Colorado Routes: How Many Have Posted Women’s Times?

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Routes

The mountains of Colorado inspire dreams of big summits, long trails and FKTs. With 240 routes currently, there is certainly no shortage of routes to explore and FKTs to chase.

31 of the 262 routes and variations (50 percent) currently have no posted women’s times – which is not to say that there are not times out there!  Colorado routes in particular have a lot of Strava segments that make it clear if you are the new Course Record holder or not, and many of the record holders DO NOT have posted times on the FKT website. If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. Let’s see if we can get that percentage down!

In 2022, there were 123 new FKTs posted – 56 women’s (45 percent), 64 men’s (52 percent), and three mixed gender (two percent), reflecting good participation locally. Lifetime, 67% of the FKTs have been set by men, 31% by women and two percent by mixed gender teams. We would love to grow that participation percentage over 50 percent!

Please note: this list of FKT routes is subject to change. Please refer to the fastestknowntime.com website for the most up to date information on routes and posted FKTs.

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
The Nose0.81,163 ftYes1h 7m33s
Lickskillet Road Mile Ascent (CO)1.0750 ftYes10m 29s
Lickskillet Road Mile Descent (CO)1.0750 ftNo
Manitou Incline Ascent (CO)1.02,000 ftYes20m 7s
Manitou Incline Ascents in One Year (CO)1.02,000 ftNo
Mt Sanitas Ascent (Boulder, CO)1.21,300 ftYes18m 44s
Mt Sanitas Descent (Boulder, CO)1.21,300 ftYes10m 50s
Mt Morrison Ascent (CO)1.71,900 ftYes29m 16s
Mt Garfield Ascent (CO)1.71,893 ftYes27m 23s
Green Mtn Ascent (Boulder, CO)2.02328 ftYes35m 20s
Green Mtn Descent (Boulder, CO)2.0Yes16m 56s
First Flatiron (Boulder, CO)2.41900Yes41m 6s
Second Flatiron (Boulder, CO)2.41,316 ftNo
Mt Sanitas Roundtrip (Boulder, CO)2.41,300 ftYes31m 16s
Bear Peak Ascent (Boulder, CO)2.5Yes41m 56s
Horsetooth Mtn (CO)2.51,500 ftNo
Third Flatiron (Boulder, CO)2.71,500 ftYes48m 31s
Mt Sanitas 1 Lap (MtSanitas - East Ridge - Valley) (Boulder, CO)2.91,300 ftYes34m 6s
Mt Sanitas 24 hours of laps (Boulder, CO)2.91,300 ftNo
The Slab (Flatirons, Boulder, CO)3.11,300 ftNo
Towers Rd, Horsetooth Mtn Park (CO)3.41,683 ftYes34m 34s
Flatirons Linkups Trifecta (Boulder, CO)3.52,500 ftNo
Mt Morrison Out & Back (CO)3.61,900 ftYes51m 33s
Pyramid Peak (CO)3.64,480 ftNo
Mt Bierstadt (CO)3.72,550 ftYes53m 46s
Mt Belford & Mt Oxford Belford Ascent Only (CO)3.74,525 ftYes1h 14m 55s
Lily Mountain (CO)3.8951 ftYes56m 11s
Mt Audubon Ascent from Mitchell Lake (CO)3.92,700 ftNo
Green Mtn TH to TH (Boulder, CO)4.02260 ftYes55m 15s
South Boulder Peak Ascent (CO)4.02,900 ftYes56m 15s
7:30 Mine Trail4.31,335 ftYes58m 36s
