80 to 49 California37.25111Yes8h 1m 25s
Lost Creek Wilderness Loops - Big Loop (CO)Colorado37.36,886 ftYes7h 58m 56s
AT Pen Mar to Pine GrovePennsylvania37.35652No
South Sister Summit and Circumnavigation Oregon37.39232Yes10h 31m 26s
Mt McLoughlin Circumnavigation: + Summit Oregon37.46801Yes11h 48m 29s
Bigelow-Flagstaff Loop Maine37.56604No
Boulder Pass: Bowman Lake - Kintla LakeMontana37.55787No
North Branch Trail: Out & Back Illinois37.5309Yes6h 24m1s
Uwharrie Trail North Carolina37.76020No
Clarks Valley (325) - Rt 183 on the AT Pennsylvania37.85371Yes8h 46m 0s
Cross Rivendell TrailNew Hampshire37.810367No
Quinnipiac Trail: Double New Q Connecticut37.88000Yes9h 24m 32s
Burr Oak + Wildcat Hollow Trails Ohio38.04000No
Fox River Trail Illinois38.0860Yes5h 30m43s
Gannett PeakWyoming38.08100Yes14h 39m37s
Heart of Darkness Loop Oregon38.07200No
Jack Ash - Sterling Mine Ditch Loop Oregon38.04000Yes
Orange County Pier to Pier California38.01200No
Sacramento River Trail: Out & Back California38.02300No
Lassen Peak California38.24900No
Rogue River Trail Oregon38.23678Yes6h 37m13s
Great Western Trail Entire Route & Road Connector Illinois38.3545No
Goode Mountain via Northeast ButtressWashington38.310700No
Mauna Loa: Summit Trail Out & Back Hawaii38.37297Yes12h 34m55s
Shawnee State Forest Loop: One Loop Ohio38.38600Yes8h 45m 49s
Pitt County N-S North Carolina38.4361No
Not a Pemi Loop but a Loop in the PemiNew Hampshire38.512484Yes16h 20m 31s
Trans-Catalina Trail California38.69150Yes7h 25m 1s
Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail: Out & Back New York38.72399No
Columbia to Capital Missouri38.8282No
Big Dominguez and Little Dominguez Canyon Loop (CO)Colorado38.84,344 ftNo
Bridger BeatdownMontana38.813855Yes12h 40m8s
D&H Trail Pennsylvania38.91233No
Emigrant Wilderness Traverse California38.94656No
Colorado National Monument 10 Canyon Traverse (CO)Colorado38.97,096 ftNo
Grafton Notch Loop Maine39.013000Yes10h 25m 14s
Lake Apopka Circumnavigation Florida39.0840No
Resurrection Pass High Route Alaska39.023000No
Sakatah Singing Hills Trail Minnesota39.0515No
The Parklands of Floyds Fork: Out & BackKentucky39.01522No
Ais Island Florida39.20No
Mountain-to-Sea Trail: Segment 13North Carolina39.2292No
San Francisco Border California39.22060No
Onondaga Trail: Entire Trail New York39.36991No
Teton Crest TrailWyoming39.58655YesYes7h 58m 12s
Mt Tamalpais: Ascents in 24 Hours California39.630000Yes12 in20h 12m 14s
Devil's Dome/Jack Mountain loop Washington39.610000Yes10h 46m 0s
I'll Be Dammed California39.71584Yes6h 21m16s
Kekekabic Trail Minnesota39.84875Yes12h 27m53s
Delaware Water Gap - Buttermilk Falls: Out & BackNew Jersey39.86000No
Grand Gulch: Lower Gulch Out & BackUtah39.81916No
Rae Lakes Loop: From Onion Valley California39.87600Yes13h 6m7s
Rae Lakes Loop: From Road's End California39.87600Yes10h 32m32s
Lake Mineral Wells State Park Trailway: Out & Back Texas39.91003No
Wilson River Traverse: Out & BackOregon39.97431Yes8h 12m 20s
Allegheny Front Trail Pennsylvania40.05500No
Arabia Mountain Path Georgia40.03260No
Badger State Trail Wisconsin40.0700Yes7h 25m44s
Bay de Noc / Grand Island Trail: Standard Michigan40.01061No
Flatirons Linkups 53Roach Classics (Boulder, CO)Colorado40.021,200 ftNo
George Washington Bridge / Tappan Zee Bridge loopNew York40.01778No
Lake George 12ster: Standard New York40.09000No
Lake George 12ster: Winter New York40.09000No
Military Ridge State Trail Wisconsin40.01000Yes5h 18m 19s
Port Clinton to Lehigh Gap on the AT Pennsylvania40.06200Yes9h 0m 1s
Red River Gorge R2R2R2R2RKentucky40.07000Yes8h 10m 53s
Robert Frost Trail - 40 Miles Massachussetts40.05600Yes7h 20m28s
Royal Arch Loop Arizona40.07884No
Sunlight, Windom & Eolus (CO)Colorado40.0No
Timberline Trail Oregon40.010000Yes7h 2m 48s
