March 2024: Women Who FKT Update

March 2024: Women Who FKT Update


Hello to the Women Who FKT community. We are excited to announce a few changes to our communications. First, you may have noticed our monthly email is now formatted as a blog post from our website.. This means you will now be able to access newsletter archives, our FKT routes lists, and other great content that our contributors have put together.

The second change is to our Instagram account. We want our account to be a tool for women to share their FKT stories, in their own voices, with a wider audience.  To help achieve that, we are going to be reposting more FKT related content from women and interested non-binary folks. Tag @womenwhoFKT  in posts, reels, and stories and we will repost.

Third, we love highlighting first time FKT setters! We have highlighted new FKTers in our monthly email. But we want to give you a chance to say more about why you chose your route, how you prepared, and what you learned.  Now you can highlight your own first FKT, or a friend’s FKT, by submitting a story to womenwhofkt@gmail. Submit a paragraph or two about your experience, preferably with some photos, and we will publish it as a blog post. Way more fun than two lines in an email! New FKT setters may benefit from the experience of veteran FKT setters, so if repeat FKT setters send us their stories, we will consider publishing them as well.


Routes Without a Women’s FKT

We were surprised to read that the following routes did not have a women’s FKT. While you are planning your spring and summer, why not add one of these to your training plan. And if you want to find your own open route, look here. 



How To Design A New FKT Route

How To Design A New FKT Route

The Fastest Known Time website may hold over 5,900 unique routes for you to discover and explore, but what do you do when you have a new concept for an FKT challenge? How do you turn your wisp of an idea into a fully fledged, accepted route to be recorded and entered into the FKT community? In this article, we will walk you through the basic steps from FKT conception to completion so that you can be confident that your idea will be one accepted by the FKT editors.

1. Start with a unique, interesting idea.

One of the key things to remember when developing a new route is that it should be compelling; ask yourself if others would be interested in completing your proposed route? Why? Is the route beautiful in a special way, technically challenging, historically interesting? Does the route tell a story, or does it lead to a deeper understanding of place? Perhaps the route offers an opportunity to a community that historically does not have the opportunity to set an FKT (i.e. an urban FKT easily accessible by public transportation). Your route should have meaning that you can articulate in a few sentences; this will be part of the submission criteria. Your route should be at least 5 miles (8 km) long or have more than 500 feet (167 m) of elevation gain.


2. Research the existing FKTs and known time data.

Once you have an idea firmly in hand, it’s time to research. Your first stop should be the website to make sure that there is not an existing route that is similar to what you have planned. The editors are looking for unique routes – a bucket list of adventure options that others will be inspired to do. If your concept looks very similar to one that is already out there, go back and challenge yourself to come up with something more original. Only Known Times – taking on a route that no one has ever tried before – is a great place to start.

If the route that you would like to do is a variation of an existing route (i.e. a different approach to a peak, or a double out & back of an existing route), you should email the regional editor of that area to request a variation on that existing route rather than submitting a new route.

If you do have an original route in hand, your next step is to check out the Strava segment data to see if there are existing times on the route. You can create a new route with an existing Strava time; you’ll just want to be sure to note it in your write-up about the route.


3. Create a solid map of your route.

Once you have a route in mind, have confirmed that it is an original concept, and checked out any known times, it’s time to create a .gpx file of the route. There are many options for creating .gpx files from scratch, including GaiaGPS, CalTopo, Komoot, OnX and Avenza Maps. You’ll want to carefully plan the route, taking care to note if there is private property or restricted access issues that could make the route difficult to complete. The best routes will offer full public access and not require users to break any laws in the completion of the FKT.


Should you attempt the route for the FKT before submitting?

This is one of the great debates in the FKT community. Some will argue that you should claim the FKT before you submit the route, while others will argue that you should simply do the route at a slower speed for intel prior to turning it in. Still others will encourage you to submit the route first, have it accepted, and then go for the FKT once you have confirmation that they will accept it as a route. You’ll find examples of routes that fit all of these scenarios; many of the unclaimed FKTs are routes that have been turned in and never completed. It really is up to you and your preference as to which way you go. Some will argue that turning in a route before you run it opens you up to the possibility that someone will do the route faster than you before you have a chance to claim it, but this would not be enough of a concern to deter any of us.

You can submit a new route and the FKT for the new route at the same time if you wish. You can also simply submit a new route that you have done at a leisurely pace without ever claiming the FKT.


4. Write up the description for the FKT website and hit submit. Don’t forget to use great photos!

The argument for why your FKT route should be accepted is the backbone of the route description. You should include the distance and elevation gain for the route, as well as notes about accessibility and any other concerns or specifications that could cause issues down the road (i.e. if the true summit is tricky to find, you should write up directions to make sure others who follow go to the proper spot in their efforts). Be specific about start and end points. This is also where you will talk about why you chose the route – for its history, beauty, technical challenge, etc. Photos are important at this stage, as these are one of the  biggest selling points for any route. Make your submission as complete as possible; this will up your odds of route acceptance.

Once you have your .gpx file, photos and description, you’ll need to create an account on (if you don’t already have one) and turn in your submission. The editors typically respond in a week or two.


5. Celebrate your creativity.

Whether that means you snag the FKT for your brand new route, share it with your friends as a challenge, or simply screenshot your labor on the FKT website, you should be proud of the route that you created for others to explore. Route creation is an essential part of the FKT community, and your contribution is a welcome part of the process.

We hope to see your creations out in the community!




British Columbia: FKT Routes on Canada’s West Coast

British Columbia: FKT Routes on Canada’s West Coast

The mountains and coastlines of British Columbia are known around the world for their rugged nature and outstanding beauty. Despite the popularity of the area’s trails, many of the FKT routes remain unclaimed by female athletes. Of the 85 posted routes and varations, 52 do not have a women’s time (61.2%).

In 2022, one woman (9%) and ten men (91%) posted FKTs. 2023 saw an increase in women’s participation, with 6 of the 29 FKTs set by women (20.7%), one by a mixed team (3.5%), and 22 by men (75.9%).

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. Please refer to for the most up to the date list of FKTs and the status of women’s times on said routes.

