FKT Routes in California

by | May 12, 2023 | Routes

California offers an incredible variety of FKT routes to explore. From climbing to picnics (a swim/bike/run version) to traditional trail routes and urban adventures, there are hundreds of options across the state. Two hundred of the posted 385 routes (51.9%) and variations do not have women’s posted times as of late (though many do exist as Strava records). We invite you to explore the list and start your California dreaming.

In 2022, women set 61 new FKTs (33.2% of the total), men snagged 112, and 11 were set by mixed teams. We would love to see 50% of the new FKTs claimed by women in the years to come.

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. 

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Kill 'Em Quick 1.01053No
Tollhouse Traverse 1.0600No
Trinidad Head Loop: Laps in 24 Hours 1.0250No
Right On Joshua Tree 1.65189No
Ubehebe Crater (Death Valley NP): One Lap1.8475Yes15m 58s
Ubehebe Crater (Death Valley NP): Laps in 24 Hours1.8475No
Glacier Point Yosemite: Ledge Trail Ascent 2.03200No
Mammoth Lakes Crystal Crag 2.31252No
Tahquitz Rock 2.42805No
Fryman Canyon Loop 2.6436No
Tenaya Peak NW Buttress 2.72272No
Laurel Mountain: NE Gully Ascent 3.14200Yes3h 12m 28s
Mt Tamalpais: Ascent 3.32500Yes37m 3s
Royal Arches 3.52255No
Sunset Peak 3.61233No
Jobs Peak from Carson Valley NV3.65940Yes4h 58m 43s
Yosemite Falls Trail: Ascent 3.62700Yes55m 22s
Mt Shasta: Ascent 4.06295Yes2h 13m0s
Mt Tallac: Up & Down on Skis4.03241No
Sierra Buttes: Up & Down 4.61533Yes1h 3m13s
Glacier Point Yosemite: Four Mile Trail Ascent 4.63200Yes55m 50s
Majors Mountain (Barstow CA)4.8600No
Butler Peak 4.91400No
Black Mountain 4.92900Yes1h 10m9s
Mt Dana & Mt Gibbs (Yosemite NP)5.13021Yes1h 44m 30s
Cone Peak: Stone Ridge Ascent 5.35200Yes2h 33m14s
Timber Top 5.32503No
Castle Dome (Castle Crags SP)5.52356No
Mt Hoffmann 5.51939Yes1h 24m26s
Mission Peak 6.12088Yes56m 27s
Mount Diablo: Mitchell Canyon Ascent 6.14000Yes1h 11m49s
Cosmic Wall Mt Hubris 6.33180No
Mt Baldy: Bear Canyon Ascent 6.55806Yes2h 2m6s
Cathedral Peak - Eichorn Pinnacle Loop 6.62745No
Jones Peak 6.62450No
Yosemite Falls Trail: TH to TH 6.63051Yes1h 36m 34s
Mt Wilson: Ascent6.74662Yes1h 6m25s
Wilder Ranch Coastal Obstacle Course 6.7250No
Golden Canyon - Zabriskie Point - Gower Gulch Loop 6.81100No
Mt. Emerson7.24000No
Corkscrew Peak (Death Valley NP CA)7.43200Yes1h 50m 4s
Toro Park "1800" Trail 7.41613Yes1h 25m34s
Feather Falls Loop 7.61650Yes1h 33m 19s
Stevens Trail 7.71146Yes1h 17m39s
Mt Dana & Mt Gibbs (Yosemite NP)8.24387Yes3h 58m 43s
Mulholland Drive: One Way8.2680No
Mount Diablo: Morgan Territory Rd 8.34583Yes1h 51m53s
San Jacinto Peak: Snow Creek Ascent8.410992No
Lone Pine Peak (Full Northeast + North Ridge 5.6)8.67300No
El Moro Canyon Loop 8.71288No
Montaña de Oro Whale Loop 8.81302Yes1h 6m 14s
Granite Peak Trail Trinity Alps Wilderness 8.94275Yes
Mt. Conness: West Ridge - North Ridge 8.94116No
Mount Perry 9.02500Yes1h 55m39s
San Gorgonio Mountain: Ascent via Vivian Creek 9.05418Yes2h 43m 56s