Mount Sherman - Iowa Gulch TH(CO)4.32,000Yes
Bergen Peak (CO) Ascent4.42,076 ftNo
Mt Shavano Ascent (CO)4.44,500 ftNo
Mount Sherman - Fourmile Creek TH (CO)4.51,950No
Round Mountain Trail (Loveland, CO)4.52,749 ftYes1h 9m 23s
Bear Peak Up & Down (Boulder, CO)4.6No
Mt Elbert Ascent from Halfmoon (CO)4.74,346 ftYes1h 16m7s
Wilson Peak - Ascent4.83,700 ftNo
La Plata Peak NW Ridge Ascent (CO)4.84,230 ftYes1h 31m57s
Flatirons Linkups Quinfecta (Boulder, CO)5.04430 ftNo
Ptarmigan Peak (CO)5.03,500 ftYes1h 18m54s
Mt Yale (CO)5.14,816 ftYes4h 43m13s
Mt Yale East Ridge Ascent (CO)5.14,816 ftNo

Section 16 Loop (CO)
5.61,255 ftYes44m 52s
Garden of the Gods (CO)5.7260 mYes52m 27s
Tour de Abyss (CO)6.02,900 ftYes3h 19m30s
Mt Flora (CO)6.21,680 ftYes1h 7m27s
Huron Peak (CO)6.33,500 ftNo
Mt Rosa (CO)6.34,000 ftNo
Castle Peak (CO)6.44,600 ftNo
Greyrock Mtn (CO)6.62,300 ftNo
Peak 1 (CO)6.73,600 ftYes2h 7m32s
Crystal Valley Trail (CO)6.742 ftNo
Quandary Peak (CO)6.83,397 ftYes1h 37m15s
James Peak Ascent6.93,900 ftNo
Longs Peak Ascent of standard (CO)7.05,140 ftNo
Lincoln, Democrat & Bross (CO)7.13,390 ftYes1h 50m 50s
Twin Sisters West Summit (CO)7.12,400 ftYes1h 27m 30s
Black Forest Regional Park Loop (CO)7.2920 ftYes1h 0m 25s
Mt Antero Up & Down (CO)7.24,413 ftNo
Mt Sneffels (CO)7.43,173 ftYes3h 0m40s
North Table Mountain Loop (CO)7.51,013 ftYes54m 35s
Atlantic & Pacific Peaks Loop (CO)7.63,532 ftNo
Blanca Peak (CO)7.76,400 ftYes2h 26m14s
Grays & Torreys Standard Lollipop from Bakerville (CO)8.04,400 ftYes1h 26m55s
Grays & Torreys Kelso Lollipop from Stevens Gulch (CO)8.0No
James Peak8.02,949 ftNo
La Plata Peak - Traverse Southwest Ridge to Northwest Ridge (CO)8.03,648 ftNo
Mount Hope A (CO)8.04,200 ftNo
South Boulder Peak (CO)8.02,900 ftNo
Notchtop Mountain, Spiral Route (CO)8.34,125 ftNo
Peak 8 (CO)8.43,317 mNo
Byers Peak (CO)9.02,900 ftNo
North Maroon, Maroon Bells & Pyramid (CO)9.04,574 ftNo
Mount Silverheels (CO)9.03,500 ftNo
Mt Shavano Up & Down (CO)9.04,500 ftYes3h 11m14s
Ruby Creek Traverse (CO)9.05,223 ftNo
East Spanish Peak9.23,202 ftYes3h 4m 41s
Handies Pk (CO)9.25,000 ftYes2h 20m18s
Mt Elbert Round Trip from Halfmoon (CO)9.34,469 ftYes2h 16m58s
Lookout Road (Golden, CO)9.31,284 ftYes1h 5m8s
Bergen Peak (CO) Up & Down9.42,076 ftYes1h 34m55s
Lone Eagle Peak Solo Flight Ascent Only (CO)9.6No
Mount Falcon Parking to Parmelee Loop (CO)9.72,685 ftYes1h 33m 26s
Bald Mountain A (CO)10.03,080 ftNo
Flatirons Linkups Double Quinfecta (Boulder, CO)10.08,800 ftNo
Longs Peak Car to car any route(CO)10.05,500 ftYes2h 42m33s
Longs Peak Kieners Route (CO)10.05,500 ftNo
10 Seconds Flat10.18,010 ftNo
Fall River Rd (RMNP, CO)10.23,100 ftYes1h 40m3s
Mt Belford & Mt Oxford car to car (CO)10.45,666 ftNo
Coyote Ridge Loop (CO)10.61,860 ftYes1h 44m35s
La Plata Peak Ellingwood Ridge TH to TH (CO)10.65,353 ftYes4h 47m14s