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Wreck Beach Stairs 0.678Yes56 in 11h 57m 0s
Mount Daniel 4.2359Yes31m 4s
Yak Peak 4.6775No
Ascent Trail (Blackomb Mountain)5.01251No
Fisher Peak 7.41305Yes
Needle Peak 8.9862No
Storelk Mountain 9.4875No
Mt Vaux 11.12437No
Mt Harvey 11.71570Yes2h 1m8s
Mount Elphinstone 12.51055Yes1h 50m 49s
Crown Mountain 12.61446No
Brunswick Mountain 13.01560Yes2h 20m 22s
Kain Route Bugaboo Spire15.01650No
Tszil Mountain15.01426No
Kokanee 4 Traverse15.41863No
Mt Sir Donald 15.82267No
Mt Begbie 16.22084No
Mount MacFarlane 16.71787Yes3h 18m 58s
West Lion - Tourist Route17.91619Yes2h 52m44s
Hungabee Mountain 17.91333No
West Lion - NE Buttress18.21942No
Lindeman Greendrop Flora Lakes Loop 18.51523Yes3h 32m 44s
Emerald Lake Triangle & Wapta Mtn - loop only19.01026No
Mount Cokely 19.01550Yes3h 43m18s
Three Brothers Mountain 19.0846Yes2h 6m 38s
Mt. Robie Reid20.02320No
Wedge Mountain 20.02300No
Iceline Trail20.2821Yes2h 23m28s
Frosty Mountain (east peak)20.41333No
Mt Assiniboine - SW Face Out & Back22.32176No
The Black Tusk 23.61877Yes3h 9m20s
Mount Seymour 23.81494Yes3h 59m 40s
Hanes Valley Loop 24.31200Yes2h 51m 45s
Rainbow Mountain24.31742No
Saturday Night Lake Loop24.6700No
Emerald Lake Triangle & Wapta Mtn w/summit25.02000No
Mt Tantalus Traverse 26.312000Yes12h 39m 20s
Panorama Ridge 27.01600Yes3h 22m 39s
Howe Sound Crest Trail - North to South27.52779Yes5h 55m 46s
Howe Sound Crest Trail - South to North27.52102Yes4h 18m 49s
Wedge 5 Traverse27.83507No
Mt Assiniboine - North Ridge Face Out & Back27.92682No
Mt Landale 28.31582No
7 Summits Rossland29.01169Yes5h 8m43s
Alberni Inlet Trail30.51245No
Augerpoint Traverse 31.02175No
Mt Albert Edward 32.01722Yes5h 17m 55s
Mt Cartier 32.32366No
Mt Northover - Out & Back32.42136No
Cheam 6 Traverse32.63572No
Rockwall Trail 33.88000Yes6h 48m 4s
Mt Lefroy34.02219No
Mt Northover - Lollipop34.51702Yes4h 40m58s
Nootka Trail36.0447No
Suncoaster Trail 37.0897No
Juan de Fuca Marine Trail 40.01860Yes6h 31m 45s
Rogers Pass Horseshoe Traverse40.04800No
4 Illecillewat Trails Rogers Pass 43.43583No
Baden Powell Trail 48.02442No
West Lion - Lions Gate Bridge to Summit50.0No
Okanagan Rail Trail52.0100No
Garibaldi Lake Circumnavigation 54.55150Yes1d 1h 18m4s
Okanagan High Rim Trail 58.02070No
Lochside Regional Trail 58.7205No
North Coast Trail 64.71505Yes11h 57m 17s
Vancouver 3 Peaks 68.35106No
Cove to Cove 68.44625Yes18h 58m 25s
Kettle Valley Railway Trail: Myra Canyon to Penticton 76.175No
West Coast Trail 77.12012Yes11h 34m 15s
Hudson's Bay Company (1849) Heritage Trail 78.04446Yes11h 35m 30s
Juan de Fuca Marine Trail - Out & Back80.03720No
Golden Hinde 82.45090Yes18h 10m 53s
Sunshine Coast Ferry to Ferry 88.92578Yes
Cove to Cove via Crown Mt90.08200No
Kludahk - Juan de Fuca Loop 91.03700No
Stein Valley Traverse 92.74016No
Okanagan Highlands Trail130.05860No
The Big Chill 175.011122No
Sunshine Coast Trail178.08000Yes1d 9h 50m 0s
Vancouver Island Trail 800.0No
Great Divide Trail (AB & BC Canada) - One Way1200.045000No
Great Divide Trail (AB & BC Canada) - Yo-Yo2400.090000Yes52d 15h 0m 0s
Cascade Volcanoes (CA OR WA BC)No

FKT Routes in England

FKT Routes in England

With its numerous natural areas and outstanding walking paths, England offers many FKT routes for consideration. Participation remains very skewed towards the men.  Of the 573 posted routes and varations, 390 did not have a women’s time as of compiling (68.1%).

In 2022, 52 women (19.1%) and 214 men (78.4%) posted FKTs. 7 mixed gender teams (3%) claimed FKTs. Opportunity abounds for women to claim FKTs in England.

If you want to set an FKT on a route that does not have a posted women’s FKT, you should search for known times on Strava and Google. 