Glacier Point Yosemite: Up Ledge Down Four Mile9.13540No
Yosemite Falls Trail: Valley Escape (TH to Tioga Rd) 9.24892Yes2h 25m43s
Mt Tallac: Up & Down 9.33241Yes1h 59m 49s
San Jacinto Peak: Skyline Trail Ascent 9.57904Yes2h 51m26s
San Gorgonio Mountain: Ascent via South Fork 9.64595Yes2h 53m 23s
East Weaver Campground Loop 5 6 9.71414Yes1h 36m 55s
Las Trampas Ridge: One Way9.72541Yes1h 31m 8s
Garland Traverse 9.83807No
El Capitan : Nose Ascent9.84600No
Tenaya Matthes Cathedral Traverse: P-P, Tenaya to Tuolumne9.95115No
LQ Cove West Ridge Scrambler 10.05500No
Mount Russell 10.05800No
Mt Baldy: Loop 10.03816Yes2h 3m3s
Mt Whitney: Mountaineer's Route Car to Car 10.06120Yes4h 16m37s
Powers Peak 10.03000Yes2h 40m3s
Sullivan Canyon Loop 10.01700Yes1h 20m 1s
Big Rock Ridge 10.12600Yes1h 33m11s
Mt Whitney: Trail Ascent 10.46120Yes2h 46m53s
Newport Beach Back Bay Trail 10.5364No
South Lakes Peaks Traverse10.55500No
Mt Shasta: RT from Bunny Flat on Skis 10.77602No
Pacific Palisades - Tarzana: One Way 10.72221No
Mammoth Crest - Duck Pass 10.82921Yes2h 30m 38s
Candlelight Peak Traverse11.04357No
Wildcat Canyon Loop Trail 11.01584Yes1h 30m 15s
Lone Pine Peak 11.15056No
El Cajon Mountain 11.23714Yes1h 56m38s
Freel Peak - Jobs Peak Loop 11.33850Yes2h 24m 54s
Bear Creek Spire: NE Ridge, Car to Car 11.43512No
Middle Fork National Recreation Trail 11.42330No
Marin Headlands Loop 11.62700Yes1h 20m 39s
Mt. Conness: Triple Crown 11.96195No
Matterhorn Peak 12.05070No
San Luis Obispo Tri-Tip Challenge 12.02500Yes1h 54m 4s
Half Dome Yosemite: Any Route Up & Down 12.36614Yes3h 14m1s
Pinnacles National Park Loop 12.43000Yes2h 9m 56s
Clouds Rest Yosemite: Up & Down from Tenaya Lake 12.63025No
Mount Lowe Loop 12.73786Yes3h 0m6s
Iron Mountain 12.86800Yes4h 50m20s
Shasta - Shastina 12.88064No
Bear Creek Spire: North Arete, Car to Car 12.95106No
Tenaya Matthes Cathedral Traverse: Loop 12.97350No
Artist's Palette Loop 13.01765No
Rinconada Little Falls Big Falls 13.33045Yes3h 17m 29s
Mt Wilson: Car to Car 13.44662Yes2h 42m33s
Josephine Peak via Strawberry Peak 13.53894No
Villager Peak 13.64921Yes5h 14m9s
Half Dome Yosemite: Standard Route Up & Down 13.85397Yes3h 38m36s
Mt. Clark: Ascent from Happy Isles13.87961No
El Capitan : TH to TH 14.04600Yes3h 31m51s
Reyes Peak 14.03903No
Crafton Hills Traverse 14.02362Yes2h 7m 38s
Mt Tamalpais: Sea Summit Sea 14.22974Yes2h 6m23s
Griffith Park Loop14.32864Yes2h 54m 38s
Mt. Vaca Loop 14.32691No
Kaiser Peak Loop via Mary's Meadow 14.33494Yes4h 51m 22s
Mount Humphreys 14.55000Yes7h 28m 58s
White Mountain 14.611806Yes12h 8m0s
Donner Crest14.73337No
New Millennium Loop 14.82382No
Mount Diablo: 5 Peaks Loop 14.94708Yes2h 48m40s
Malibu Creek State Park Loop 15.02850No
Mt Williamson: Standard Ascent15.011150Yes5h 49m31s
Ocean Beach (SF)15.263Yes2h 8m 30s
Silver Peak Circumference 15.34500Yes4h 26m 27s
Mugu Peak Loop 15.52539Yes2h 2m33s
Weaver Bally Road Loops 1 2 3 15.51886Yes2h 42m 5s
Tinker Knob15.54300Yes5h 11m7s
Topatopa Bluff 15.54619Yes4h 53m 22s
West Cuesta Mistbuster Loop 15.52900Yes3h 13m 7s
Mount Umunhum 15.72848No