Traverse of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument Maine40.04787No
40 Miles on Historic U.S. Route 40 Pennsylvania40.04391No
Mount Pilchuck Sea-to-Summit Washington40.36759Yes13h 43m 53s
ACROSS Lexington Challenge Massachussetts40.31988Yes10h 10m 52s
Burke-Gilman Trail: Out & Back Washington40.3416Yes7h 37m40s
Bolinas or Bust California40.46326No
Pikes Peak Backslap (CO)Colorado40.411,630 ftYes12h 32m47s
Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail: One Way Virginia40.52269Yes8h 29m 20s
Umstead State Park Every Single Trail North Carolina40.53345Yes9h 44m 54s
Greenstone Ridge Trail Michigan40.65138No
Black Creek National Recreation Trail Mississippi40.6No
Mt Hinman: Middle Fork Snoqualmie (Multi Sport)Washington40.66794No
Woody Gap to Springer Mtn on the AT: Out & Back Georgia40.69000No
Heart of Vilas Trail Wisconsin40.7748No
Sylamore Ranger District Arkansas40.75906No
Humphreys Peak: Up & Back from FlagstaffArizona40.86070Yes12h 9m47s
Mosquito-Tenmile Traverse (CO)Colorado40.817,280 ftNo
Death Valley Descent: Dante's View to Badwater Basin California41.0328No
Grand Canyon R2R2R--Old Bright Angel VariationArizona41.012000No
Niagara River U.S. Side New York41.01522Yes6h 23m58s
Pikes Peak Classic Tour (CO)Colorado41.012,500 ftNo
Southern Selkirk Traverse Idaho41.08773No
Mt Whitney: Trail Double California41.113231Yes15h 22m7s
Tecumseh Trail Indiana41.15472Yes8h 43m36s
Around Mt Adams: Reverse LollipopWashington41.212815Yes22h 16m28s
Greenway South: Blowing Springs - Kessler Arkansas41.21873No
Rim to Reno Trail Nevada41.27454No
Redbank Valley Trail Pennsylvania41.32056No
Mono Lake Circumnavigation California41.51406NoYes
St George Island Florida41.5138No
Salt Flat Sufferfest Utah41.5406No
All of Squak Washington41.512782No
Banks-Vernonia State Trail: Out & Back Oregon41.6866Yes7h 36m 1s
York County Heritage Trail & Northern-Central Rail Trail: Old RouteMaryland41.6873No
Santa Rosa Circuit California41.77013No
Pictured Rocks Lakeshore Trail: One Way Michigan41.82165Yes
Rivanna Trail: Two Loops Virginia41.82444No
Golden - Mt Evans (CO)Colorado41.912,319 ftNo
Monadnock - WachusettMassachussetts41.95000No
Cheshire Rail Trail New Hampshire42.0100No
Gallatin Crest TrailMontana42.09000Yes14h 16m 0s
Los Padres Traverse California42.05100Yes7h 0m43s
Mike Levine Lakelands Trail: Out & Back Michigan42.0498Yes
Panamint 9000ers California42.018000No
Rio Grande Trail (CO)Colorado42.0682 ftYes5h 6m32s
Tushar Peaks Loop Utah42.016000No
WV > MD Panhandle LinkupMaryland42.34519No
Orange County Mountain Traverse: Miller California42.38050No
Pemigewasset Loop: SuperNew Hampshire42.314728YesYes16h 56m 47s
Skier's Sierra High Route California42.314725No
Skyline to the Sea Trail: Suburbs to the SeaCalifornia42.37165No
Torch Lake Michigan42.31108No
Wallkill Valley Rail Trail: Out & Back New York42.3607No
Michaux State Forest AT Pennsylvania42.55836Yes9h 51m 33s
Teton Crest UppercutWyoming42.513000No
Grand Canyon R2R2R-alt Arizona42.7Yes22h 27m 20s
Road's End (Kings Canyon NP) - Onion Valley, Out & Back California42.79718No
Trinity Trail: Out & Back Texas42.71913Yes9h 52m 13s
Mt Rainier Northern Loop - Spray Park Figure 8 Washington42.813650Yes17h 0m 49s
Maunakea: Ascent from Hilo Hawaii42.913212Yes11h 16m 8s
Wy'east Mt Hood 4 Point TraverseOregon42.915663No
A Trail Runs Through ItMontana43.07172No
A.T.- Pine Grove Furnace to DuncannonPennsylvania43.06240No
Border to Border Trail (Washtenaw County)Michigan43.01433No
Buckskin Ridge Loop Washington43.010000No
Desolation Peak Washington43.09000Yes14h 1m13s
Lake Winnipesaukee Island TraverseNew Hampshire43.08000Yes14h 50m 0s
Long Island - Shinnecock to Lake Montauk New York43.0100No
Onion Valley to Whitney Portal Loop California43.0No
Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail New Hampshire43.19485Yes10h 12m 39s
Duluth Traverse Minnesota43.22927Yes7h 19m39s
Black Forest Trail Pennsylvania43.39440Yes9h 26m 52s
Mt Olympus Washington43.39271No
Cedar Mountain Wilderness Area Traverse Utah43.410500No
Folsom Lake Circumnavigation (road) California43.43940No
Weminuche Wipeout (CO)Colorado43.530,000 mNo
Illinois Prairie Path: 3 Main Branches Illinois43.5908No
Mt Sanitas 12 hours of laps (Boulder, CO)Colorado43.519500Yes15 laps in11h 31m 0s
Mt Shasta Picnic California43.511000No
Adirondack Great Range Traverse: Double New York43.620124No
Rattlesnake Lake to Lake WashingtonWashington43.610955No
White River State Trail: Out & Back Wisconsin43.8578No
Castle Dome Triathlon from Mt. Shasta (Castle Crags SP)California43.85811No
Suiattle Crest Loop Washington43.912612No
American Tobacco Trail: Out & BackNorth Carolina44.01050Yes8h 58m 47s
Central Sawtooth Wilderness Loop Idaho44.08862No
Devil's Path: Out & Back New York44.016975No
Flagstaff AZT LoopArizona44.04000Yes10h 57m55s
Gore Range Trail - Copper TH - Surprise Lake TH (CO)Colorado44.011,500 ftNo
Grand Canyon Crossings: R2R2RArizona44.010500Yes7h 25m 58s
Kettle Crest Trail: One Way Washington44.010000Yes9h 48m7s
Lockhart Basin Trail Utah44.03284No
Longleaf Trace Mississippi44.01357No
Olympic National Park Grand Loop Washington44.013000Yes10h 46m 29s
Pikes Peak, Mt Rosa, Almagre Mtn (CO)Colorado44.011,800 ftNo
Sugar River State Trail: Out & Back Wisconsin44.0377No
White Mountains Hut Traverse: Winter OpenNew Hampshire44.013492No
Sawtooths 3 Lakes Loop Idaho44.18442No
Shenandoah Peaks and RidgesVirginia44.212700No
Wapack Trail: Duathlon New Hampshire44.36416No
Finger Lakes Trail - Letchworth Branch: Out & Back New York44.45748No
Ice Age Trail Washington County Wisconsin44.42269No
Buckskin & Paria Canyons: White House TH to Lee's Ferry Utah44.5673Yes9h 10m 40s
Suffern - Bear Mountain Trail: Out & Back New York44.511382No
Ice Age Trail Waukesha County Wisconsin44.62848Yes8h 17m 44s
Luna Peak Washington44.610719No
Painted Post - Watkins Glen New York44.67770Yes9h 35m 7s
Wauponsee Glacial Trail: Out & BackIllinois44.6800No
AT Four State ChallengeWest Virginia45.07182Yes8h 2m 30s
Escarpment Trail: Out & Back New York45.011145Yes11h 33m5s
Flagstaff Loop TrailArizona45.03632Yes7h 49m 27s
Hanging Rock State Park Every Single TrailNorth Carolina45.08400No
Northshore Trail Grapevine Lake: Double Out & Back Texas45.03000No
Press Traverse Washington45.08500Yes10h 17m 30s
Sterling Mine Ditch Trail: Out & BackOregon45.02468No
Anza-Borrego Traverse California45.14995No
Nipmuck - Natchaug - Air Line Loop Connecticut45.23840Yes12h 32m 36s
Old River Trail: Out & BackArkansas45.25341No
White Mountains Hut Traverse: Standard New Hampshire45.316175Yes12h 23m 6s
So Cal Triple Crown: Intermediate California45.315820Yes17h 17m15s
Washington & Old Dominion Trail: Standard Virginia45.31483Yes7h 18m 20s
Mt Le Conte: TourTennessee45.711905No
Constance Pass Loop (Olympic National Park WA)Washington45.812800Yes11h 7m 40s
San Jacinto Peak: Traverse: Out & BackCalifornia45.816640No
Taconic LoopNew York45.89885Yes11h 50m37s
40 Mile Desert Nevada45.9900Yes15h 48m42s
Camino Cielo Loop California45.912802No
White Mountains Hut Traverse: Winter Standard New Hampshire45.918970No
Crown-Zellerbach Trail: Out & BackOregon46.03654No
Norris - Scenic Death March LoopMontana46.011000No
Robert Frost Trail - 46 Miles Massachussetts46.08850No
Brooklyn PerimeterNew York46.2909No
Deschutes River Railbed Trail: Out & BackOregon46.2734No
Leavenworth to Stevens Pass via Icicle Ridge Chain & Doelle Lakes Washington46.217635No
Summit Trail (S Warner Wilderness): Out & BackCalifornia46.27044No
Chattooga River Trail (NC SC GA)Georgia46.35500Yes10h 52m 32s