Route NameDistance in milesElevation GainPosted Women's FKT?Best Women's Time
Hartpury Jubilee Walk7.792No
Three Commons Circular8.0109No
Westerham-Chartwell Circular8.1208No
Scales and Blencathra Circular8.8724No
Langdon Hills Ridge: One Way8.9152No
Polden Way9.0154No
Otford Circular9.1269No
Eynsford Circular9.2153No
Beamers Trail (Weavers Way)9.5192No
Mole Gap Trail: One Way9.5135No
Valley of Rocks9.5541Yes1h 30m 3s
Cleeve Hill Ring9.6263Yes1h 2m 18s
Kingfisher Trail9.8150No
Easton Circular Route10.0216No
St Paul's Cray10.0164No
Sustrans Waterlink Way: One Way10.014Yes52m 25s
Meanwood Valley Trail10.1176Yes1h 10m45s
Tramway Trail10.4112No
Crab and Winkle Way: One Way10.6119Yes50m 31s
Lullingstone Circular10.6211No
Itchen Valley Churches Trail (Lower)10.876No
Ennerdale Water Loop10.987No
Lawrence of Arabia Trail11.0365Yes1h 24m 55s
Nunwell Trail: One Way11.0220No
Whitegate Way11.096No
Biggin Hill Circular11.2268No
Great Eastern Pingo Trail11.259No
Leaves Green Circular11.3232No
Chidham Coastal Loop11.410Yes1h 5m 48s
The Nickey Line: One Way11.783No
Chelsfield Circular Walk11.9169No
Cudham Circular Walk12.0261Yes1h 29m 9s
Green Street Green Circular12.0315No
Beverley Brook12.125No
Itchen Valley Churches Trail (Middle)12.1110Yes1h 13m 51s
Shifting Sands12.269No
Sidmouth and Salcombe Regis Circular12.4471Yes2h 22m 21s
Hamstead Trail (I.O.W)12.4222No
Shepherds Trail12.6244No
Berrys Green Circular12.7304Yes1h 35m 16s
Isle of Harty Trail12.860No
Weald and Navestock: One Loop12.8132No
Weneslawe Walk12.975No
Chiltern Link: One Way12.9190Yes58m 33s
The Silchester Trail12.995No
Hellvellyn via Striding Edge Helvellyn Swirral Edge and Catstye Cam13.41041No
Katherine's Walk14.1190No
Malvern Hills End to End14.4827Yes2h 5m 1s
River Anton Way14.562No
Boxford Circular14.5130No
Meon Valley Trail: One Way14.588Yes1h 20m 11s
Bure Valley Path14.50No
Thorney Island Loop14.547Yes1h 32m 44s
The Seven Sisters14.7473No
Itchen Valley Churches Trail (Upper)14.8219Yes1h 27m 29s
Abbey Line Trail15.0100No
Fynn Valley Walk15.0127No
Scafell Pike via Seathwaite Farm15.01210No
East London Historic Canals: One Way15.223Yes1h 40m 43s
Forest Way: One Way15.227No
Oxford Ramblers Jubilee Walk15.6185Yes1h 15m 34s
Goyt Way15.6397No
Round of St. Mary's - Scilly Isles15.7330No
Soberton and Newtown Millennium Walk15.9190No
Dollis Valley Greenwalk: One Way16.0125Yes1h 34m 54s
Stenbury Trail16.0290No
Ferndown Stour and Forest Trail16.486No
John Ray Walk: One Way16.550No
Roding Valley Way: One Way16.545No
Chess Valley Walk: One Way16.6255No
Trundle to Humps Figure of 816.6397No
Strawberry Line: One Way16.7180Yes1h 28m 5s
Celandine Route: One Way16.770Yes1h 22m 9s
Monsal Trail16.8183No
Crab and Winkle Way: Out & Back17.140No
Brett Valley Walk17.4145No
Four Stations Way: One Way17.4267Yes1h 51m 4s
Aldbourne Circular Route17.7294Yes1h 52m 3s
Langdon Hills Ridge: Out & Back17.8304No
Pymmes Brooke Trail: One Way18.0435No
The Greta Walk Circular18.0367No
Heathfield - Rushlake Green Loop18.4368No
Grand Western Canal18.587No
Knightley Way18.6320Yes2h 17m 59s
Cray Riverway (Source to Thames): One Way18.769No
Hitchin Outer Orbital Path (HOOP)19.0208No
Bembridge Trail19.0360No
Mole Gap Trail: Out & Back19.0270No
Bewl Water Circular19.3177Yes2h 5m 5s
Blackpool to Fleetwood Coastal Path19.3144No
Jubilee Walkway19.4105Yes1h 57m 14s
Round Aylesbury Walk19.8971Yes2h 45m 29s
Wareham Forest Way: One Way19.9227No
Brit Valley Way20.0500No
Sustrans Waterlink Way: Out & Back20.028No
Wanderlust Way20.0360Yes3h 46m53s
Wandle Trail20.267Yes1h 38m 23s
North Down Coastal Path20.2133No
Welwyn Garden City Circular Walk20.2246No
Horsham Riverside Walk20.3119No
Wimpole Way20.5186No
Sussex 3 Rings20.6408Yes2h 19m 49s
North Dorset Trailway: One Way20.6100No
Exeter Green Circle20.7345No
Windrush Way20.8373Yes2h 41m 16s
Heathfield to Blackboys Circular21.0374No
Marston Vale Timberland Trail21.0264No
Seven Parishes Millennium Circular Walk21.0312No
St Michael's Way21.0435No
The Writers' Way: One Way21.0391Yes2h 3m 47s
Baker Way Extended21.1233Yes1h 47m 0s
Barkbeth Hill - Scales21.21700No
Wardens' Way: One Way21.3389Yes2h 45m 8s
Langdale Rock Round21.42410No
Colchester Hilly Half21.6243No
Tissington Trail: One Way21.7355Yes2h 13m 21s
Lucia’s Round22.01740No
Nunwell Trail: Out & Back22.0440No
Tennyson Trail22.0560No
Hornsea Rail Trail22.1105No
Langstone Harbour Waterside Walk: One Way22.160Yes2h 8m 5s
River Balder Source to Mouth22.2273No
Box Hill Round22.41000Yes2h 23m 24s
Fred Perry Way22.6180No
Heathfield to Chiddingly Circular Walk22.9383No
London Underground Circle Line23.0100Yes2h 9m 34s
Breydon Water Circular23.29No
Skegness - Spilsby23.273No
The Nickey Line: Out & Back23.4166No
Eden Valley Walk23.9207Yes3h 54m 15s
Epping Forest Centenary Walk: One Way24.0407Yes2h 16m 21s
Green Trail (Richmond)24.0184Yes2h 28m 46s
Sheffield Round Walk24.2558No
Strawberry Trail24.2250Yes2h 18m 46s
London Underground Victoria Line: One Way24.583Yes1h 52m 27s
The Octagon Way24.51346Yes2h 32m44s
