Empire State of Mind: FKT Routes in New York

by | Jun 18, 2023 | Routes

The state of New York offers an incredibly diverse range of FKT routes. From urban traverses to peak bagging, the trails of this state promise opportunity for women to get out and explore their limits. With 195 posted routes and variations, this state has one of the best rates of women’s participation in FKTs. 81 routes don’t have women’s times yet (41.3%).

In 2022, 134 FKTs were set in New York. 56 were by women (41.8%) , 58 by men (43.3%), and 20 by mixed teams (15%). 

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google.

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Bald Mountain (Old Forge): Ascent0.9394Yes10m 52s
Prospect Mountain Trail: Ascent1.61504Yes27m 27s
Vroman's Nose Loop Trail: Single 1.6420Yes15m 24s
Central Park - Lower Loop (open to close)1.748No
Bald Mountain (Old Forge): Up & Back1.8394Yes18m 48s
Mount Beacon - Parking lot to Fire Tower1.81434No
Casino Trail - laps in 12 hours2.01000No
Prospect Mountain Trail: Standard2.81473Yes41m 22s
Vroman's Nose Loop Trail: Double 3.1840Yes36m 25s
Lyon Mountain: Ascent3.31783Yes47m 41s
Vertical Kilometer Whiteface Mtn 3.81000No
Beech Trail 3.8434Yes34m 38s
The Jay Mountains: Ascent4.02745Yes1h 11m41s
Castle Point: Ascent 4.31800No
Bull Hill Full Loop 5.31400Yes53m 10s
Cascade & Porter Mtns 5.42400Yes1h 14m 41s
Hunter Mountain Loop (Becker Hollow TH)5.42110Yes1h 18m 43s
Hurricane Mountain 5.61900Yes1h 4m 31s
Cooper Kill Trail: One Way 5.91000Yes1h 0m 47s
Lyon Mountain: Standard6.01783Yes1h 21m45s
Buck Mountain from Lake George6.01959Yes1h 15m 27s
Cascade Lake6.1377Yes57m 18s
Slide Mountain6.11782Yes1h 10m28s
Central Park Loop Challenge 6.2298Yes10 in11h 53m 18s
Dry BrookRidge/German Hollow/Arkville 10K6.31700No
BearPen and Vly 6.52190Yes1h 40m0s
Fulton Chain Trifecta 6.81650Yes1h 36m 32s
Mt Marcy: Ascent 6.93110Yes1h 27m6s
Cat Thomas Loop7.11621Yes1h 29m40s
Jenny Lane Peterskill Loop7.31300No
Roaring Brook Trail: One Way7.41600Yes1h 32m30s
Big Slide Mountain 7.53300Yes1h 40m33s
Sterling Forest Loop7.71500No
Wilkinson Memorial Trail: One Way 7.72600Yes2h 2m 59s
Castle Point: Up & Down7.81800No
The Jay Mountains: Standard8.12745Yes2h 14m54s
Highland Forest M Loop 8.21270Yes1h 15m 59s
Pitchoff Mountain 9.14319Yes2h 18m53s
Whiteface & Esther 9.13589Yes2h 2m27s
EPCAL Alternative Transportation Path 9.2125No
Anthony's Nose 9.62500Yes2h 2m22s
Cat Mountain Trail 9.6974Yes1h 39m 28s
Hunter Mtn Loop (Hunter Mountain TH) 9.62218Yes2h 3m24s
Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge: One Way 9.94860Yes2h 28m 41s
Schunemunk Ridge Loop 10.53205Yes2h 46m 31s
Green Lakes Perimeter 11.01282Yes1h 37m 41s
Shaupeneak Ridge - Every Trail 11.01800Yes2h 22m 54s
Hook Mountain Full Loop 11.12010Yes2h 7m 12s
Notch Trail Hudson Highlands 11.22730Yes2h 33m 2s
JFK - LGA 11.3225No
Adirondacks: Mt Colden Trap Dike 11.43273Yes3h 32m 49s
Blackhead Range 11.64640Yes3h 21m7s
Breakneck Ridge Hudson Highlands 11.64740Yes3h 33m 34s
Cooper Kill Trail: Out & Back 11.82000Yes2h 34m 59s
Storm King Round 12.04500Yes3h 58m10s
Whiteface Massif Traverse: One Way 12.03377Yes4h 4m 19s
Tri-State Tri-Mountain Loop: Double Bear12.22800Yes2h 34m 52s
Briarcliff - Peekskill Trailway: One Way 12.31285No