Pole Mountain via Sea to Sky Trail Jenner Headlands 15.73820Yes2h 41m 2s
Brown Mountain Loop15.82215Yes2h 49m18s
Art Smith Trail 15.93592Yes2h 34m28s
Boy Scout Trail Joshua Tree NP 15.91847Yes2h 25m 17s
Fourth of July Lake Loop15.93293No
Santiago Peak: Ascent 15.93975No
Around the Top Ridge Traverse 16.05500No
Keys View Loop 16.04000No
Shasta Bally 16.05300No
Canyon Creek Lakes Trail Trinity Alps Wilderness 16.03314Yes3h 34m 40s
Lava Beds National Monument Traverse 16.1400Yes3h 16m 23s
Mt Shasta: Duathlon Ascent from Town 16.310480No
Mt. Starr King 16.36565No
Mission Trails Five Peak Challenge 16.44416Yes2h 49m 14s
Mulholland Drive: Out & Back 16.42029Yes2h 29m47s
Sierra Buttes: From 49 Up & Down 16.54513No
Strawberry Peak Loop 16.52700No
North Peak-Conness Double Traverse16.610960No
Caliente Mountain Ridge 16.72752No
Stairs of Silverlake 16.94040No
San Jacinto via White Maiden's Walkway & Tahquitz Ridge 17.06500No
Bucks Big Loop 17.33107Yes4h 16m3s
Montaña de Oro 3 Peaks 17.32924Yes2h 25m 11s
Mt Langley 17.34465No
Topanga State Park Loop 17.33400Yes2h 36m 53s
SFO - Golden Gate Bridge 17.51079No
Bear Canyon - Baldy - 3Ts - Icehouse Canyon Loop 17.67146Yes6h 43m 44s
Mt Ritter 17.77121No
Crosstown Trail: One Way 17.91886Yes2h 4m43s
Four Lakes Loop Trinity Alps Wilderness 18.05745Yes4h 36m 22s
Arnold Rim Trail 18.03000Yes3h 56m27s
Bay to Ridge Trail: Ascent18.02841Yes3h 15m 20s
Kuna Crest Traverse (Yosemite NP) 18.06000No
Lassen to Brokeoff Ridge Traverse 18.07400No
Martinez Mountain 18.06700No
Franklin Trail 18.46066Yes7h 48m28s
Mt Eddy via Sisson-Callahan NRT 18.65523Yes3h 46m 12s
Agua Tibia Loop 19.03700No
Victory - Cheeseboro Loop 19.0500Yes1h 41m 37s
Yosemite R2R2R 19.06870No
Chino Hills State Park 19.22479Yes3h 12m 54s
Las Trampas Ridge: Out & Back 19.25200Yes3h 7m 50s
Ohlone Wilderness Trail: Del Valle - Sunol 19.85798Yes6h 11m 31s
Crystal Range: Pyramid Peak & Mt Price Loop 20.04800Yes9h 29m 47s
Horsetrough Spring via Black Star Canyon Road 20.03000Yes3h 13m 47s
Rose Peak from Del Valle20.05858Yes4h 41m42s
Santa Rosa Mountain 20.53600No
Sulphur Mountain Road 20.52572Yes2h 33m 20s
Yosemite Valley Loop 20.71470Yes3h 18m22s
LAX - BUR 20.9974No
Rabbit Peak 21.08300Yes6h 33m28s
South Yuba River National Recreation Trail 21.03000Yes4h 49m 51s
Cone Peak: Stone Ridge & Vicente Flat 21.36154Yes14h 47m 54s
Road's End (Kings Canyon NP) - Onion Valley, W to E 21.46647No
Road's End (Kings Canyon NP) - Onion Valley, E to W 21.42687No
Pacific Palisades - Tarzana: Out & Back 21.53619Yes4h 34m 20s
Clouds Rest Yosemite: Up & Down from Happy Isles21.66393Yes4h 28m3s
Big Rock Ridge 21.85332Yes3h 13m11s
Mt Whitney: Trail Car to Car 21.86605Yes4h 54m24s
Marvin Braude Bike Trail 22.0133No
Spiller Canyon Horseshoe 22.010000No
Tuolumne Alpine Grand Slam 22.210307No
Park to Playa Trail 22.61529Yes2h 54m4s
Summit Trail (S Warner Wilderness): One Way22.73636Yes5h 46m 8s
Mt Shasta: Sisson Historic Climbers Route 22.910466Yes9h 57m23s
Clyde Minaret23.04600No
Lake Vernon Loop 23.65157Yes6h 29m39s
Desolation 7 Summits - Summer23.99840Yes9h 23m 2s