Wimbledon & Richmond24.6163Yes2h 17m 2s
Churnet Valley Geotrail24.7757No
Cuckoo Trail24.948No
Frome Valley Trail25.2300No
London Underground Bakerloo Line25.3124Yes2h 25m 52s
Weald and Navestock: Two Loops25.6264No
Midland Tops Round25.7900Yes3h 14m 17s
Chiltern Link: Out & Back25.8380No
Asheridge Boundary Trail25.8467Yes1h 56m 55s
Castleman Trailway: One Way25.8153Yes2h 3m 42s
Gloucester and Sharpness Canal26.021No
London Monopoly Board26.0160Yes1h 47m 31s
Stretton Skyline26.01265Yes3h 50m 39s
Howgills 200026.01617No
Cornish Skyline26.1709Yes2h 27m 37s
Gipping Valley River Path26.1113Yes2h 18m 45s
River Greta Source to Mouth26.3185No
Mr H's Coffee n Cake Round26.51739No
Flitch Way26.5160Yes2h 26m 22s
Thames Down Link26.6270No
Somerset Three Peaks26.6633No
Purbeck Way26.9658No
Broxtowe Trail27.0455Yes4h 3m 6s
Colchester Orbital27.0219No
High Peak Trail27.0300Yes4h 10m 43s
South Dorset Ridgeway27.1600No
Cown Edge Way27.1764No
Portsea Island Loop27.729Yes2h 58m 51s
Camel Trail: One Way27.978Yes1h 54m 27s
St Morrell's Round28.0575Yes6h 7m14s
West Dorset Enigma28.2610Yes5h 58m 58s
Isle of Wight Coast to Coast (North/South)28.3289No
Malvern Hills End to End to End28.71654Yes4h 37m 41s
Meon Valley Trail: Out & Back29.0176Yes2h 46m 10s
Chesil Beach29.0179No
Hillingdon Trail29.0267Yes2h 47m 54s
Kett's Country29.0171No
New Mills Parish Boundary Walk29.2902No
Spen Valley Heritage Trail29.3545No
River Brent29.5144No
Bedford Green Wheel30.0195No
Darent Valley Path30.0203No
Epping Forest Challenge Walk30.0415Yes2h 53m 22s
Lewes Three Peaks30.3912No
East London Historic Canals: Out & Back30.446No
Forest Way: Out & Back30.454No
Dartmoor 600s30.6990Yes2h 45m38s
Derbyshire Dawdle30.7336No
Wonders of Wakefield30.7200No
Battlefields Trail31.2633Yes3h 16m 35s
Brighouse Boundary Walk31.2605No
Thame Outer Circuit31.3191No
Mendip Way: East31.5414No
Brighton and Hove 5 Peaks31.5778No
Yar River Trail (I.O.W)31.6328No
Lambourn Valley Way32.0312Yes4h 22m 20s
Dollis Valley Greenwalk: Out & Back32.0250Yes3h 26m 18s
New Forest E-W32.0352No
Harrogate Ringway32.3643No
Knaresborough Round32.3312No
Corfe Castle Loop32.3824No
Delamere Way32.3413Yes3h 37m 17s
The Circle Line including Hammersmith - Paddington32.4117No
Centenary Circle32.4258Yes3h 58m 40s
The Harry Green Way32.6322Yes5h 12m35s
River Wey Path32.751Yes3h 18m48s
Penrhys Pilgrimage Way32.9877Yes3h 56m 12s
John Ray Walk: Out & Back33.0100No
Roding Valley Way: Out & Back33.090No
Chess Valley Walk: Out & Back33.2510No
Celandine Route: Out & Back33.4140No
Strawberry Line: Out & Back33.4360No
New Forest W to E33.7401Yes4h 13m53s
Preston Guild Wheel33.9252Yes3h 22m 57s
The WaLK33.9342Yes5h 12m3s
Hangers Way: One Way34.0837Yes4h 9m 42s
Jubilee Way - Leicestershire34.0370No
Staunton Way34.0573Yes3h 31m 24s
UK 3 Ridge Challenge34.02650No
The Magnall Round34.2381No
Glevum Way34.2254No
Meon Valley Churches Walk34.3412Yes4h 55m 56s
Haslemere Circular Walk34.7900Yes3h 46m 53s
Canterbury Outer Ring34.8436Yes3h 43m 31s
Four Stations Way: One Way34.8534Yes4h 10m 41s
Sefton Coastal Path34.8166Yes3h 49m 22s
Ladybower Derwent and Howden Reservoirs Loop35.4391No
Blackwater Valley Path35.565Yes3h 44m 28s
The Beacon Way35.8325No
Pymmes Brooke Trail: Out & Back36.0870No
Roamin' with the Romans36.01100No
Bollin Valley Way36.231No
Elham Valley Way36.3579No
Swynnerton Loop36.4693Yes4h 41m 50s
Roach Valley Way36.5206Yes4h 9m 23s
Surrey 3 Peaks36.61134Yes2h 50m 59s
Barnsley Railways36.7365No
Stroud Five Valleys36.9830Yes3h 13m 20s
South Bucks Way37.1300No
Cray Riverway (Source to Thames): Out & Back37.2138No
Cerne Valley Trail38.7622No
Cross Bucks Way38.7343No
The Southend Millennium Walk38.7308No
Yorkshire Three Peaks38.71833Yes5h 53m 8s
Holme Valley Circular Walk39.01231No
Millers Way 239.2204No
Marriott’s Way: One Way39.3121No
Oxdrove Way39.6573Yes4h 8m 22s
Wareham Forest Way: Out & Back39.8454No
Arun Way40.0240No
New River Path40.1224No
Millennium Way40.3216No
Rutland Water & Hambleton Peninsula Loop40.3270Yes3h 13m 58s
Brighton to Eastbourne Coastal Walk40.81562No
Yorkshire Dales Five Peaks Challenge41.01500No
River Avon Trail41.1473No
North Dorset Trailway: Out & Back41.2200No
Calder Woodland Way41.31685No
Dan Booth Round41.71058Yes3h 44m 42s
Sarsen Trail41.9535No
Bracknell Forest Ramblers Route41.9437No
North Arden Heritage Trail41.9508Yes7h 20m 14s
Patterdale Parish Boundary41.93285Yes6h 39m 35s
Clarendon Way: One Way42.0674Yes3h 55m 10s
The Writers' Way: Out & Back42.0782Yes4h 23m 49s
Cheltenham Circular42.6836Yes4h 22m27s
Wardens' Way: Out & Back42.6778Yes4h 14m 57s
A Smuggler's Round42.81604No
Wolverhampton Ring43.0497Yes5h 55m 40s
Tissington Trail: Out & Back43.4710Yes3h 43m 42s
Gordano Round43.61000No
Thames Estuary Path43.6365No
Vale Way43.6330Yes
Godalming Round: Single Round44.01150No
Hodder Way44.2669No
Langstone Harbour Waterside Walk: Out & Back44.2120No
Capital Challenge44.3522Yes3h 44m 1s
Tunbridge Wells Circular44.4920No
Cornish Saints' Way44.41199No
Arden Way44.7516Yes4h 28m 47s