Mt Shavano - Tab:TH-to-TH (CO)10.65,000 ftNo
Lumpy Ridge Loop (CO)10.6730 mYes1h 40m28s
Plymouth Mountain & Bill Couch Mountain (CO)10.82,112 ftYes1h 42m 8s
Mt Holy Cross - North Ridge Out & Back (CO)11.05,500 ftYes3h 17m19s
Red Rocks - Dakota Ridge Loop (CO)11.32,350 ftYes1h 51m 4s
Bobcat Ridge11.41,686 ftYes2h 21m46s
Blodgett Peak Loop11.53,700 ftNo
Grays & Torreys From Loveland Pass Out & Back (CO)11.56,300 ftYes3h 50m7s
Ypsilon Mountain, Blitzen Ridge (CO)11.64,941 ftYes5h 25m 14s
Roxborough Full Tour (CO)12.0649 mYes2h 20m 38s
Pikes Peak - Strava segment (CO)12.17,390 ftYes2hr 47m 10s
Pikes Peak in Winter (CO)12.17,390 ftYes4h 24m16s
Broken Hand Peak12.24,734 ftNo
Monument Freeway12.34,196 ftNo
Longs Peak Grand Slam (CO)12.47,820 ftNo
Buffalo Mountain Loop (CO)12.62,927 ftYes2h 19m 43s
Marble Mountain - Sangre De Cristo Range (CO)12.74,818 ftNo
Massive Mania (CO)12.85,340 ftNo
Castle Peak Conundrum (CO)13.04,800 ftNo
Mt Harvard Only (CO)13.34,494 ftNo
Mesa Trail (Boulder, CO)13.42,768 ftYes1h 44m 42s
Mt Sopris (CO)13.44800No
Mt Holy Cross - Halo Ridge North Ridge Loop (CO)13.65,500 ftYes9h 32m 13s
Longs Peak Grand Slam in Winter (CO)13.77,728 ftNo
Mt Princeton13.75,260 ftNo
Guanella Pass to Loveland Pass (CO)14.06,250 ftNo
Ralston Creek Trail (CO)14.0242 ftNo
Mt Audubon Round Trip (CO)14.23,363 ftYes1h 56m31s
Upper Turquoise Lake (CO)14.33,012 ftYes3h 5m 35s
All Trails on Mt Falcon (CO)14.31,054 mNo
Indian Creek loop14.42,628 ftYes2h 31m42s
Grays & Torreys Standard Lollipop from Stevens Gulch (CO)14.55,000Yes1h 58m3s
Grays Torrey's & Edwards (CO)14.55,700 ftNo
High Lonesome Loop (CO)14.53,300 ftYes2h 23m55s
Longs Peak Car to car standard (CO)14.55,000 ftYes3h 42m25s
Coal Creek Trail (CO)14.7256 ftYes1h 34m47s
Antero, Tabeguache & Shavano Roundtrip from Baldwin Gulch (CO)15.07766No
Flatirons Linkups Roach's Top 10 (Boulder, CO)15.07,600 ftNo
Mt Harvard & Mt Columbia (CO)15.06,100 ftNo
Mt Antero Up & Down (CO)15.34,872Yes3h 40m58s
Uncompahgre & Wetterhorn Uncompahgre Only (CO)15.55,000 ftNo
Dirty Bismark (CO)15.7950 ftYes1h 46m8s
Maroon Bells & Pyramid (CO)16.09,800 ftNo
Tenmile Traverse Standard (CO)16.07,800 ftYes5h 25m56s
Capitol Peak (CO)16.45,800 ftYes5h 37m23s
Longs Peak Grand Slam - Radical Slam (CO)16.48,797 ftNo
A Walk in the Park (CO)16.49,300 ftYes12h 0m10s
Blanca Peak Little Bear (CO)16.77119 ftNo
Mummy Mania Point to Point (CO)17.07,000 ftYes6h 32m32s
Uncompahgre & Wetterhorn (CO)17.06,000 ftYes6h 37m 43s
Cheyenne Canyon 6 Peaks Skyline (CO)17.1Yes3h 1m 28s
Boulder Skyline Traverse (CO)17.35,600 ftYes3h 10m 20s
Bear Lake to Grand Lake, RMNP (CO)17.53,050 ftNo
Wilson Group Grand Slam (CO)18.08,000 ftNo
North Fork Trail (CO)18.62,446 ftYes2h 36m 20s
Horsetooth Reservoir Circumnavigation (CO)18.72,100 ftYes3h 30m 16s
Six Lake Loop, RMNP (CO)18.73,366 ftYes4h 23m3s