North Fork Mountain Trail: Out & Back West Virginia46.49081Yes1d 4h 6m 44s
Lincoln Loop Nebraska46.51592No
Middle Fork - Cooper Lake Washington46.59055No
Rachel Carson Trail: One Way Pennsylvania46.57771Yes10h 34m4s
Montour Trail Pennsylvania46.61155No
Three Sisters Loop Oregon46.77000Yes9h 3m45s
Gore Range Trail (CO)Colorado46.810,960 ftYes11h 29m18s
Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Segment 1 North Carolina46.88870No
Wabash Cannonball Trail: North Fork Ohio46.8489No
Stehekin Pastry RunWashington47.08251Yes14h 30m 33s
Cheese Country Recreation Trail Wisconsin47.0893Yes8h 22m 58s
Mattatuck Trail: Full Trail Connecticut47.07000No
Mt Moosilauke: The Moose (All Trails)New Hampshire47.013665No
Teton BullseyeWyoming47.015300Yes15h 38m29s
Tunnel Hill State Trail: One Way Illinois47.0600Yes7h 22m 16s
Bitterroot TrailMontana47.1407No
Palmetto Trail: Swamp Fox PassageSouth Carolina47.2400No
The GrizzlyMontana47.27931No
Maine Huts Traverse Maine47.35251No
Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail: One Way New Hampshire47.310148YesYes10h 34m 14s
Mt St Helens: Summit, Circumnavigation, Summit Washington47.314432Yes20h 17m17s
York County Heritage Trail & Northern-Central Rail Trail: Full TrailPennsylvania47.4892Yes7h 53m 17s
High Sierra Camp Loop California47.77750Yes10h 15m56s
Hills to Sea Trail Maine47.86214Yes14h 33m13s
Presidential Traverse: Picnic New Hampshire47.99635YesYes9h 43m 0s
Washington to WinnipesaukeeNew Hampshire47.95154No
Around Houston 610 LoopTexas48.0342No
Elkhorn Crest Trail: Out & BackOregon48.05400No
Lake Washington Loop: Standard Washington48.01883Yes6h 25m 0s
Mt Hood Circum & Summit Oregon48.015000No
Orange County Mountain Traverse: Standard California48.09000No
PCT: Bridge of the Gods - Timberline Lodge: NorthboundOregon48.013330Yes13h 13m 40s
PCT: Bridge of the Gods - Timberline Lodge: Out & BackOregon48.013330Yes13h 13m 40s
PCT: Bridge of the Gods - Timberline Lodge: SouthboundOregon48.013330Yes13h 13m 40s
Trans-Zion: One Way Utah48.19278Yes8h 1m24s
Kalmiopsis Wilderness: Leach Memorial Loop Oregon48.414800Yes18h 11m 10s
Pemigewasset Loop: 14 Pemi 4000ers New Hampshire48.417516No
Bryce Canyon Traverse: Duathlon Utah48.77497Yes6h 17m39s
Old Putnam Rail Trail: One WayNew York48.81130No
Rocky Mountain Grand Loop (CO)Colorado48.812,011 ftNo
Raleigh Greenway Loop North Carolina49.01153Yes14h 17m 7s
Suffern-Bear Mountain - Ramapo-Dunderberg Ribbon New York49.012500No
Mission Trails Five Peak Challenge: Triple California49.113248No
Santa Rosa Traverse California49.218631No
VT 9 NEHH Vermont49.215798No
CT Appalachian Trail Connecticut49.511565Yes12h 59m 13s
Mt Adams Infinity Loop Washington49.518266No
Skyline to the Sea Trail: Out & Back California49.59664Yes15h 1m11s
Cranberry Lake 50 New York49.64050YesYes9h 11m15s
Cranberry Lake 50: Winter New York49.64050No
Mt. Marcy Adirondacks PicnicNew York49.65400No
Dartmouth 50 Mile: One Way New Hampshire49.815000Yes12h 27m25s
Death Valley Rim-to-Rim California50.019000No
Duncan Ridge Trail Georgia50.02700Yes7h 11m35s
Knobstone Trail Indiana50.010000Yes13h 38m47s
Mt Airy Powerlines: 10X Ohio50.016670No
New River Trail Virginia50.0260Yes7h 21m0s
North Cascades Traverse Washington50.012000Yes17h 30m 59s
Portland Trifecta Oregon50.013000No
Shenipsit Trail: End to End Connecticut50.05900Yes10h 27m 30s
So Cal Triple Crown: Hard California50.022000No
State House to State HouseRhode Island50.01500No
Wind River Northern Divide 13ers TraverseWyoming50.015000No
Badlands Challenge Oregon50.11500Yes12h 36m59s
A Round at McCabe Golf Course Tennessee50.22283No
Butler County Donut Trail Ohio50.21384No
Rock Island Trail: Out & Back Illinois50.2700No
Palos Trail System: 30 Mile Illinois50.21462Yes6h 2m35s
Palos Trail System: 50 Mile Illinois50.22347No