Watercress Way44.7441Yes4h 39m 23s
Erewash Valley Trail45.0136No
Horsham Round45.0568No
Medway Valley Walk45.0350No
Dewsbury Ramblers Centenary Walk45.21054No
Packhorse Trail46.41600No
Midhurst Way46.5905Yes5h 34m1s
Big Blean Walk46.8657No
Miner's Way46.8394No
Miner's Way Trail46.8524No
Pewsey Avon Trail46.872Yes4h 11m 52s
Pilgrims' Trail46.8562Yes5h 46m 8s
The Way of Love47.1627No
The Way of Life47.2667No
Hope Pilgrimage47.51637No
Mendip Way: West47.61703No
Lakeland 24 Peaks Challenge47.73296No
Dartmoor Crossing48.01023Yes6h 39m 28s
Epping Forest Centenary Walk: Out * Back48.0814No
Imber Range Perimeter Path48.0700Yes4h 21m 10s
Paston Way48.0502No
Stevenage Outer Orbital Path48.0502No
23 Before Tea48.42433No
High Peak Way48.42333No
Mortimer Trail48.41567No
London Underground Victoria Line: Out & Back49.0166No
Dartmoor East to West Bovey to Tavy49.31540Yes7h 27m 35s
Worcestershire Way: One Way49.61625No
Angel's Way49.8354No
1066 Country Walk50.0759Yes6h 28m 49s
Aylesbury Ring50.0358No
The Harold Wood Round50.0467No
London Bridges 50k50.3160No
Irwell Sculpture Trail50.6600No
Opencast Way51.1422Yes10h 49m 18s
St Edward's Way51.11029No
Corby Round51.5622No
Castleman Trailway: Out & Back51.6306No
Itchen Way51.6350No
Leland Trail51.6822No
Litton 8 Peaks51.62467No
Rochdale Canal Towpath51.6139No
Witton Weavers Way51.61572No
Walking Around The Lake51.71005No
Basingstoke Canal Towpath Trail52.050Yes7h 45m 1s
New Forest N-S52.0700No
Chesterfield Round Walk53.01046No
Sarum Way53.0900No
Beat the Leat: Dartmoor to Devonport via Devonport Leat53.2480No
Grantham Canal53.2167No
Stone Circles Challenge53.2855Yes8h 7m 59s
Oswestry Round53.61000Yes6h 2m 12s
Peak Pilgrimage54.31055No
Bishop Bennet Way54.4449No
North Bucks Way54.8562No
Ullswater Rim54.83286Yes9h 37m 15s
22 Churches55.0722No
Gritstone Trail55.31621Yes8h 3m 45s
Camel Trail: Out & Back55.8156No
Staffordshire Gritstone Walk55.91715No
North Worcestershire Path56.01306Yes8h 57m 43s
Sandstone Trail56.01100Yes5h 46m6s
St Swithun's Way56.0740No
Boudicca Way56.9499No
Chilterns 3 Peak Challenge57.11006No
Wirral Circular Trail57.4367No
Wyre Way: Source to Mouth57.7254No
Nar Valley Way57.9316No
Isle of Thanet Loop58.0215Yes6h 14m 35s
Smugglers' Way58.11563Yes10h 37m 3s
Wherryman’s Way58.1243No
Wychwood Way58.1541Yes7h 0m 36s
John Musgrave Heritage Trail58.51987No
Guernsey Round58.8650No
Avon Valley Path59.0500Yes5h 29m 34s
Downs Link59.0281Yes7h 15m 27s
Mid Sussex Link59.21141Yes6h 14m 20s
Across Dartmoor via the Two Moors Way59.31660Yes9h 48m 17s
Jubilee Greenway60.0145Yes4h 53m 44s
New Lipchis Way61.0750No
Rothschild Way61.0163No
Six Dales Trail61.91461No
Ivanhoe Way62.0922No
Wey-South Path62.1358No
Fox Way62.6944Yes8h 59m2s
Watership Down Trail62.7885No
Quantock Greenway62.92129No
The Way of Learning62.91333No
East Devon Way63.01400Yes6h 46m 33s
Isaac's Tea Trail63.01560Yes8h 12m13s
Limestone Link63.01074Yes6h 29m35s
Wychavon Way63.7909No
Greensand Ridge Walk64.0723No
Community Forest Path64.61154No
Portsmouth Harbour Defences64.8292Yes7h 36m 16s
Coventry Way65.2625Yes6h 11m0s
Derwent Watershed65.92028No
Chalkland Way66.11106No
North Chiltern Trail66.81122No
Stour and Orwell Walk67.0455Yes8h 31m 54s
Battlefields and Borderlands Way67.1626No
Sussex Ouse Valley Way67.7244Yes7h 58m 25s
Winchcombe Way67.71500No
Hangers Way: Out & Back68.01674No
Yorkshire Heritage Way68.01387No
Petersfield Round68.21900No
Peterborough Green Wheel68.6239No
Windsor to Buckingham - the Royal FKT69.0150No
Wold Rangers Way69.41192No
Allan King Way70.0835Yes11h 40m 53s
Devonshire Heartland Way70.01300No
Mary Towneley Loop72.02000No
Peddars Way72.0664No
Bradford Millennium Way72.61920No
Pendle Way72.62033No
The Cuckoo Way73.0412No
Tabular Hills74.01430No
Limestone Way74.21909Yes9h 48m 57s
West Pennine Way75.32226No
Weardale Watershed75.41530No
Fen Rivers Way76.5206Yes9h 1m 43s
Yorkshire Three Peaks: Double77.43666No
Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge77.45667Yes11h 2m 24s
Minster Way77.6550No
Marriott’s Way: Out & Back78.6222No
Mendip Way: Full79.01500Yes9h 50m 25s
Test Way79.01026Yes10h 25m0s
West Sussex Literary Trail79.01100No
Wool Towns Walk79.0788No
Peak Divide - Manchester to Sheffield via Edale79.42452No
Bolton Rotary Way80.01341No
Ripon Rowel80.31425No
Telford T5080.51562Yes12h 34m 49s
Derby Nomad Way80.7808No
Peatlands Way80.7145No
Coleridge Way81.02500Yes13h 45m12s
Satwant Round81.31433No
Butcombe Trail81.51950No
Shipwrights Way82.0840No
Cotswold Ring82.11762No
Chiltern Heritage Trail82.2977No
Northamptonshire Round82.31100No
Stour Valley Walk82.3618No
Wysis Way83.52212No
Millers Way83.91367No
Clarendon Way: Out & Back84.01348No
Sheffield Country Walk84.01700No
River Colne Source to Sea84.0335No
Outer Aylesbury Ring85.01200No
West Penwith Circuit85.02512No
Salford Trail85.3530No
Derwent Valley Heritage Way85.51296Yes10h 59m 13s
Nidderdale Way85.51827Yes10h 44m 50s
Kinder Loop85.82933No
Lee Valley Way87.4383No
London Underground Northern Line87.6496No