Huckleberry Loop Trail12.42900Yes3h 15m 13s
Tri-State Tri-Mountain Loop: Standard12.53077Yes2h 40m 48s
All of Broadway 13.3272No
Five Sisters Loop 13.84120Yes2h 59m 46s
Peekamoose & Table 13.84800Yes3h 25m26s
Grafton-Dunham Loop 14.01136Yes3h 29m27s
Mt Marcy: Up & Down14.03720Yes2h 45m6s
Wittenburg-Cornell-Slide Loop 14.34685Yes3h 40m 22s
Onondaga Trail: Standard Out & Back 14.53287Yes2h 52m41s
Tupper Lake Triad 14.72790Yes1h 48m32s
Tupper Lake Triad: Winter 14.72790No
Roaring Brook Trail: Out & Back14.83200No
Bethpage Bike Path 14.9291No
Wilkinson Memorial Trail: Out & Back 15.05072No
Adirondack Dix Range Traverse 15.55420Yes3h 50m 11s
Colvin Blake Nippletop Dial Bear Den Loop 16.07000Yes6h 2m 46s
Lehigh Valley Trail: One Way16.0450No
PATH NY/NJ - All Stations16.0330No
Adirondacks: Panther Santanoni Couchsachraga 16.34580Yes4h 30m 0s
Rondout Reservoir Circumnavigation 17.51000No
Black Dome Windham High Peak Loop 17.74531Yes3h 42m 37s
Three Big Peaks in Hudson Highlands 17.76634Yes6h 27m 24s
Crescent Trail: One Way 18.01400Yes2h 34m50s
Allen Mtn18.32700No
Adirondacks: Gray Skylight & Marcy: Standard 18.35007Yes4h 32m 44s
Adirondacks: Gray Skylight & Marcy: Winter 18.35007Yes5h 4m 25s
Catskill 9 19.66570No
Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge: Out & Back 19.710023Yes6h 52m 51s
Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail: One Way 19.81608Yes2h 51m 33s
Earl Cardot Eastside Overland Trail 20.41960Yes4h 36m 35s
South Taconic Trail20.85154No
Debar Meadows to Debar Mountain21.02558Yes5h 58m 19s
Adirondack Great Range Traverse: Standard 21.810062Yes6h 9m 6s
Adirondack Great Range Traverse: Standard, Winter 21.810062Yes11h 50m 26s
Suffern - Bear Mountain Trail: One Way 21.85290Yes5h 55m 10s
Wallkill Valley Rail Trail: One Way 21.8271Yes3h 5m 23s
Devil's Path: One Way 22.08300Yes5h 29m34s
Devil's Path: Winter 22.08300No
Finger Lakes Trail - Letchworth Branch: One Way 22.03146Yes4h 54m 19s
Ramapo Dunderberg 22.05500Yes6h 1m24s
Interloken Trail 22.41442Yes3h 50m53s
Escarpment Trail: One Way 22.55800Yes4h 44m56s
Whiteface Massif Traverse: Out & Back 22.58225No
Catskills Fire Towers 22.67500Yes7h 15m 0s
French Louie Loop 22.62144Yes4h 51m17s
Great French Louie Loop23.34150No
Chautauqua Rails to Trails 24.0410No
Briarcliff - Peekskill Trailway: Out & Back 24.62570No
Fred J. Cusimano Westside Overland Trail 24.62312Yes6h 26m 15s
Winona State Forest 25.61600Yes5h 15m 23s
Catskill Scenic Trail 25.71368No
Giant - Dix Traverse 26.010000Yes11h 13m 18s
Taconic Rim26.77271Yes9h 11m11s
Great High Peaks Traverse 27.214463Yes10h 44m 24s
O&W Rail Trail 27.3560No
Bear Mountain State Park 7 Summits 27.57500Yes9h 30m 0s
Albany Pine Bush Circuit 28.5942No
Adirondack Great Range Traverse: Ultra Tour28.818914No
Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge: Standard 29.010000Yes7h 44m 58s
Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge: Winter 29.010000No
Minnewaska Grand Tour29.14400No
Lake Placid 9er Challenge: Standard 29.59512Yes10h 5m 51s
Cold River Loop 30.02022Yes6h 29m20s
Catskills Devil Path - the "other" 9 30.711535No
Ashokan Reservoir Circumnavigation 31.01000No
Long Island Greenbelt Trail 31.01120Yes6h 59m 4s