Tenmile Range Traverse (CO)18.99,341 ftNo
Hartman Rocks (Gunnison, CO)18.9780 mNo
Crestone Centennial Circuit Peak & Needle Only (CO)19.07800 ftNo
Mt Holy Cross Duathlon (CO)19.07,900 ftNo
Lone Eagle Peak Solo Flight Out & Back (CO)19.24,500 ftNo
Rio Grande Pyramid (CO)19.24,401 ftNo
Mummy Mania Bill Briggs Loop (CO)19.58,225 ftNo
Crestone 14er Group (CO)20.012,700 ftNo
Mt Morrison Duathlon Out & Back (CO)20.03,448 ftYes2h 32m47s
Sanitarado - Eldoitas (Boulder, CO)20.08,249 ftYes7h 10m 24s
Sidewinder Trail (CO)20.12,726 ftYes3h 16m 33s
West Maroon Trail (CO)20.45,396 mNo
Torreys to Bierstadt (CO)20.58,566 ftNo
Antero, Tabeguache & Shavano Blank Cabin TH(CO)21.09406No
Glacier Gorge Traverse (CO)21.010,600 ftYes11h 21m 48s
South Grand Hogback Traverse (CO)21.17,149 ftNo
Flatirons Linkups 33Spring Classics (Boulder, CO)22.013,000 ftNo
Sanitarado (Boulder, CO)22.08489 ftYes6h 49m55s
Wham Ridge (CO)22.07,600 ftNo
Willow Lake 3 Passes Loop (CO)22.35,825 ftYes5h 59m 35s
Cimmarrona - CDT- Williams Creek Loop (CO)22.55,000 ftNo
Big Marvine Loop (CO)23.03,724 mYes6h 37m 16s
Lost Creek Wilderness Loops - Small Loop (CO)23.05,761 ftYes4h 44m 2s
Northern Sangres Traverse (CO)23.09,114 ftNo
Rito Alto Four Pass Loop (CO)23.06,000 ftYes5h 46m 20s
Gore Range, Alpha to Omega (CO)25.011,000 feetNo
RMNP CDT Loop (CO)25.54,000 ftYes5h 15m13s
Pawnee - Buchanan Loop (CO)26.56,850 ftYes5h 5m7s
Douglas County East to West Trail27.01,961 ftNo
Maroon Bells 4 Passes Loop (CO)27.07,800 ftYes5h 18m 2s
Trans-RMNP Marathon27.34,670 ftNo
Ralston Creek Trail Out & Back (CO)28.01,500 ftNo
Manitou Missing Link Loop (CO)29.56,200 ftYes7h 10m 36s
Wild Basin Traverse (CO)29.815,039 ftNo
Coal Creek Trail Out & Back (CO)30.0256 ftNo
Crestone Centennial Circuit (CO)32.219,200 ftNo
Indian Ridge Traverse33.010,550 ftNo
Historic Gold Camp Road (CO)33.6792 ftYes4h 54m 42s
Pine Creek Pentangle (CO)33.813,063 ftNo
Sanitarado & Back (Boulder, CO)34.014,500 ftNo
Cub Creek Trail (CO)35.05,640 ftNo
LA Freeway (CO)35.020,000 ftYes23h 3m46s
Boulder Skyline Traverse Double (CO)35.112,000 ftYes9h 34m 21s
McPhee Reservoir Circumnavigation (CO)36.03,900 ftNo
Mee & Knowles Canyons (CO)36.04,000 ftNo
Naa Ohn Kara (Gore Range) Grand Tour (CO)36.023,000 ftNo
Lost Creek Wilderness Loops - Big Loop (CO)37.36,886 ftYes7h 58m 56s
Big Dominguez and Little Dominguez Canyon Loop (CO)38.84,344 ftNo
Colorado National Monument 10 Canyon Traverse (CO)38.97,096 ftNo
Flatirons Linkups 53Roach Classics (Boulder, CO)40.021,200 ftNo
Sunlight, Windom & Eolus (CO)40.0No
Pikes Peak Backslap (CO)40.411,630 ftYes12h 32m47s
Mosquito-Tenmile Traverse (CO)40.817,280 ftNo
Pikes Peak Classic Tour (CO)41.012,500 ftNo
Golden - Mt Evans (CO)41.912,319 ftNo
Rio Grande Trail (CO)42.0682 ftYes5h 6m32s
Weminuche Wipeout (CO)43.530,000 mNo
Mt Sanitas 12 hours of laps (Boulder, CO)43.519500Yes15 laps in11h 31m 0s