Oxford Green Belt Way87.6716Yes17h 51m 1s
Godalming Round: Double Round88.02300No
Wokingham Way88.7547No
Melton Round90.01075No
Two Counties Way90.01220No
Annandale Way90.91585Yes12h 47m 47s
Sandlings Walk91.5930No
Lancaster Canal92.0100No
Three Forests Way96.0793No
Solent Way96.2598No
Sussex Diamond Way96.61751No
Stour Valley Way96.81346Yes14h 23m 10s
Lancashire Coastal Way97.01406No
Diamond Way97.41856No
Donnington Way99.01753No
Leeds Country Way99.01615Yes12h 29m 35s
Worcestershire Way: Out & Back99.23250No
Three Castles Path99.51198No
Bernwood Jubilee Way99.7642No
The Chiltern and Thames Trail100.0514No
Weavers Way - Norfolk100.0379No
Dartmoor 6 Reservoirs100.92332No
London Parks Way101.0630No
Stour Valley Path101.3858No
London Underground Central Line101.8468No
Vanguard Way102.01750Yes16h 26m 52s
Dartmoor 500102.13608Yes15h 57m 51s
Rutland Round104.31221No
Serpent Trail105.41542Yes12h 44m6s
Oxfordshire Way105.71183No
Bob Graham Round: Standard106.59000Yes14h 34m26s
Ribble Way Long Distance Path108.31441No
Augustine Camino108.61025No
Border Abbeys Way109.42378Yes19h 55m 12s
North Bedfordshire Heritage Trail112.0843No
Market Harborough Round114.11445No
Isle of Wight Coastal Path114.52050Yes14h 13m 18s
Saffron Trail115.01139No
Wayfarer's Walk115.01500No
Yorkshire Three Peaks: Triple116.15499No
Saltmarsh Coast Trail120.7197No
Cumbria Way121.02160Yes22h 29m 21s
Yorkshire Wolds Way124.02220Yes1d 0h 8m 53s
Weardale Way125.81333Yes1d 6h 21m 25s
Nigel Jenkins Dartmoor Round126.04000Yes14h 39m 28s
Capital Ring127.41400Yes14h 44m36s
Brenda Parker Way127.9625No
Tyne and Wear Heritage Way129.01094No
The Dales Way131.12685No
Essex Way132.3877No
Norfolk Coastal Path133.6774Yes19h 15m 51s
Oxford Canal Walk133.9333No
Wealdway135.52149Yes19h 55m 24s
John Bunyan Trail138.41177No
Dorset Jubilee Trail140.02000No
Hadrian's Wall Path140.02100Yes18h 42m51s
Raad Ny Foillan140.53961No
Bowland-Dales Traverse141.04312No
Ridgeway National Trail: One Way141.02270No
Jurassic Way142.02100No
The Cheshire Circuit143.31838No
A Dales High Way144.54159No
Teesdale Way148.41476No
The Two Saints Way148.4863No
White Horse Trail151.01905Yes22h 23m 59s
Straight Outta Manchester151.52903No
Kennet and Avon Canal152.2657No
Angles Way153.2928No
Bob Graham Round: Most Fells in 24 Hours154.213188Yes64 peaks in23h 15m 0s
Cheshire Ring155.4300No
St Oswald's Way157.52424No
Devon Coast-to-Coast Cycle Route159.0No
Cross Norfolk on Trails159.0746No
North Devon Coastal Path159.73136No
Warwickshire Canal Loop161.3188No
South Downs Way162.14150No
Abbott's Hike162.94633No
Heart of England Way162.92254No
Leicestershire Round164.02461No
Cotswold Way164.54358Yes1d 10h 44m46s
River Tweed - Source to Sea164.51333No
Gritstone 100167.76791No
Harold's Way 1066167.72467No
Dorset Coast170.03940Yes1d 0h 31m 5s
Devon Coast-to-Coast Two Moors Way172.43430Yes1d 1h 12m 0s
Cleveland Way177.45000No
Robin Hood Way179.01700No
Icknield Way Path180.01615No
Nene Way183.91512No
Steve Parr Round188.012972No
Greensand Way190.34083Yes1d 10h 56m 12s
South West Coast Path: Jurassic Coast192.05700No
The Mendip Ring199.13631No
North Downs Way: Southern Route203.64753No
Dales Mountains 30209.08608No
Wessex Ridgeway212.04998No
The Chiltern Way215.02597No
Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path216.31288No
Harcamlow Way222.52010No
The Pilgrim's Way224.24181No
North Downs Way: Northern Route228.26039No
Portsmouth to RAC Hill Run233.62523No
Sussex Border Path242.52633No
London Outer Orbital Path243.43117No
Ouse Valley Way243.61306No
The Herefordshire Trail248.05327No
M25 Motorway254.82233No
Saxon Shore Way262.93472No
Great Wessex Way266.17000No
Hertfordshire Way279.02715No
Ridgeway National Trail: Out & Back282.04540No
Wainwright's Coast to Coast288.06400Yes2d 7h 26m4s
Thames Path291.51096Yes1d 23h18m 0s
Peak District Boundary Walk292.610044Yes3d 11h 21m42s
London Peaks / Smog Graham Round297.43147Yes2d 6h 33m45s
Big 3 UK Rounds: Driving Between309.728000No
Surrey Circumnavigation337.03100No
Trans Pennine Trail Coast-to-Coast339.61486No
Southern Upland Way: One Way345.29267Yes2d 14h 20m45s
Hardy Way350.06600No
King Alfred's Way351.34171No
Wainwrights 214352.033767Yes5d 23h49m 12s
Wainwrights 214: Winter352.033767No
The Norfolk Round356.02246No
A Pennine Journey379.99264No
The UK Big 4400.032000No
Pennine Way420.011836Yes3d 0h46m 37s
North Downs Way: Full Route431.710792No
Big 3 UK Rounds: Cycling Between469.433599No
The Macmillan Way478.47279Yes6d 13h9m 42s
TFL London's 270 Underground Stations483.93852No
The Greater Ridgeway National Trail600.09480No
Southern Upland Way: Out & Back690.418534No
Bob Graham Round: Double840.023672Yes1d 21h30m 0s
Monarch's Way991.912492Yes13d 13h38m 0s
South West Coast Path: Full1,016.119317Yes16d 15h 43m38s
JOGLE / LEJOG: JOGLE1,332.320000Yes12d 11h6m 7s
JOGLE / LEJOG: LEJOG1,332.320000Yes12d 0h30m 14s
JOGLE / LEJOG: JOGLE + 3 Summits1,587.121500No23d 7h19m 0s
GB 4 Points2,230.016638No
2023 Women’s FKT Of the Year Nominations

