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What Exactly Is This Project, Anyways?

Women Who FKT is dedicated to encouraging anyone who identifies as a woman to explore the world of Fastest Known Times (FKTs.) We celebrate women tackling ambitious goals. We encourage collaboration and cooperation to help us all rise and claim our space in adventure. We offer resources for new FKT setters, a growing community of like minded adventurers, and celebration of women’s achievements.

We are a grassroots project, independent of the FKT website. We strive to create an inclusive community, and we hope that you join us.

How to

Intrigued about the idea of chasing a Fastest Known Time? Already set an FKT and want to help other women achieve more on the trails? Are you a cheerleader for strong women pushing their limits? Whatever your story, we’ve got a place for you.

If you are new to FKTs, you might want to start with our How to FKT resources. If you have experience and want to find some open routes to pursue, we’ve got you. For inspiration and stories, check out our Instagram or our news page. For connection, be sure to join our Facebook group. We encourage everyone to get on our email list; we’ll send you resources for supporting FKTs and connecting with your community so that you can find your place on the trails.

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Learn From Our Community

100: An FKT Story

100: An FKT Story

100. I did not begin my FKT career with that intention.  Quite the opposite. For one decade, I focused solely on one Fastest Known Time. The Adirondack 46 Unsupported Thru-hike. 183 miles and 46 mountains over 4000 feet with 63 thousand feet of vertical gain. That was...

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How To Design A New FKT Route

How To Design A New FKT Route

The Fastest Known Time website may hold over 5,900 unique routes for you to discover and explore, but what do you do when you have a new concept for an FKT challenge? How do you turn your wisp of an idea into a fully fledged, accepted route to be recorded and entered...

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