Thorn Point Sespe Loop California50.28256No
Bronx PerimeterNew York50.32005No
Bay to Ridge to Skyline to Sea California50.46964No
Little Colorado River - Cameron to Salt TrailArizona50.5No
Austin Trail Medley Texas50.62270No
Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run Route UnsupportedUtah50.79500No
Marin High 5 California50.811125Yes12h 49m50s
Adventure Hiking Trail: Two LapsIndiana51.09000No
Durango 7 Summits (CO)Colorado51.010,300 ftYes12h 43m 39s
Virginia Capital Trail: One Way Virginia51.01000Yes7h 41m 22s
A.T. - St. Anthony's Wilderness Route(Out and Back)Pennsylvania51.16660No
Quicksilver/Calero/Santa Teresa Omodt/Guenther OG's 50 Banger California51.18196Yes12h 22m 30s
Ojai Valley Loop California51.28438No
North Country Trail: Moraine & McConnell's Mill State Parks Out & Back Pennsylvania51.38754Yes16h 25m 57s
Hell's Canyon R2R2R Oregon51.418283No
Quinnipiac-Regicides Connecticut51.512520No
Bay Area Ocean to Bay California51.87230Yes13h 29m18s
Lake Wobegon Trail Minnesota52.0No
Long Trail: Duxbury Rd - Lincoln Gap Vermont52.213835No
Mt Audubon Duathlon from Boulder (CO)Colorado52.38,730 ftYes4h 48m26s
Joe Koyle's South to North Double MarathonHawaii52.41562No
Prairie Spirit TrailKansas52.5750No
Flagstaff Lake - Rt 4 Peaks Traverse Maine52.619911No
Mt Tamalpais: 16 Laps California52.840000Yes16 in 1d 8h49m 27s
Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail: Triple Out & BackKentucky52.82400No
Batona Trail: One Way New Jersey53.01000Yes8h 54m46s
Elks Traverse (CO)Colorado53.023,235 ftNo
Entiat Mega-Slam Washington53.031000No
Mt Hood Infinity Loop Oregon53.019000No
Silver Moccasin Trail California53.07256No
Talimena National Scenic BywayArkansas53.06056No
Wy' Cool: 50miOregon53.010876Yes19h 47m 27s
Ridge Rd Out and Back - Mt Holly to Chambersburg to Mt HollyPennsylvania53.15920No
Rainy Pass - Cascade Pass: Out & Back Washington53.27749No
Sea to Summit - Florida Florida53.21025No
Potawatomi Trail: Three Loops Michigan53.47050No
Crest Trail #130 (Sandia Mtns): Out & BackNew Mexico53.610502No
Maryland/West Virginia AT West Virginia53.67575No
Mauna Loa: Sea to SummitHawaii53.914210No
Tam to Diablo: Tam-Diablo California53.98527No
Good Water Loop Lake Georgetown: Two Loops Texas54.02284No
Most Adirondack High Peaks in 24 HoursNew York54.026000No
Presidential Traverse: Triple Traverse New Hampshire54.032126No
The Beaten Path: Out & BackMontana54.06360Yes16h 40m34s
Trail Between the Lakes: Out & Back Texas54.03500No
Glacial Drumlin State Trail Wisconsin54.2853Yes8h 59m 39s
Whidbey Island Traverse Washington54.22895Yes11h 10m 2s
Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 18 to Hwy 10 California54.36606No
Chuck Keiper TrailPennsylvania54.49840No
Chicago Times-Herald Auto Race Route Illinois54.5300No
Farmington Canal Heritage Trail: One Way Connecticut54.5889Yes8h 38m 54s
North Country Trail Mackinaw City - Petoskey Michigan54.63533Yes
Buckskin & Paria Canyons: Wire Pass to Lee's FerryUtah54.61988Yes13h 5m 19s
Highline TrailArizona54.78400No
Wildwood Trail: Out & BackOregon54.86236Yes10h 7m55s
Bay de Noc / Grand Island Trail: Lake to LakeMichigan54.91858No
Cape Cod Run Against the Tides Massachussetts55.02093No
Catoctin National Scenic Trail: Out & BackMaryland55.09500No
Evolution Loop: Standard Evo California55.010000Yes16h 12m42s
Georgia Loop: New DRT Georgia55.014000Yes12h 13m9s
McKenzie River Trail: Out & BackOregon55.03539No
Nantahala Adventure Run North Carolina55.013724Yes17h 50m 12s
White Mountains Hut Traverse: MacPhail New Hampshire55.019000No
Circum Quabbin Massachussetts55.05316No
Twin Valley Trail: Double Ohio55.24880Yes13h 4m 12s
Mark O. Hatfield Trail Oregon55.413500No
Devil's Path - Long Path - Escarpment Trail New York55.619385No
Maunakea: Ascent from Anaeho'omalu BayHawaii55.714108No