2023 Women’s FKT Of the Year Nominations

We’ve seen another year of incredible FKTs set by women around the world. Every year the FKT website chooses a few FKTs to honor as FKT Of The Year. Community members nominate FKTs for the honor. Next  a voting process whittles the list to the top 5 male and female FKTs.These performances represent athletic achievements that inspire us to push our limits and learn more about what we are capable of when we set our mind to it. We were especially impressed to see that 16 of the female nominees, and 10 of the male nominees, were nominated for the first FKT that they ever set. 

Congratulations to all nominees! Being included in this list, regardless of outcome, is brag worthy. The top five performances will be announced during the first week of January.

We wrote short recaps of each female FKT to call attention to noteworthy features that the voters will use in their decisions. Asterisks around the names note first time FKT setters .



*Andrea LarsonSuperior Hiking Trail

This 300+ mile trail along the shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota is known for its ruggedness. Larson’s unsupported FKT (her first FKT) shaved nearly 21 hours from the previous record and three hours from the supported time.


*Callie Vinson*Maricopa Loop (AZ)

The Maricopa Loop is a 240 mile loop around Phoenix, Arizona. Vinson’s supported FKT (also her first FKT) took 6 hours off the previous FKT, which was also set in 2023.


Chantal DemersBruce Trail, Caledon Hills Section (ON, Canada)

This section of the Bruce Trail is 68.6 km (42.5 miles) long; the total Bruce Trail is 890 km (551 miles). It was part of Demers’ larger project to set FKTs on each section of the Bruce Trail this year, which she finished in September of this year. She took 2 1/2 hours off the previous women’s time in this section, and at the time of setting it, she was just six minutes behind the overall FKT.


*Christie Lori*Cape to Cape

This 130 km (80.6 miles) walking trail on Australia’s west coast is an unrelenting sandy challenge. Lori’s supported FKT (her first)  took 15 minutes off the previous women’s time.


*Claire Bannwarth*Colorado Trail

The 500 mile Colorado Trail is one of the premiere FKT routes – a high visibility route that sees many attempts each year. Bannwarth’s first FKT ever was on the West to East, Collegiate East variation, and her self-supported, 9 day, 2 hour finishing time five hours faster than the self-supported men’s time. She was also six days faster than the supported women’s time for this variation.


*Elise Levesque*Mt Rainier (sea to summit)

This FKT variation of the Rainier summit involves 75 miles of biking plus the 7.8 mile climb to the summit of Rainier. Levesque’s first FKT was to establish the first women’s time on this route, completing the 82 mile journey in 19 hours, 11 minutes.


*Eszter Horanyi*Nolan’s 14 (CO)

The Nolan’s 14 is another premiere route with 100 miles of travel and over 44,000 feet of climbing. Its technical nature and navigational challenge, in addition to the altitude, makes it additionally tough. It was first ever Horanyi’s FKT, and she still managed to improve on the times set by multiple fast women over the years, shaving 39 minutes off the self supported women’s record.


Fernanda MacielMount Vinson

This climb on Mt Vinson in Antarctica (its highest peak) is 35 km (21.7 miles) and 3,050 meters (9100 feet) of climbing in cold conditions. Maciel created the FKT route and set the first ever time on it this year. Her 9 hour, 41 minute time will be difficult for anyone to best.


*Haneul Lee*John Muir Trail via Whitney Portal (CA)

The JMT is a well known route through the Sierras, and as a premiere route, it is a highly visible achievement. Lee’s first FKT was on the north to south variation, where she shaved 28 hours from the previous unsupported time.


Heather AndersonWashington PCT

This section of the PCT is 431 miles long, and Anderson’s unsupported FKT was four hours faster than the men’s time (and the first posted women’s unsupported time). Her southbound route meant that her backpack was fully loaded for the 30 mile approach to the trail as well (tiring her without being a part of the effort). Unsupported efforts of this length entail heavy pack weights and very careful planning making it all the more impressive. Though Anderson is no stranger to careful planning as she has held the women’s record for the full PCT (northbound, self-supported) for a decade now.