Gore Range Trail - Copper TH - Surprise Lake TH (CO)44.011,500 ftNo
Pikes Peak, Mt Rosa, Almagre Mtn (CO)44.011,800 ftNo
Gore Range Trail (CO)46.810,960 ftYes11h 29m18s
Rocky Mountain Grand Loop (CO)48.812,011 ftNo
Durango 7 Summits (CO)51.010,300 ftYes12h 43m 39s
Mt Audubon Duathlon from Boulder (CO)52.38,730 ftYes4h 48m26s
Elks Traverse (CO)53.023,235 ftNo
Rampart Range Road (CO)56.85,501 ftYes17h 25m 32s
Centennial Elks Traverse (CO)60.030,000 ftNo
High Line Canal Trail (CO)66.01,000 ftYes
Wolf Creek Pass - Cumbres Pass on the CDT (CO)68.111,716 ftNo
Pfiffner Traverse - Oveson's Route (CO)77.025,000 ftNo
Pfiffner Traverse - Skurka's Route (CO)77.025,000 ftYes2d 6h 41m 0s
San Juan Big Five Loop (CO)80.123,000 ftNo
Milner Pass - Berthoud Pass on the Continental Divide (CO)81.036,200 ftNo
Longs Peak Duathlon from Boulder (CO)85.011,394 ftYes9h 59m37s
Longs Peak Duathlon from Boulder - Winter (CO)85.011,394 ftYes16h 0m30s
Longs Peak Round Trip from Boulder On Foot (CO)85.011394 ftNo
Lost Creek Wilderness Loops FOMELC Loop (CO)85.016,000 ftNo
Rampart Range Traverse (CO)86.3No
Longs Peak Triathlon from Boulder (CO)88.011,150 ftYes18h 25m 0s
Mt Sanitas 30 Laps 100 miles (Boulder, CO)100.040,000 ftNo
Nolan's 14 Northbound (CO)100.044,000 ftYes1d 21h52m 0s
Nolan's 14 Holy Nolan's (CO)100.044,000 ftNo
Nolan's 14 Southbound (CO)100.044,000 ftNo
Rainbow Trail (CO)102.919,400 ftNo
Sangre de Cristo Traverse (CO)103.452,800 ftYes5d 14h 58m 0s
Paradox Trail (CO)104.915,140 ftNo
Kokopelli Trail One Way (CO, UT)140.015,800 ftNo
Tabeguache Trail147.019,027 ftNo
Collegiate Loop (CO)166.933,400 ftYes1d 16h 14m 20s
Kokopelli Trail Out & Back (CO, UT)258.033,600 ftNo
Colorado Trail - West to East, Collegiate West (CO)500.090,000 ftNo
Colorado Trail - West to East, Collegiate East (CO)500.090,000 ftYes14d 15h38m 0s
Colorado Trail - East to West, Collegiate West (CO)500.090,000 ftYes13d 19h10m 0s
Colorado Trail - East to West, Collegiate East (CO)500.090,000 ftYes9d 10h52m 0s
Rocky Mountains Slam (CO, WY, MT)1030.0432,500 ftNo
Continental Divide Trail (NM, CO, WY, ID, MT)2975.3No
Great Western Loop6900.0No
Triple Crown of Thru-Hiking (USA)7944.0Yes251d 20h 10m 0s
Manitou Incline Inclinathon (CO)26 mi26,000 ftYes15h 43m0s
Highest Hundred Peaks (CO)N/ANo
Tenmile Traverse Extended (CO)N/ANo
Capitol-Snowmass (CO)No
Colorado Fourteeners - Peaks in 24 Hours (CO)Yes12 summitsin 22h 16m 0s
Colorado Fourteeners (CO)Yes14d 14h 49m 0s
Colorado Fourteeners Self Powered (CO)No
Colorado Fourteeners Winter (CO)No
Flatirons Linkups First & Third (Boulder, CO)No
Fourth Flatiron (Boulder, CO)No
Highest Hundred Peaks (CO)No
Manitou Incline - 24 Hours on Incline (CO)Yes19 Laps in 23h 36m 0s
Uncompahgre & Wetterhorn Lake City High Five (CO)No

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