Bob Marshall Traverse: Standard 31.315400Yes13h 7m 11s
Bob Marshall Traverse: Winter31.315400Yes15h 39m 33s
Montauk Lighthouse - Sag Harbor Wharf 31.5855Yes4h 3m 24s
All of Manhattan's Bridges!32.02000No
City of Buffalo Perimeter 32.0540Yes5h 5m 27s
Lehigh Valley Trail: Out & Back 32.5450Yes4h 44m 50s
Manhattan Loop 32.9423Yes3h 56m4s
Penn Station to Penn Station33.21125Yes5h 45m 48s
High Peaks Wilderness Traverse 34.26300Yes10h 12m 27s
Fire Island35.0480No
Crescent Trail: Out & Back36.03313Yes6h 51m20s
Hudson Valley Triple Crown: Drive Between THs 36.013000No
Taconic Crest Trail 36.38553Yes8h 19m4s
Nassau-Suffolk Greenbelt Trail: Out & Back 38.72399No
Onondaga Trail: Entire Trail 39.36991No
George Washington Bridge / Tappan Zee Bridge loop40.01778No
Lake George 12ster: Standard 40.09000No
Lake George 12ster: Winter 40.09000No
Niagara River U.S. Side 41.01522Yes6h 23m58s
Wallkill Valley Rail Trail: Out & Back 42.3607No
Long Island - Shinnecock to Lake Montauk 43.0100No
Adirondack Great Range Traverse: Double 43.620124No
Devil's Path: Out & Back 44.016975No
Finger Lakes Trail - Letchworth Branch: Out & Back 44.45748No
Suffern - Bear Mountain Trail: Out & Back 44.511382No
Painted Post - Watkins Glen 44.67770Yes9h 35m 7s
Escarpment Trail: Out & Back 45.011145Yes11h 33m5s
Taconic Loop45.89885Yes11h 50m37s
Brooklyn Perimeter46.2909No
Old Putnam Rail Trail: One Way48.81130No
Suffern-Bear Mountain - Ramapo-Dunderberg Ribbon 49.012500No
Cranberry Lake 50 49.64050Yes9h 11m15s
Cranberry Lake 50: Winter 49.64050No
Mt. Marcy Adirondacks Picnic49.65400No
Bronx Perimeter50.32005No
Most Adirondack High Peaks in 24 Hours54.026000No
Devil's Path - Long Path - Escarpment Trail 55.619385No
Lake George 12ster: Self Powered 56.015397No
Bob Marshall Picnic57.017000No
Peconic Bay Circumnavigation 57.01877No
SwimRun Manhattan Island60.0980No
Shawangunk Ridge Trail: One Way71.012000No
NY Appalachian Trail 76.719567Yes1d 2h 24m 4s
Long Path: Catskills Section 89.025000No
Lake Placid 9er Challenge: Self Powered93.015308No
Saranac Ultra 6er Challenge: Duathlon 93.812936No
Old Putnam Rail Trail: Out & Back95.82776No
Hudson Highlands (Hell No Hell Hole) Hundo 96.022000Yes1d 16h 24m0s
Catskill High Peaks 101.638500No
AT-LP-SRT Loop 106.0No
Genesee Valley Greenway 107.01700Yes1d 10h 3m 7s
Catskill 35ers120.039000No
Northville - Lake Placid Trail: Historical 122.017000Yes1d 11h 13m 0s
Paumanok Path 124.09840No
Northville - Lake Placid Trail: New Route 142.017000Yes2d 8h 39m 23s
Shawangunk Ridge Trail: Out & Back142.024000No
Adirondack 46 High Peaks: Standard 160.067412Yes3d 16h 16m 0s
Adirondack 46 High Peaks: Winter Thru-Hike 160.067412No
Conservation Trail189.019255No
Adirondack 46 High Peaks: Thru Hike 196.067412Yes7d 4h 50m0s
Trans Adirondack Route 239.4Yes10d 6h 46m0s
Old Leatherman Loop (CT NY)343.030000No
Long Path: Full Route 358.068000No
Erie Canalway Trail 360.04300Yes7d 0h 26m 6s
Empire State Trail 565.01200No
Finger Lakes Trail 584.095000No
Around Lake Ontario608.012925No
Appalachian Trail (AT): Northbound2189.0465000Yes51d 16h 30m 0s
Appalachian Trail (AT): Southbound2189.0465000Yes46d 11h 20m 0s
Appalachian Trail (AT): Yo-Yo4378.0930000No
North Country Trail4600.0No

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