Hillary GirardiMont Blanc

Another technical summit, the Mont Blanc FKT in France’s Alps is a 32.6 km (20.2 mi) route with 3,877 m (11,631 feet) of climbing. Attempting this FKT requires incredible fitness and mountaineering skills. Girardi ascended from Chamonix following the Arête nord (or North Ridge) route for safety reasons, and then followed the regular La Petite Plateau route down. She shaved 26 minutes from the women’s time. Climate change has made this route even more difficult, with very few suitable weather and condition windows available any given year. Because Girardi lives in Chamonix, she was able to patiently wait for a weather window and go for this FKT.

Ida-Sophie HegemannDer Karwendel Höhenweg

One of Austria’s high routes, the Karwendel Höhenweg is a 61 km (37.8 mi) route with 3,500 m (10,500 feet) of climbing over technical terrain that is often covered in snow. Hegemann’s FKT was the first women’s FKT on the route in a region where fewer women set FKTs.


Jade BelzbergJoshua Tree Traverse (CA)

This desert route is 36.9 miles long with 3,300 feet of climbing and no water to be found. This traverse has been hotly contested in recent years, and Belzberg’s new supported FKT, which dropped the record by a scant two minutes, is a testament to just how high the standards are there now.


Jenny Abegg, Sarah HartMt Tantalus Traverse (BC, Canada)

This technical traverse requires class 4 climbing skills as it travels 26.3 miles and ascends 11,506 feet across Tantalus. Abegg and Hart already held the women’s FKT for this route; they shaved one hour, 59 minutes off their previous time and demonstrated their expertise on this gnarly route.

Jenny HoffmanTransCon US

This 3,067 mile route across the US is an open course, but it begins at the City Hall in San Francisco and ends at the New York City Hall. Hoffman took seven days and four hours off of the previous women’s FKT on this monstrous road route.


*Jessica Pekari*Pacific Crest Trail

The PCT is a 2,650 mile trail with 400,000 feet of elevation gain running north to south along the mountain ranges of the west coast. One of three new PCT FKTs this year, Pekari’s north to south attempt was the first women’s FKT for this variation. She set a new self-supported FKT (her first) of 63 days and 7 hours, which was 28 hours faster than the prior overall FKT.


*Justine Flett*South West Coast Path (United Kingdom)

This 630 mile walking path with 111,000 feet of elevation gain along the coast of England has seen increasing FKT activity in recent years. Flett’s supported FKT (her first) shaved off one day and 23 hours from the previous women’s time.


*Katharina Hartmuth*Stubaier Höhenweg

Another high route in Austria, the Stubaier Höhenweg is a 78 km (48.4 mi) course with 5,730 m (17,190 feet) of elevation gain. This technical route crosses glaciers, snow fields and requires scrambles. Hartmuth’s unsupported FKT (her first) was one hour and 33 minutes faster than the self-supported women’s FKT and five hours 24 minutes  faster than the men’s unsupported time.


Long Path (NY)

This 358 mile trail between New York City and Albany, NY has 68,000 feet of climbing along its varied terrain. Levinsky’s supported FKT is the first recorded women’s FKT on this route, and she set the record during record-breaking rain and flooding.


Liz DerstineVia Alpina (Switzerland)

This long distance route in the Swiss Alps is 390 km (241.8 mi) long with 23,500 m (70,500 feet) of climbing. Derstine’s FKT shaved one day and six hours off the previous women’s FKT on this challenging route.


*Lizzie Richardson*Paddy Buckley Round

The Paddy Buckley Round in Wales is a 104.9 km (65 mi) fell running challenge with over 28,000 feet of elevation gain. The previous women’s record was considered nearly untouchable, but Richardson took a whopping one hour, 22 minutes off the previous time while setting her first FKT.


*Mandy Foyster*JOGLE / LEJOG (UK)

 LEJOG, or Land’s End to John O’Groats, is an 826 mile south to north traverse of the UK. Foyster’s FKT is the first self-supported FKT for men or women. At 57, Foyster is the oldest women’s nominee.


Hole to Hump (AZ)

This 68.8 mile route with 10,800 feet of climbing starts at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and climbs, climbs, climbs, to the summit of Arizona’s highest point, Mt Humphrey’s. Beard’s supported FKT took 44 minutes off the previous women’s record.


*Miranda Pridgen*Florida Trail

 This 1500 mile trail features just 10,000 feet of climbing but it makes up for the lack of elevation gain with swampy trail and suffocating humidity. Pridgen’s self supported FKT (her first) shaved seven days and 17 hours from the previous women’s time.


*Nina Bridges*Colorado Trail

A second women’s FKT on the Colorado Trail, this time on the East to West, Collegiate East variation. The FKT she beat was set less than a month earlier by Tara Dower. Dower and Bridges are the only women to have ever done the Colorado Trail in less than 9 days.. Bridges bested the latest women’s supported FKT – already a record 20 years in the making – by seven hours, and she was just 47 minutes slower than the overall FKT. This was her first FKT.


*Oihana Kortazar*Ruta 0-4-0, Pico de Teide (Canary Islands, Spain)

 The Ruta 0-4-0 is a summit of Pico de Teide of 58 km (35.9 mi) and 4,000 m (12,000 feet) of elevation gain. Kortazar bested the already very fast women’s supported time by 25 minutes in her first FKT. This FKT was technically set in 2022, but on 12/3/2022, after the nominations for the year had closed.


*Sophie Littlefair*Scottish National Trail (United Kingdom)

At 864 km (535.7 mi) and 19,138 m (57,414 ft) of elevation gain, this collection of trails includes serious water crossings and navigational hazards in the highlands. Littlefair’s FKT, her first, was not only the first posted women’s time, it lowered the overall FKT by one day and 23 hours.


Grand Canyon R2R2R-alt (AZ)

The more famous Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim may get more attention, but this alternate route on the South & North Bass trailheads is its more rugged twin. At 42.7 miles and 13,000 feet of elevation gain it’s about a mile shorter than a standard R2R2R, but with 2,000 feet more elevation gain and no bridge across the Colorado River, so you have to swim. Stroeer had set the previous women’s unsupported FKT with a team of two other women. This year, she not only took two hours and 17 minutes off her own previous time, but this time did it solo.