North/South Trail: Tornado Damage RerouteKentucky55.75354Yes
Boise Grand Slam Idaho56.013000No
Buffalo River Trail: Run Paddle Duathlon Arkansas56.03884No
Lake George 12ster: Self Powered New York56.015397No
Sipsey Wilderness Trails Alabama56.05500Yes21h 26m 49s
Willapa Hills Trail Washington56.01289No
Des Plaines River Trail: Full Trail Illinois56.2672Yes10h 2m 18s
White Mountains Range Traverse + Black CanyonCalifornia56.210100No
Granite Canyon and Teton Crest Trail Loop Wyoming56.311092No
Teton Center Punch TraverseWyoming56.618140No
Rampart Range Road (CO)Colorado56.85,501 ftYes17h 25m 32s
Bob Marshall PicnicNew York57.017000No
Peconic Bay Circumnavigation New York57.01877No
Utah Thirteeners Utah57.022300No
ENP to BNPFlorida57.2407No
Illinois River Trail: Out & BackOregon57.217911No
Pemigewasset Loop: DoubleNew Hampshire57.418200Yes23h 22m5s
Lost Coast Trail: Complete California57.69885Yes14h 59m59s
Georgia Loop: Old DRT Georgia58.015000Yes14h 49m13s
Sonora Pass to Carson Pass California58.110174Yes13h 5m 46s
Maunakea: Ascent from WaipioHawaii58.217999No
West Maui Loop Hawaii58.34019Yes9h 21m47s
Tam to Diablo: Diablo-Tam California58.88299No
Grave's Creek Washington59.015000No
Solitude LoopWyoming59.010500No
McCarthy RoadAlaska59.1919No
North/South Trail: StandardKentucky59.14564Yes20h 26m 23s
Northern Rail Trail New Hampshire59.11040Yes15h 14m 20s
Tuscarora State Forest Pennsylvania59.18301No
Juneau 5 Peaks Alaska59.418959No
Corvallis-to-Sea-Trail Oregon59.54980Yes9h 34m 51s
Art Loeb Trail: Out & Back North Carolina59.717464Yes21h 41m45s
Percy Warner Park Mossy Ridge Trail: 13 LapsTennessee59.813000No
Shi Shi Beach to Oil City Road: One Way Washington59.84882Yes18h 53m 43s
Black and Gray Duathlon Oregon60.07500No
Centennial Elks Traverse (CO)Colorado60.030,000 ftNo
Illinois Prairie Path: 3 Main Branches + 2 SpursIllinois60.01500No
La Bohn Traverse: Out & Back Washington60.012367Yes1d 11h19m 53s
Loyalsock Trail Pennsylvania60.013000Yes20h 5m 16s
Prairie Sunset Trail: Double Out & BackKansas60.0624No
Purple Rainbow Washington60.015000No
SwimRun Manhattan IslandNew York60.0980No
The Hyalite PicnicMontana60.06055No
Lake Washington Loop: Infinity LoopWashington60.92372No
Eleven 4000ers in Georgia Georgia61.017500No
Metacomet Trail Connecticut61.09500Yes13h 17m54s
Delaware River Canals LoopNew Jersey61.1280Yes12h 51m 15s
Martha's Vineyard Circumnavigation: Alternate Massachussetts61.50No
Martha's Vineyard Circumnavigation: Standard Massachussetts61.50No
Silver Comet Trail Georgia61.51650Yes9h 47m 18s
Wy' Cool: 100kmOregon61.614075No
OC&E Rail Trail: Bly Station to Crosby StationOregon61.7561No
Potawatomi Trail: Two Loops Michigan120.030000Yes
Issy Alps: 100kWashington62.026000No
Pitchell North Carolina62.011400Yes14h 52m19s
San Francisco Round California62.010000No
Length of Lancaster 100k Pennsylvania62.44425No
Patapsco Valley State Park Traverse: Out & BackMaryland62.47486No
Lake 2 Ocean Trail Florida62.5217Yes12h 31m 55s
Loxahatchee 100K Loop Florida62.5500No
Pine Creek Rail Trail Pennsylvania62.6974No
North Central State Trail Michigan62.81188Yes
Falling Waters Trail: Triple Out & Back Michigan63.0300No
Kawaikini Hawaii63.012000No
Wabash Trace Nature Trail: One Way Iowa63.31244Yes8h 44m 43s
Wichita - Valley Center Floodway: Out & BackKansas63.4906Yes15h 44m 36s
Santa Ana River Trail California63.81427No
C & O Canal 100k - DC - Harpers Ferry West Virginia63.9388No
Tam to Diablo: Stinson-Tam-Diablo California63.910804Yes15h 6m11s
East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail: Out & BackCalifornia64.011337Yes17h 5m 35s
Ice Age Trail Dane County Wisconsin64.04000No
Issy Alps: 50k x 2Washington64.026348No
Boundary Trail #1 Washington64.411388Yes15h 59m17s
Mt Moran PicnicWyoming64.413119No
