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“Women Who FKT | A group of women who are out to make history, and upend how we think about competition in the process”, Trailrunner DIRT Magazine (Digital and print)
 “Seattle woman runs length of Whidbey Island“, Whidbey News Times | Riley Nachtrieb’s FKT coverage
My friend helped me beat her FKT record. We both won.” | Not part of our project, but an article that speaks to the truest sense of what we are trying to do.
Women Who FKT Look to Flip Gender Gap in 2022” | NW Dirtchurners


Women Who FKT with Marta Fisher  | The Trailhead Podcast by Ultrasignup with Corrine Malcolm and Buzz Burrell
Women Who FKT with Marta Fisher | Off the Couch Podcast
Episode 17, Mental Health Deep Dive with Danielle Synder. | Trail Society Podcast interview with Danielle Snyder. Good discussion of Women Who FKT and a fantastic interview about mental health as it pertains to endurance sports
“Flip the Statistics with Marta Fisher” | Singletrack Podcast
Trail Running Women Podcast, Women Who FKT part 1” | Stacey Lee and Marta Fisher on the Women Who FKT project. Individual interviews with each of the 5 founding members of the leadership team on their motivation to encourage others to set FKTs.
“Trail Running Women Podcast, Women Who FKT part 2” | Teri Smith, Danielle Snyder and Dana Katz on the Women Who FKT project
“Calling Women in to Claim Space on the Trails” | I Could Never Do That Podcast. Group interview with all 5 members of our initial leadership team that focuses on how an FKT can be an achievable goal for mid-pack runners
“Women Who FKT with Teri Smith & Dana Katz” | Hit Play Not Pause Podcast. A discussion of Smith’s Olympic Peninsula Traverse with Stacey Lee, Katz’s coaching, and how menopause impacted it all

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