Desolation 7 Summits - Winter23.99840No
Telescope Peak: Telescope & Wildrose from Charcoal Kiln23.97070Yes8h 18m54s
Verdugo Mountains Traverse 24.04560Yes3h 27m 20s
Bishop "Sky Marathon"24.34000No
Mount Hooper Loop24.76175No
Mount Shinn 24.75No
Pioneer National Recreation Trail 25.51850No
Bizz Johnson Trail 25.6354Yes4h 43m 48s
Lost Coast Trail: Northern Section25.63337Yes5h 33m 30s
Rocky Peak Loop26.05000No
San Clemente Loop: Pier - Summit - Pier 26.02468Yes4h 28m 50s
Santa Barbara Pier to Peak to Pier 26.04110No
Angostura Pass Marathon (Santa Barbara CA)26.05028No
San Bernardino 9 Peaks Traverse: Point to Point26.47780Yes6h 43m 42s
Iron Horse Regional Trail 27.0400Yes3h 18m 27s
Ohlone Wilderness Trail 27.07000No
Santiago Peak: Loop 27.05795Yes6h 38m2s
McGee Creek to Coldwater Creek Campground27.16813No
Half Dome - Glacier Point Loop 27.18649No
Lost Coast Trail: Southern Section 27.47431Yes7h 21m38s
Emerald and Sapphire Lakes Trinity Alps Wilderness 28.04300No
Devils Postpile - Mammoth TH 28.28500No
Pacific Crest Trail - Angeles NF, Vincent Gap to Three Points 28.36490No
Tuolumne Alpine Grand Slam: On Foot 28.910472No
MacLure High Route29.06500No
San Bernardino 9 Peaks Traverse: Loop 29.08400Yes13h 28m 0s
Sea to Summit - Orange County 29.47000No
Telescope Peak: RT from Shorty's Well 29.711686Yes12h 46m 11s
Los Angeles County: Schabarum-Skyline Trail 29.84705No
Carquinez Bridge to Bridge Loop 30.03100No
Full Evolution Crest Traverse 30.030000No
Mt. Clark: NW Arete Up & Down 30.07961No
Mt Williamson: Williamson & Tyndall 30.011150Yes14h 23m18s
Mt Williamson: Standard Route30.011150No
Glass Mountains Traverse 30.28380No
Upper San Leandro Reservoir Loop30.36600No
Bay Area Two Bridges 30.61261Yes3h 50m 8s
Mini Mineral King Loop 30.69475No
Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley: Downhill 30.75331Yes6h 21m 0s
Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite Valley: Uphill 30.710445Yes7h 21m 28s
Pacific Crest Trail: Devil's Slide TH to Hwy 10 30.84123No
Cove to Grove Traverse 31.06200No
Umunhum and El Sombroso 31.05938No
Crosstown Trail: Out & Back 31.43839No
Pole Mountain via Sea to Sky Trail Jenner Headlands: 2 Laps 31.47640Yes5h 35m 48s
Bolinas Ridge to Bridge 31.64959Yes5h 1m 36s
Avenue of the Giants: One Way 31.61200Yes5h 10m50s
Cottonwood Marble Loop (Death Valley CA)31.74550Yes5h 12m 51s
San Diego Pier to Pier 31.91365Yes4h 30m 46s
East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail: One Way 32.06000Yes4h 50m 13s
San Dieguito River Trail 32.01510Yes5h 26m 39s
White Mountains Range Traverse32.013000No
Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail (American River Bike Trail) 32.31063No
Tuolumne Ultimate Radical Dome Linkup (TURDL)32.511000No
Mission Trails Five Peak Challenge: Double 32.88832No
Big Sur Loop 33.07700Yes6h 43m55s
Rock Creek - Mammoth Lakes 33.08000Yes9h 28m 44s
San Dimas to Glendora Ridge Road 33.16969No
Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne 33.57191Yes7h 1m10s
Mt Whitney: Round Trip from Lone Pine 33.510680Yes11h 24m47s