Yosemite Valley Circumnavigation California64.515750No
Border Route Trail Minnesota64.610791Yes1d 4h31m 0s
Lake Washington Loop: Donut - Loop + Mercer Island Washington64.62385No
Virgin River Rim Trail: Out & Back Utah64.69744Yes7h 36m 4s
Cape Cod Traverse Massachussetts64.71650Yes10h 46m10s
Ghost Town Trail: Double Pennsylvania64.71939No
Acadia National Park Peaks Traverse Maine65.018000No
Caprock Canyons Trailway Texas65.0163No
Eastern Trail Maine65.02254Yes9h 12m8s
Folsom Lake Perimeter (trail) California65.08000No
Mt. Shasta Infinity Loop California65.024000No
Wind River Range TraverseWyoming65.0No
Rattlesnake Creek 5 Peaks LoopMontana65.214236No
Hurricane-Hayden 100k Loop Washington65.418652Yes1d 12h 8m0s
Ice Age Trail Lincoln CountyWisconsin65.42684No
Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) Trail Texas65.52149No
Kitsap Peninsula Traverse Washington65.74569No
Mattabesett Trail Connecticut65.911230Yes15h 13m 46s
Warner Trail: Out & BackRhode Island65.93812No
Conestoga Trail Pennsylvania66.06275Yes16h 7m26s
Guadalupe Ridge Trail: GRT OnlyNew Mexico66.011000Yes1d 4h 37m 44s
High Line Canal Trail (CO)Colorado66.01,000 ftYes
Neuse River Trail: Out & Back North Carolina66.01000No
Run Across Carteret County North Carolina66.0No
Luce Line State Trail Minnesota66.8800Yes11h 17m 34s
Backbone Trail: One Way California67.012300Yes12h 38m58s
Bayley-Hazen Military Road Vermont67.07406Yes16h 28m 11s
Grand Teton PicnicWyoming67.07000Yes14 h 47m
Dulles-Reagan-BWI Airports.Virginia67.22877No
Cumberland Trail Three Gorges Tennessee68.0No
Palo Alto to Santa CruzCalifornia68.010900No
Tioga - Tenaya - Clouds Rest Picnic (Round Trip)California68.08417No
Convoluted Bliss - Merced River Drainage Ridge Traverse California68.129954No
Wolf Creek Pass - Cumbres Pass on the CDT (CO)Colorado68.111,716 ftNo
Cedar Valley Nature Trail Iowa68.71640No
Kal-Haven Trail: Out & Back Michigan69.01000Yes
Ko'olau Mtn Range Hawaii69.025000No
Skyline Trail #251 New Mexico69.013000Yes1d 8h 58m 39s
Redbird Crest TrailKentucky69.710125No
Delaware & Raritan Canal Trail New Jersey70.0120No
Georgia Death Loop Georgia70.0No
Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail Pennsylvania70.012000Yes1d 23h 29m 1s
Lenape Trail: Out & Back New Jersey70.06818No
S.C.A.R.Tennessee70.018000Yes17h 34m15s
South Mountains State Park Every Single TrailNorth Carolina70.014000No
Steven's Pass to Snoqualmie Pass Washington70.015250Yes17h 4m 16s
Waterloo-Pinckney Trail: Out & Back Michigan70.09180No
The Priest & Three Ridges: Triple Virginia70.221900Yes1d 3h25m 9s
Massanutten Mountain Trail Virginia70.415410Yes17h 22m 0s
High Sierra Trail: no Whitney summit California70.814000Yes23h 5m0s
lodge2dodgeNew Hampshire70.927603No
North Bend Rail TrailWest Virginia70.93054NoYes
Shawangunk Ridge Trail: One WayNew York71.012000No
Mount Baker Circumnavigation Washington71.622000No
Flagstaff Fearsome FourArizona71.814564Yes21h 19m 39s
Ruby Crest Trail: Out & Back Nevada71.918192No
Bob Blodgett Nome-Teller Hwy Alaska72.05000No
Great Allegheny Passage Trail from Ohiopyle to CumberlandPennsylvania72.06711Yes15h 55m 33s
NJ Appalachian Trail: One Way NJ AT New Jersey72.08000Yes1d 0h 40m30s
Raccoon River Valley Round Iowa72.01128No
Pacific Crest Trail - Tuolumne Meadows to Sonora Pass California72.313075No
Black Canyon TrailArizona72.47047Yes2d 0h48m 36s
High Sierra Trail: with Whitney summit California72.814918Yes22h 39m45s
Lake Winnebago Circumnavigation Wisconsin72.81221No
Aspen Butte Duathlon from Klamath Falls Oregon73.06493No
Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup: Out & BackUtah73.037000No
Foothills Trail: One WaySouth Carolina73.114797Yes19h 27m1s
5 States RunOklahoma73.31522No
Appalachian Trail: Port Clinton - Delaware Water Gap Pennsylvania73.49475No
Polly Ann Trail: Out & Back Michigan73.41292No
Joshua Tree Traverse: Out & Back California73.87749Yes16h 24m 52s
Quehanna Trail Pennsylvania73.89892No
Buffalo River Trail: Out & BackArkansas74.213054No
Tucson Eastern Skyline TraverseArizona74.424767No
Georgia AT: One Way Georgia75.018500Yes19h 43m20s
Grand Sawtooth Loop Idaho75.018400No
Steens Range Traverse Oregon75.020000No
Wasatch 7 Utah75.032000No
Trans Yosemite California75.110696No
Forest Park Nasties: Tour de NastyOregon75.613579Yes13h 58m 5s
Ozark Trail - Eleven Point Section Missouri75.83450No
High Country Pathway Michigan75.97600No
Davis Mountains Scenic Loop Texas76.04800No
Haleakala: Round Trip from Kanaha BeachHawaii76.010256No
Sunapee Ragged Kearsarge Greenway New Hampshire76.013100Yes1d 1h 38m28s
Sisters Trifinity Loop Oregon76.525315Yes1d 13h 27m 12s
Shawnee State Forest Loop: Two Loops Ohio76.617200Yes1d 2h 5m8s
NY Appalachian Trail New York76.719567Yes1d 2h 24m 4s
North South Trail Rhode Island76.75282YesYes15h 51m 0s
Mountains-to-Sea Trail: Segment 10 North Carolina76.82811Yes23h 30m 9s
Escalante Overland Route Utah77.020000No
Pfiffner Traverse - Oveson's Route (CO)Colorado77.025,000 ftNo
Pfiffner Traverse - Skurka's Route (CO)Colorado77.025,000 ftYes2d 6h 41m 0s
Greenbrier River Trail West Virginia77.12127No
Pacific Crest Trail - Angeles NF FullCalifornia77.212793No
Run Across VermontVermont77.86640No
Uinta Highline Trail: One Way Utah78.113691Yes1d 3h 24m 0s
Womble Trail: Out & Back Arkansas78.18707No
GA Dumbassery Georgia78.518000No
Mt Baldy: Sea to Summit Open Course California78.612189No
Belknap Range Redline New Hampshire80.020000No
Henry Coe State Park Perimeter Loop California80.018000No
Joshua Tree E/W Crossing California80.09500No
Tuckup TrailArizona80.013000Yes2d 21h 21m33s
Wind River High Route: StandardWyoming80.030000No
Alamo to Austin Texas80.12565Yes18h 46m20s
San Juan Big Five Loop (CO)Colorado80.123,000 ftNo
River to River Relay Course Illinois80.55705No
Catawba Triple Crown: Duathlon from BlacksburgVirginia81.09633No
Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail: Out & Back Virginia81.04538No
Milner Pass - Berthoud Pass on the Continental Divide (CO)Colorado81.036,200 ftNo
Pemidential New Hampshire81.026500Yes1d 13h24m 0s
P-Town Beat-DownAlaska81.117586No
Alpine Lakes Grand Tour Washington81.222000No
Benton MacKaye Trail (TN, GA, NC): GA OnlyGeorgia82.017293No
Cross New Hampshire Adventure TrailNew Hampshire83.03662No
Mountain-Bay Trail Wisconsin83.0No
UP Ultra Double Michigan83.5No
Pictured Rocks Lakeshore Trail: Out & Back Michigan83.64330No
Standing Stone Trail Pennsylvania84.015000No
Enchanted Circle New Mexico84.16545No
Glacier Peak Circumnavigation Washington85.028500No
Longs Peak Duathlon from Boulder - Winter (CO)Colorado85.011,394 ftYes16h 0m30s
Longs Peak Duathlon from Boulder (CO)Colorado85.011,394 ftYes9h 59m37s
Longs Peak Round Trip from Boulder On Foot (CO)Colorado85.011394 ftNo
Lost Creek Wilderness Loops FOMELC Loop (CO)Colorado85.016,000 ftNo
Mt Rainier: Sea to Summit (Foot)Washington85.017700No
Mt Rainier: Sea to Summit (Multi-Sport)Washington85.017700No
Pine Mountain TrailKentucky85.013719No
Susquehannock Trail System Loop Southern Gateway Pennsylvania85.014319Yes1d 10h 1m57s
North Umpqua Trail Oregon85.1No
Georgia Scoop Georgia85.623399No
Mt Adams to Mt St Helens Washington85.6No
Pemigewasset Loop: Triple New Hampshire86.127300No
Rampart Range Traverse (CO)Colorado86.3No
Down East Sunrise Trail Maine87.02000Yes1d 9h 45m 24s
Shenipsit Trail: Duathlon Connecticut87.78150No
Grand Canyon Crossings: 2 x R2R2RArizona88.021000Yes1d 1h 29m 45s
Kettle Crest Trail: Out & Back Washington88.019997No
Longs Peak Triathlon from Boulder (CO)Colorado88.011,150 ftYes18h 25m 0s
Trans-Vermont Vermont88.53175No