Saber Ridge 33.89042Yes12h 32m16s
Yosemite Rim Linkup34.09407No
South Bay Skyline Route 34.35000Yes7h 14m 9s
San Jacinto Peak: Cactus to Clouds 35.010400Yes8h 33m33s
Sonoma County 4 Peaks 35.06985Yes9h 29m 44s
Tuolomne Meadows - Reds Meadow (on the JMT) 35.05345Yes8h 20m 56s
San Gabriel River Trail 35.4184No
Mineral King Loop 36.312140No
Point Reyes Loop 36.46909Yes8h 59m38s
Bay to Mt Umunhum: Bay to Um, Open Course 36.45400Yes7h 29m8s
Bay to Mt Umunhum: Um to Bay, Open Course 36.41942Yes5h 53m6s
Bay to Mt Umunhum: Bay to Um, Standard 36.45500YesNo
So Cal Triple Crown: Easy36.413648Yes16h 4m9s
South Bay Dumbarton Loop 36.7331Yes5h 33m 5s
Franklin Trail: Double 36.812000No
Joshua Tree Traverse: One Way 36.93182Yes4h 42m 12s
Evolution Loop: Evo Via Lamarck37.08930Yes9h 25m55s
Bay to Ridge Trail: Out & Back 37.13600Yes8h 3m35s
Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 80 to 49 37.25111Yes8h 1m 25s
Orange County Pier to Pier 38.01200No
Sacramento River Trail: Out & Back 38.02300No
Lassen Peak 38.24900No
Trans-Catalina Trail 38.69150Yes7h 25m 1s
Emigrant Wilderness Traverse 38.94656No
San Francisco Border 39.22060No
Mt Tamalpais: Ascents in 24 Hours 39.630000Yes12 in20h 12m 14s
I'll Be Dammed 39.71584Yes6h 21m16s
Rae Lakes Loop: From Road's End 39.87600Yes10h 32m32s
Rae Lakes Loop: From Onion Valley 39.87600Yes13h 6m7s
Bolinas or Bust 40.46326No
Death Valley Descent: Dante's View to Badwater Basin 41.0328No
Mt Whitney: Trail Double 41.113231Yes15h 22m7s
Mono Lake Circumnavigation 41.51406No
Santa Rosa Circuit 41.77013No
Los Padres Traverse 42.05100Yes7h 0m43s
Panamint 9000ers 42.018000No
Orange County Mountain Traverse: Miller 42.38050No
Skier's Sierra High Route 42.314725No
Skyline to the Sea Trail: Suburbs to the Sea42.37165No
Road's End (Kings Canyon NP) - Onion Valley, Out & Back 42.79718No
Onion Valley to Whitney Portal Loop 43.0No
Folsom Lake Circumnavigation (road) 43.43940No
Mt Shasta Picnic 43.511000No
Castle Dome Triathlon from Mt. Shasta (Castle Crags SP)43.85811No
Anza-Borrego Traverse 45.14995No
So Cal Triple Crown: Intermediate 45.315820Yes17h 17m15s
San Jacinto Peak: Traverse: Out & Back45.816640No
Camino Cielo Loop 45.912802No
Summit Trail (S Warner Wilderness): Out & Back46.27044No
High Sierra Camp Loop 47.77750Yes10h 15m56s
Orange County Mountain Traverse: Standard 48.09000No
Mission Trails Five Peak Challenge: Triple 49.113248No
Santa Rosa Traverse 49.218631No
Skyline to the Sea Trail: Out & Back 49.59664Yes15h 1m11s
Death Valley Rim-to-Rim 50.019000No
So Cal Triple Crown: Hard 50.022000No
Thorn Point Sespe Loop 50.28256No
Bay to Ridge to Skyline to Sea 50.46964No
Marin High 5 50.811125Yes12h 49m50s
Quicksilver/Calero/Santa Teresa Omodt/Guenther OG's 50 Banger 51.18196Yes12h 22m 30s
Ojai Valley Loop 51.28438No
Bay Area Ocean to Bay 51.87230Yes13h 29m18s
Mt Tamalpais: 16 Laps 52.840000Yes16 in 1d 8h49m 27s
Silver Moccasin Trail 53.07256No
Tam to Diablo: Tam-Diablo 53.98527No
Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 18 to Hwy 10 54.36606No
Evolution Loop: Standard Evo 55.010000Yes16h 12m42s
White Mountains Range Traverse + Black Canyon56.210100No
Lost Coast Trail: Complete 57.69885Yes14h 59m59s
Sonora Pass to Carson Pass 58.110174Yes13h 5m 46s
Tam to Diablo: Diablo-Tam 58.88299No
San Francisco Round 62.010000No
Santa Ana River Trail 63.81427No
Tam to Diablo: Stinson-Tam-Diablo 63.910804Yes15h 6m11s
East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail: Out & Back64.011337Yes17h 5m 35s
Yosemite Valley Circumnavigation 64.515750No
Folsom Lake Perimeter (trail) 65.08000No
Mt. Shasta Infinity Loop 65.024000No
Backbone Trail: One Way 67.012300Yes12h 38m58s
Palo Alto to Santa Cruz68.010900No
Tioga - Tenaya - Clouds Rest Picnic (Round Trip)68.08417No
Convoluted Bliss - Merced River Drainage Ridge Traverse 68.129954No
High Sierra Trail: no Whitney summit 70.814000Yes23h 5m0s
Pacific Crest Trail - Tuolumne Meadows to Sonora Pass 72.313075No
High Sierra Trail: with Whitney summit 72.814918Yes22h 39m45s
Joshua Tree Traverse: Out & Back 73.87749Yes16h 24m 52s
Trans Yosemite 75.110696No
Pacific Crest Trail - Angeles NF Full77.212793No
Mt Baldy: Sea to Summit Open Course 78.612189No
Henry Coe State Park Perimeter Loop 80.018000No
Joshua Tree E/W Crossing 80.09500No
Yosemite Picnic 100.014100No
Pacific Crest Trail - Hwy 18 to Hwy 2 Vincent Gap 102.314485No
Saline Valley Loop 103.011886Yes2d 10h46m 9s
Pacific Crest Trail - Section A Campo to Warner Springs104.016217No
Norman's 13 106.436775No
Death Valley - Rim 2 Rim - Duathlon 110.015000No
High Sierra Trail: Yo-Yo 120.028000No
Lowest to Highest 131.633897No
Mt Tamalpais: 40 Laps 132.0100000No
Backbone Trail: Out & Back 133.024000Yes1d 15h35m 59s
Mojave Road (CA, NV)135.08300Yes4d 2h12m 11s
Badwater to Whitney Duathlon 139.320863Yes21h 36m 0s
Badwater to Whitney 146.021650No
California Fourteeners 146.952992Yes6d 4h 5m 0s
Death Valley N-S Crossing: Standard 160.01600No
Death Valley N-S Crossing: July - August160.01600No
Tahoe Yosemite Trail 170.040800No
Tahoe Rim Trail 171.031000Yes1d 20h51m 25s
Sierra High Route 200.043000Yes4d 23h 53m 0s
Western States 200 200.441060No
Anza-Borrego Loop 210.047000No
John Muir Trail via Whitney Portal: South to North 223.055000Yes3d 7h57m 0s
John Muir Trail via Whitney Portal: North to South223.057995Yes6d 4h 13m0s
Cottonwood Pass - Mt Whitney - Happy Isles240.048319No
Muir Ramble Route 310.0No
San Fran Bay Circumnav via Bay Area Ridge Trail 317.554887Yes7d 10h 2m6s
American Discovery Trail CA section 376.042300No
California Coastal Trail 1200.0Yes44d 18h 40m 0s
Pacific Crest Trail through CA 1435.0215975No
Baja Divide (Mexico CA USA)1667.8No
Sierra Peak Section (CA, NV)1890.3729569No
Desert Trail 2000.0No
Tour de Volcanoes 2580.0No
Pacific Crest Trail: South to North2592.6400000Yes60d 17h 12m 0s
Pacific Crest Trail: North to South2592.6400000No
Pacific Crest Trail: Winter2592.6400000No
Pacific Crest Trail: Yo-Yo5184.0800000Yes195d 0h 0m 0s
California Fourteeners: Self Powered VariesNo
Cascade Volcanoes (CA, OR, WA, BC)No
Evolution Traverse No

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